Ending The Anti

179.jpegChristine Ogden – Inner Conflict #2

If we could harness the power of our will, we could do anything.

Does that feel like a true statement?

I know any of us could write it off from a number of scientific arguments in a heartbeat, and most of us wouldn’t be willing to feel into an alternative possibility, but for those who are learning to feel the truth of something over knowing the truth of something, we are inclined to suspend our kNOwing (‘no’ing) in favour of kNOWing (‘now’ing).

What’s true now?

We know about what’s referred to as anti-gravity technology and devices that something about counter rotational spin is used to achieve propulsion and maneuverability. It is still ruled out of the collective mind as being possible, yet is none the less going on right above all of our noses.

What’s really interesting is that the device though is kind of misnamed. While it does appear to defy gravity, given our conditioning, what it actually does is create an opposing gravitational pull that can dial up or down. It actually embraces gravity, while creating another gravitational pull to oppose, or offset the earths gravitational pull. It’s actually much more accurately named a pro-gravity device.

The metaphysics of all this gets to something inside of our emotional bodies. We all have a ton of will, which when harnessed can go on to achieve the greatest of things against all odds. It’s the stuff our greatest stories are made of. But most of us hover in the same old, same old with most of our lives, rarely even pausing to consciously feel and take stock of our desires and will to create.

What’s going on here?

I offer it’s counter rotational spin. One part of us wants something and has all the will necessary to go after it; another part of us wants something that opposes that want and has all the will to go after what it wants. ‘We’ as a makeup of the parts of ourselves are left with a stasis hovering in place much like a UFO, but without any maneuverability, unlike a UFO. Pretty impressive stuff actually, when seen for what it actually is, but all too common to be held in any reverence when seen through unconscious eyes.

Tie into any self help advice, and it’s all about building a case for the desired thing, and the penalties for not making the change, all in an attempt to feed the side of the internal tug of war in the conscious desired direction and starve the other opposing unconscious side in order to gain the movement.

In other words, we have to make one side bad and the other good. This obviously has some workability or we wouldn’t have used it as long as we did. The most ‘successful’ amongst us are esteemed for their achievements and sacrifices, when in actuality what we and they are now finding, that more often than not, their success was at a great cost of something very dear to them. But they couldn’t feel that at the time of their pressing and building or it would have killed the impressive momentum.

But what’s worse? Being in stasis sitting on our hands while possibility stares us in the face; or demolishing half of our being for a great achievement?

The secret to this conundrum has something profound to do with ending the anti. There’s nothing any longer to be anti about. Nothing to oppose and everything to embrace and get to know. Now, we are being invited to achieve movement through all of our will, knowing that counter rotational, or oppositional forces inside of our being are all necessary to get familiar with to achieve new kinds of movements in the world.

I leave you with a new and revised working hypothesis, awaiting new experimentation: If we could come to embrace and love the power of our wills, especially the oppositional nature of them, we could do anything.

Audio of this blog can be found here: https://youtu.be/XdqVKxC7SVA

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