Conspiracy Of Love


By Raphael Awen

Wanna smoke some Wow with me?

Just you and me…okay….., and maybe a few others.

I’ve been drawn to the news story of the release of the classified JFK documents, the files sealed off from the public about the killing of President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963. The documents we were told needed to be sealed off for reasons of ‘National Security’.

Now, I was a 2 year old when this occurred, and then later in my teens, I learned about it all being controversial, as to the official story and it really never held my interest any further, as it didn’t directly impact my awareness or state of mind. Later in life, it felt quite true to me that ‘they’ killed him, rather than any ‘lone gunman’, another theory also cooked up by ‘them’.

Now, for many of us, and I’d suspect, most of you drawn to my words, that’s old news. You’ve seen a conspiracy in JFK, 911, and more recently the Vegas shootings and it’s kind of all old hat already in some ways. It’s kind of funny, in one way, that we become like the proverbial policeman waving people along ‘nothing to see here folks, just another everyday conspiracy’.

But, (and this is my first but in a list of buts) there’s the whole lot of people for whom this isn’t yet the case, who have yet to awaken from the official denser story line, and their awakening is yet to occur, and the bigger question now is, ‘what will the roll out of their awakening affect on consciousness be, and thus in life as you and I (the self proclaimed awakened) know it?’ Let’s honor that question by not answering it too fully and come back to it later (not to answer it, but to keep asking it).

If we’re out looking for a ‘See, I told you so’ kind of satisfaction, it feels like we may be disappointed as well as blinded to a much larger unfolding.

The JFK story today takes about a few hours on YouTube and it’s quite evident about who did it and why, (and that’s without any recent digestions from the unsealed documents that aren’t available yet) and the official story becomes so astounding, if only for its total absence of credibility and yet we’re left amazed with how the story could have satisfied consciousness for as long as it has. 54 years and counting, though admittedly limping along quite badly.

But # 2. If all ‘they’ wanted to do was to remove an obstacle to their agenda, they could have, just like Kennedy himself said, found Kennedy in church any Sunday morning and killed him there where the lone gunman story would have been far more believable, BUT instead a most elaborate stage was set, involving the height of the American dream, a presidential motorcade in Dallas, Texas, etc., etc. Why? Let’s leave that Question to breathe for a bit too.

This is a piece of the larger wow, dawning on consciousness now, how such a far reaching conspiracy could have been concocted. The story will soon be moving from denying a conspiracy to flaunting the conspiracy into our consciousness for effect, and I feel this is also part of the larger ‘conspiracy’.

Let me introduce a curve ball about now and ask you to see if it can hold water for you. If it can’t, that’s okay, but if it does, then you and I are onto something BIG! and that’s fun and I like fun… 🙂

Love itself has already won, and is the host of all duality. By that, I mean that the polarity of good and evil, or of light and darkness is all part of love. The dark conspiratorial evil that killed JFK, or much worse, that at present today is underneath the now being exposed pedogate and pizzagate realities is a reality already contained inside of love’s boundaries.

How in the hell though could love be playing host to something so horrid, to such unspeakable trauma enacted upon such innocence?

Okay, I know I’m out on a huge limb here, but I’m only asking you to see if this theory can hold water for you, not claiming any absolute truth for us to argue over.

If love has already won, then when our consciousness is drawn to the most abhorrent evil imaginable, we are invited to feel how this is only a part of the duality and polarity that was created within Love itself to attempt to showcase the length and breadth of love. Nothing can or has ever escaped love. Not even the nastiest Nazis no matter how dark and patient their agenda.

Now in our story-creating next trip to the movies, it seems we are writing a story to attempt to make this impression on consciousness; this deeper attempt at coming to terms with love…. That any judgment and punishment we attempt to exact on perpetrators stems from the judgment and punishment we exact upon ourselves. We can’t separate ourselves from judgment any more than we can from love.

There is only one of us inside of a ‘both are true reality’ of individuation inside of that oneness reality. If John Podesta rots in hell for the un-rest of his consciousness, then there is a way that you and I will also be a part of that torment. Only when we are ALL reconciled to the love that we are, are any of us ultimately and experientially reconciled to the love that we are!

So then, the dark side of our duality set us a big stage, back in 1963, 2001, and this year again… All of it inviting us into a wonder world of love that is so grand that any attempt to contain it in words here only produces a headache, the same way any pathetic attempt by darkness or evil could eradicate love.

Darkness or evil are not out to kill love, but rather to get you and I (that is consciousness) to see love. !!!

Okay, so how’s this holding water for you so far? I’m not going to attempt too much further to get you to ‘believe’ this because it’s meant to be felt, not believed. It’s meant to color the heart, not fill the mind, and THAT can only happen when you find the part of you who doesn’t believe any of this shit and wants the devils to pay and rot in hell until kingdom come.

Now the conspiracy has come home to roost and the grand stage of this planet (at least) is seen as a fractal in your own heart….what’s true in the macro is true in the micro.

Love wants to reconcile with you. Love is sending its ambassador to you in the form of the grand stories of our time and the grand story of your life. The victims and villains are all of our creation awaiting a you who can orchestrate their reconciliation based in an already complete and victorious reality called LOVE !

If this is true, then we’re onto a whole new conspiracy of much grander and epic proportions than JFK.

John himself was pretty set on fighting what he felt was evil and hidden, while cutting himself some slack around transparency in regards to his cast of mistresses, all a part of his contribution, offered on the altar of his life story, like yours and mine, where the discrepancies of our integrities and disintegrities alike are all apart of experimenting with coming into love’s light of day where nothing needs to remain hidden!

This includes the Bush’s, the Clintons, and all the trillionaire bloodline families, and any and all off-planet species and their agendas. They are all here dumbstruck by you and the love that you are and are becoming!

We are all awaiting THIS to dawn on consciousness!

Only now does the pain actually stop, and only now does love get to have its way with us!

It stops and starts with you.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about Weekly Sessions, Live Streams, Videos, and Community.

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