SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Current Energies Illuminate 3D Heaviness, Attachments, Pain

It’s the release of our weekly museletter, offering ALL of our writings, videos, healing offerings, and audio blogs for the week!  Go here to read or click on the image below:


A major topic for this week has been the increased energies leading up to 11/11. In this week’s featured article, SoulFullHeart facilitator Kalayna Colibri describes the message she has received from these energies as an invitation to move away from 3D densities into new 4D realities:

“This is a new reality that wants to birth you and the parts of you still in 3D pain and motivations, into 4D reality and higher. Moving into 4D reality can feel like careening through a dark corridor at times. Passing through 4D consciousness means inhabiting your questions and being open to answers that you can only feel and may not be able to ‘know’ just yet, as it all opens up for you again. It’s an awakening journey that needs more than a simple one-off healing session in order to move so fully into it that you can pop out of it again and into even higher frequencies where love can truly be an ally to every pore, every facet of your being.”

Sacred union is another hot topic this week as SoulFullHeart co-creator Jelelle Awen describes her journey with Raphael through the SoulFulHeart Process. Facilitators Kalayna and Gabriel also share about their blossoming sacred romance and the vulnerable fears and joys that come from going so deeply IN. Finally, co-creator Raphael Awen describes the importance and intricacies of letting in and accepting both the light and the shadow, death and rebirth.

In addition to articles, many of these writings have been turned into audio blogs for you to either listen to or read along with our voices. We also now offer podcasts of our audio blogs, livestreams, group calls and teachings for you to take in wherever you are! Available on SoundCloud or iTunes under SoulFullHeart Experience.

Our next upcoming event is a group call scheduled for Saturday, November 11th at 11:11am CST and a livestream with Kalayna and Gabriel on Saturday, November 25th at 11:11am CST.

We now offer a 30 minute FREE introductory session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator for you to connect what we offer in the SFH process with your life and journey. Visit for more information.

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