SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Understanding Why You May Settle, Shrink And Stay Safe: Connecting With Your Inner Protector

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SoulFullHeart co-creator Jelelle Awen starts us off this week with her feature article highlighting the pattern of settling, shrinking, and staying safe in terms of working with parts of us that have polarized feelings on the matter. She describes how the Inner Protector part in particular feels perfectly satisfied with safe relationships, because keeping you safe is its job. She then goes on to outline how we would work with this part in SoulFullHeart, through feeling the fear and resistances that live within through questions, readings, sessions, and journaling:

“I am sharing about this from my own experience of my Inner Protector and how this energy shows up…and also from seeing and feeling this dynamic in many other people over the years in sessions. The key to moving this in order to DRAW the more that your Awakening Self wants is through negotiation with your Protector. To feel and hear and get WHY they are concerned, scared, and resistant to this movement. There are always good reasons for this protection, usually stemming from undigested childhood trauma yet, also, from other lifetimes. Just because you cannot consciously remember (or maybe don’t want to remember) these traumatic incidents and events doesn’t mean that don’t impact your daily life in the now. These traumas and karma dramas remain stuck there and energizing STRONGLY, even if you are not consciously as aware of them. To offer compassion to these woundings and the parts that hold them is what moves them through the increasing awareness and consciousness and separation too.”

There was more digestion this week of the 11/11 energies from SouFullHeart facilitator Kalayna Colibri, who feels the importance of taking this time to go within in order to heal these inner dark corners that these energies have given us easier access to. Co-creator Raphael Awen tenderly shares his experiences of letting go of relationships that no longer served him, and feeling how this act is a reflection of his own growing self worth and awakening. Gabriel Heartman, SoulFullHeart facilitator, reflects on 11/11 as Remembrance Day, feeling that it’s a day to remember the love we came from and to feel connected to each other through the wars we’ve all felt as we transition back into love.

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