The Divine Wants To feel Through You What It Couldn’t Feel Without You

By Raphael Awen

Prior to your individuation and soul birth out of the Divine, there wasn’t a you here in the way that you know and experience you today.

The you that existed then was the one being of infinite love. What this you lacked however was an other to be in relationship with. This you also lacked the ability to know any kind of lack, as it was total infinite abundance in its essence. It had a lack, but it couldn’t know and feel that lack. This you also couldn’t actually know and feel the superabundance that it was as it simply was it. It couldn’t have a relationship with the abundance that it was.

This you wanted and then decided to duplicate itself in soul birth expression many other beings to be in relationship with, and to know and experience a relationship with this superabundance.

What your present you holds however is a fear of losing this individuated soul birth expression, of being swallowed back up into oneness and returning to the kind of lack it once knew in superabundance.

Problem is though that the Divine is on a mission through you and wants to know and feel all these fears – the fear of having nothing but abundance, as well as the fear of being cut off and separated from abundance, or love.

What creates stasis or movement in your life is all hinged upon your willingness to feel. The Divine wants and needs to feel through you what it couldn’t feel without you.

The Divine never intended for you to hover in a suffering pattern of anxiety, but rather to move through a kind of suffering; the kind that any mama knows who has given birth. Ultimately, the Divine is assured that no one and no thing will be left behind in this full reconciliation to love; hence its ability to undertake this mission involving suffering.

Where your power is in all of this, to suffer or not suffer, is in your willingness to feel what is coming up for you and parts of you in this journey.

What are you and parts of feeling in response to the circumstances of your life as you know it today? What traumas are undigested in you asking to be felt?

Feeling what there is to feel is what moves you profoundly into your next pieces of your deepest heart and soul evolution.

Raphael Awen

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