Becoming Conscious To Our Relationship To Money As Love

The first topic in our upcoming SoulFullHeart Free To Be series (beginning tomorrow) is about money and soul purpose work. It feels like an important piece to feel through, especially during these very volatile times. 

There are so many facets to money and our relationship to it, like a multi-headed hydra. It is called a ‘necessary evil’. It is said to be the ‘root of all evil’. There is no doubt money itself has a big impact on our lives. It is the 3D currency of exchange…for now. A big topic right now is that of a UBI, or Universal Basic Income, as well as a Global Currency Reset. These things are certainly making their way through consciousness, yet they are not here in the physical quite yet. 

Instead of going into the minutiae of these specific ideas and plans, I wish to turn the spotlight inward. What is your current relationship to money? Let’s take the paper and digits out of the equation and focus on the energy and feeling. 

Money represents basic survival in its lowest common denominator. This could be held by our more 3D parts such as the inner mother/father, Inner Protector, or even the Inner Teenager if they had to be self-sufficient at an early age. All of these parts have their own concerns and needs that tend to go to a very existential place. Meeting them there helps to get to a bedrock of existence that has been projected onto money itself. 

Energetically, with that fear in our field, the ebb and flow of money itself will morph to that narrative and belief system. It will make the case for this part of you that it is scarce and difficult to attain. If you dig deeper, you may find that what these parts of you are really after is to feel loved. For what we really want is more than just to survive. It is to feel alive and it is Love that provides that, not money ultimately. 

This may be compounded by many Metasoul lifetimes that are currently living in scarcity, poverty, and/or squalor. Meeting these aspects and bringing them into a higher love frequency, held by You and your Higher Self, can help the flood of these energies into your Now. 

One way to get to some bedrock places around your relationship to money is by completing a simple sentence frame in as many different ways that come to you. They may seem varied because each part of us holds a different relationship to it. You can parse that out later but for now just write.

Money always….

Money never….

Now those are very polarized sentences but it is on purpose. It is meant to draw that out if it lives inside of you. An exercise like this really helps to separate You from your Reaction. The Reaction is a fused state of consciousness. It is really unconscious. As you take a step back you begin to actually become more conscious of it. THIS is where your power is. Not so much how you can earn more or get more but how you relate to it that really gets the wheels of manifestation greased. An interesting thing to do when you are done is to replace the word ‘money’ with ‘Love’ and see what happens. 

Love and money are strange bedfellows. They seem like they live in different universes let alone galaxies. The thing is everything lives within the domain of Love. Money, sex, violence, joy, bliss, scarcity, abundance, and, yes, evil. The quest is, can we start to unravel the story that parts of us have fused to around money and truly feel we live in Providence…the state of being provided for by The Divine. If we find ourselves gripping on money, we need to feel the part of us that does not believe that Providence exists. 

This is my journey as well. It is ongoing. I want to go on it with you. If you feel this push-pull around money and living in a world of purpose, joy, and providence then please join us on the call tomorrow. It aims to shed light on this very human story.

You can join us live for this call and/or receive the recordings if you can’t make it live by offering ANY donation at or You will also then be able to attend and/or receive the recordings of the next FIVE group calls in the series! The content is laid out here:


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