Avalon/Wells Activations: Bishop’s Garden & Wells Cathedral, Plus Soul Family Reunion

By Jelelle Awen

We all five took a day trip yesterday to Bishop’s Palace and Cathedral in Wells, UK. It is only a short bus ride away from Glastonbury/Avalon, yet you can feel the energy shift difference there from here. The gardens at the Bishop’s Palace are beautifully cared for and the Yew, Willow, Oak and Walnut trees especially offered a grounded and expansive connection. The natural waterways and rivers that run under the land provide aeration and set our dowsing rods in crazy directions. Also, feeding/connecting with the pigeon doves that will eat right out of your hand and swan family who swim in the moat surrounding the Bishop’s Palace was so joyful and enlivening for all of us!

The Cathedral is a dominating presence over the landscape of the town and gardens…as it has been for nearly 850 years. There is something both impressive and suppressive about the energies within it. “This could use a REALLY good saging and clearing out of stale energies”, was my first feeling about it. It hits you in your third chakra….both the awe at the architectural feat of it (how did they DO this?) and yet also the power play dynamic at the root of its manifestation.

It creates an uneasy feeling as so much of the Cathedral’s focus is caught up in the death aspects of Yeshua’s resurrection, along with the death energies from the many bishop’s tombs buried within it. The rebirth message that Yeshua offered, along with joy, simplicity, loving kindness to all, and lack of importance/emphasis on material attainment has been lost in the Cabal/False Light Matrix distortion of his message displayed in places like this.

This distortion is always hard to feel as a member of his soul family lineage, yet I can feel the ambassadorship that can be offered from our hearts to those ready to receive the purity of his TRUE teachings.There is very little feeling sense of the intimate Divine in these buildings supposedly created in honor and worship of it. There is very little feeling of the Divine Feminine either…the rebuilt Lady Chapel comes the closest to opening the heart in any way. Yet it is not somewhere that you want to tuck into, to offer a heartfelt prayer, and to have some tears with Mother.

As we walked down the beautifully lit up cloister hallways, I had a remembrance come through of a Catholic nun timeline/lifetime and feeling a certain relief to be out of the main worship areas and into more intimate conversation with self and others along hallways like these.

The biggest highlight and heartlight is the ongoing connection with Deya, who we met with in virtual space for sessions off and on the last three years. Getting to finally be in the physical together is bringing moments of joy, surreality, familiarity, and overall sense of goodness. She is also going to be coming with us into our next soul activation journey to Malta in January for which we have already booked airline tickets and places to stay.

We feel called to connect with the ancient (older than Egypt!) stone temples there, helping to reactivate the Ascension codes placed there by our Essene/Magdalene family. There is also a strong sense of Atlantis there and connecting into the beginnings of the intergalactic/interdimensional network created by these stone formations located in high energy places all over the world.

Love from Avalon and Wells!

Jelelle Awen

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5 thoughts on “Avalon/Wells Activations: Bishop’s Garden & Wells Cathedral, Plus Soul Family Reunion

  1. So perfectly expressed. May we all help to cleanse such “suppressive” and death-worshipping energies and create the new earth of expansive, loving energy.

    Thank you for sharing your light!


  2. Ah yes, feels like we are all helping to cleanse this as we feel it in our own souls and make different choices too! These places sure ‘hold and preserve’ the old energies though, whew!! 🙂 Blessings, Jelelle

  3. Hi Jelelle, thank you for sharing these pics and the pics of Glasto too, brings back memories from when i lived there and then some… i am super intrigued by your comment “as a member of his soul family lineage,”… (go careful we are a much maligned group) not that it matters too much, as of course, we never ever submit to the evils of the shadow realm 🙂
    Anyway..thank you very much for your awesome writings and stay strong… (we got dis) despite their eternal whinging… Silly old darkness, it will learn to accept the light eventually 🙂

  4. You’re welcome! Indeed love is offering the exposure of fear/darkness into the light! I have written quite a lot about the Magdalene-Christ lineage and soul family connection on this blog soulfullheart.blog and also on my FB page too….and I am doing a Magdalene activation women’s call next Sunday if you would like to join where I will share about what it means in terms of embodiment, emotional/soul healing, etc. more info at soulfullheart.org/womengroupcalls blessings, Jelelle

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