Winter Solstice/Conjunction Group Meditation Call FREE When You Become A Portal Online Community Member

A Christmas/Solstice gift from those of us at SoulFullHeart! From now until December 21st, if you become a member of our online community SoulFullHeart portal, you can attend/receive the recording of our group meditation transmission call on the Winter Solstice Monday, December 21 for FREE.

Portal membership is $14.99 USD per month (you can cancel anytime) and is definitely turning out to be a warm, inspiring, vulnerable, lively, activating ‘safe’ place to be online with resonant souls. I admit that I am proud of how it is developing and it has become a place for me and all of us to share more personally and vulnerably off of social media as well if you are curious about that. More info and to join the Portal/offer payment at

Let us know if you would like to pay via paypal at

If you want to just come to/receive recording of the meditation call transmission to digest/activate during the winter solstice/great conjunction ushering in the Age of Aquarious on December 21st 5:00pm GMT/Noon EST, you can offer a donation at or with more info at: and

Comments from Portal members:

“The portal has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it. I especially like the intimacy, the ease, the positivity, the connection, and also being away from the din and distractions of Facebook. I hope to see everyone there!”

“I do LOVE the portal, for all the reasons you mentioned. Also funnily enough, the more I work with my Inner Punisher and the more unanchored from pain/suffering/self-punishment/shame he gets, the less drawn I am to FB as I’m increasingly notice the hostility here and a sense of it being not safe. The portal is SO warm and has helped me already in my deepest process yet, with many inside and corresponding outside rumbles and collapses, as I was able to share in real-time and get real-time responses, reflections and guidance. Multiple times. THAT alone was worth the $14.99 to me. I’m also super excited about the women’s only private group on the portal which feels like it is so needed for me personally as it is yet even more private and safe than the general portal. Everyone is sharing their processes on there as well which is so helpful and supportive to my own process and for locating myself. The portal is a huge gift, thank you!”

“Lovely to be here and I agree it’s great to be in a safer, more peaceful, online space.”

NOW feels like a powerful time, as we enter into the Age Of Aquarius and acceleration of Humanity’s Ascension, to be in resonant soul family bonds that support your deeper explorations and healing into self and soul!


Jelelle Awen

More info about 1:1 sessions, group call events, writing/books and more at

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