Significant Soul Turns Out Of Suffering & Into Love

By Jelelle Awen

So many of us are going through very important ‘soul turns’ right now, as I have come to call them. A soul turn is a significant shifting in one lifetime of your soul’s patterned learning trajectory that has been in place for many, many lifetimes. This lifetime is one for which so many have chosen to be here on the Earth Plane during this time of Ascension for the opportunity to experience soul turn shifts for ourselves and complete cycles of incarnational suffering.

A soul turn is moving beyond previously unconscious karmic binds, ties, and contracts. It is letting in resonant love as the main form of growth rather than from experiencing traumas in order to grow. It is shifting from going through suffering in order to wake up… to feeling and healing all the cycles of shame/punishment/judgement suffering cycles within you and in your soul that then leads to awakening.

It is shifting from drawing repeated traumas in order to see/feel them to TRULY transmuting these traumas into love again so you no longer need them. It is experiencing bonds with others that are based in love and not shared trauma.

Lifetime after lifetime, our soul chooses the situations, set ups, narratives, and companion souls to play the ‘roles’ of both support and shadow that will offer the most growth and learning for us. We take this on for the Divine, for our soul families, for Unity Consciousness, and for the ALL. We represent both the experience of and recovery from sacred wounds such as those held in the collective…the Fall of Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon…the Matrix imprisonment experiment, the hijacking of our sacred feminine expressions and the Divine Mother experience, the distortion of the sacred masculine into patriarchy and more.

As we become conscious of the trauma patterns from this life and feel the parts of us that hold them, we are able to truly become free beyond them. The traumas no longer act as magnets in our emotional bodies and soul fields drawing MORE traumas to us for us to see and feel. Trauma, suffering, and pain is always a portal to self discovery and remembering…until we no longer need it to be.

It is now possible to become fully conscious of our soul’s experience and lift the veils that have previously been in place around this. We can now turn our soul away from suffering and toward love. Our Divine Self is able to defuse from the punishing/protective/wounded/defended parts of us and say ‘no’ to any situation, circumstances, and pattern that repeats our suffering. Sometimes we are still veiled to a situation and need the learning experience, yet the reason for drawing it becomes conscious much more quickly and then completed.

It is time to let go of suffering patterns and move into the experience of LOVE holding your life in ALL areas of your life. You are ready now to move beyond the previous veiled limitations. You no longer need to replay traumas & draw new ones….you are ready now to transmute them all back into love & experience goodness!!


In 1:1 sessions, we as SoulFullHeart Facilitators support you to go into these grounds within you to discover what patterns are ready to complete and be let go. We also model for you and provide a ‘dropped in’ space for you to learn how to lift your own veils, how to connect with your parts and soul gatekeeper (who opens up access to your akashic records) and access soul aspects/fragments.

Rather than do this process for you as mediums or psychics, we empower YOU to open this up for yourself. This allows for the growth and realizations to be truly embodied rather than receiving it from any ‘outside’ source. There is no other process that I know of that works at these levels of self sovereignty and self-led growth, both at the personal this-life experience and then at quantum soul level as well WHILE deepening self, sacred union, and divine intimacy possibilities within a community of resonant souls. More info at

I highly recommend my free 33 day video series Deepen as a place to start diving into what we offer:…

And my recent book Free To Be 5D, available on ebook, PDF, print and audio:

Love from Avalon,
Jelelle Awen

Photo is of me in the ruins of the Lady Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey, a place of powerful energies supporting me to make repeated soul turn choices from suffering to love!

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