The Cost Of Finding You


By Wayne

If you already know that much of your true and deeper self as well as your soul’s purpose for being here is threatened to remain unfulfilled this life, and you’ve felt how the conspiracy to keep it that way starts inside of you, and only secondarily and at your authorization is that conspiracy’s power held by others over you, then you know that changing it will require choice and action on your part. Right?

But this awareness in you didn’t start just last week, it goes back a long way. You can probably recall and share stories about this awareness arising in you and the choices that followed. The teachers you embraced; the groups you joined and left. But the ache comes back to you to live inside of a bigger context, and in deeper meaning, and in greater joy and depth in your daily experience. Which is surprising really, given that much of your previously esteemed paths are not so valuable to you now.

This creates a push-pull in the spiritual seeker. These paths held you for a time, and were even a part of your sacred journey, but something you expected them to deliver, didn’t happen, or you’d still be there, right?

What are the one or two things, if you found them in a spiritual group or leader, that would reawaken your soul journey and compel you to come back on board? Conversely, what are the negative things, if you found it below the surface in a spiritual group, that would be a deal breaker for you? Do you know? Knowing what you’re looking for will save you from unexpectedly being taken again by the next shiny object in the form of a spiritual group or teacher.

You may want to pause before reading the next paragraph where I mention what mine are, so you can ask yourself what yours are before having mine in your head.

For Jillian and I, the big ones are about how far does the respect for individual sovereignty go. Or said in reverse ‘how much pressure is there for you to come under subtle forms of control?’

Any offering that purports to help you find you by putting you under control has obvious integrity gaps, just not so obvious to you and I while we were invested in them. Falling back into conformity is so understandable given our need for love and to hold an identity, but what we conformed to obtain is diminished by the inauthentic way we obtained it.

I think the reason you are taken like me with these questions is that you know something about you. You know that you expended a lot of time energy and money in the past seeking this deeper you. You know that given the right conditions, you are likely to do it again, even as you are feeling your reluctance to do just that.

I want to offer you a new path that promises to find your sovereign self in a deepening way, and let’s you self-validate the results.

And, what’s the cost of that?

The cost is the willingness to let go of what you find to be not you.

How far would your current group or spiritual teacher support you to truly live that?

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