Invitation For 2013 And Beyond: The Urgent Need To Awaken Our Emotional Consciousness

By Jillian Vriend

I felt as if I was holding my breath and my heart during the recent short but deadly conflict between Israel and the reigning Hamas government in Gaza.  As many people have offered, it feels that IF the human race is going to experience another world war that the Middle East is the setting most dangerously ripe and ready for it. I felt my usual feelings during any of the wars that have happened during my lifetime: distress, tension, despair, and a deep sorrow that our human consciousness hasn’t been raised enough to end all killing and violence for good, especially killing and violence that happens in the name of God or to defend a religion (even if that’s not the politically stated reason for the conflict.)

I exhaled with relief, as I imagine many others did worldwide, when a cease fire was reached, although I don’t feel that anyone really believes that ending the bombing symbolizes an actual ending to the contention, distrust, and deep disparity that exists between Israel and the Arabs. With both sides seeming to play victim without taking any real responsibility for their actions, the emotional immaturity and deadly density of their need to be right and to “defend themselves and their way of life” will continue to come at the cost of human lives, sanity and peace for their citizens, and be an energetic vacuum of dark energy on the planet (of which there are many others.)

This situation got me more deeply feeling how we are nearing the end of 2012 and about to enter into 2013, a year that has a deep sense of unknown and transition about it. Overall, the state of human consciousness seems to be a dark one (with admittedly some bright spots) that is asking for a deep shift and rebirth into something new. With Mayan prophecies of the world ending in 2012, it does indeed feel as if the world needs to end. Not literally to end, of course, but much of the way that we as humans relate to ourselves, each other, animals, and the planet is deep and crucial need of change.

This is the message that I (and many others who are sensitive to such things) have been feeling is an urgent one that we have been receiving from especially the Divine Mother aspect of God. The Divine Mother may seem to be an unknown or esoteric thing for you, as so much of our orientation toward God has been in a male form with a patriarchal undertone. For those who become conscious of the Mother as a real and moving presence in their lives, there is a sense that it is Her missing energy and influence that has been a deep root cause of many of our problems. The Mother offers us compassion and invites us to feel compassionately about others, even if we chose not to be in relationship with them. This applies both intimately and globally. The Mother invites us to feel our own innocence; how She experiences us as vulnerably her children; and She reflects to us that our essence is one of purity, curiousity, and joy.

Sometimes the Mother, especially in Her Dark Madonna form, presents us with a phoenix cycle, which is a death-rebirth phase that invites us to let go of something that was no longer serving us and arise anew out of the ashes to more deeply inhabit who we were meant to be. I have felt for awhile that the world is going through a sustained phoenix cycle, with all of the tensions, growing pains, and darkness that such a phase requires. I feel that we are being ushered through this cycle in order to arise out of it with awakening hearts, a more compassionate consciousness, and a deeper intimacy with both Her and the Divine Father. Coming from the place I do, this is the frame that I put this invitation into, yet you could put it into any that works for you to get a deeper sense of the loving yet necessary crucible of growth that we are challenged to inhabit.

We cannot continue on as we have; it’s just not a sustainable, long-term picture that works for any human, animal species, or our planet. The Divine Mother holds that what has been brought out of balance must be put right again. Most of us have become desperately out of balance in our relationships, our emotional maturity, our physical health, our ability to provide for ourselves, our connection to nature and animals, etc. etc.

In SoulFullHeart, we offer that the individual awakening and deepening of your own emotional consciousness is the path to becoming someone who is bettering the situation, not adding to or denying the problems. Emotional consciousness is about becoming aware of your reactions, your choices, your feelings, and your relationships through the lens of parts of you that have been previously only subconscious to you. Making these parts and their reactions an aspect of your everyday reality allows for a much deeper experience of life, including an unearthed desire for authentic intimacy with yourself, with others, and with the Divine. I know that this is a big leap initially to understand, but like any shift in thinking, it takes accepting inside of yourself that something needs to change and how you’ve been currently relating to your life hasn’t been creating the change you most deeply desire (or that the planet needs.) The experience of your parts becomes a quickly growing, self validating one and you need the support of a SFH Facilitator through individual sessions and with others during group weekends for it to really ground in.

As your emotional consciousness deepens and especially as you become aware of your Daemon or Soul Guardian, you begin to experience a much more personal relationship with the Divine which requires no doctrine, church, or middle man to inhabit. It is your birthright as a sacred human and it is through the healing of your soul and emotional wounds that allows it to be claimed.

We feel as more and more people awaken to their emotional consciousness through this process of getting to know their parts, the more possibility and hope grows that things really can shift in the bigger world. One heart opening at a time.

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3 thoughts on “Invitation For 2013 And Beyond: The Urgent Need To Awaken Our Emotional Consciousness

  1. A thought provoking and insightful post. I agree the world is in dire need of a good dose of compassion. I have not experienced in my life time the trauma of world war but here in the UK we have had more than our share of bloodshed, both on our own streets and in far off lands where our armed forces have fought.

    Many families have been torn apart by the loss of loved ones and it’s a continuing saga that unfolds on a daily basis with the latest batch of bad news. Is the world really in such a sorry state as it appears, or is it simply the 24/7 media coverage that makes it seems so?

    Whatever, the fact remains that the world is hurting, people are hurting, the planet is hurting. I agree with you that whilst there may be little that we can do on a global scale we can do something on the personal scale. Recognition and awareness of our own emotional state, together with the recognition that some of the old reactions no-longer serve us well, can be the beginning of a personal and interpersonal change.

    We can all say and mean, “Let it begin with me”, and make a difference.

    Corinne at

  2. Thanks for taking in the context of what I was offering, Corinne. A sense that the world is in immeasurable pain and in need of deep healing is one that is relatable to many people, I think. The shift in feeling that we are offering in our soulfullheart work is around feeling parts of us and the pain and need for healing that lives inside of us that then leads to the outer manifestations of war, violence, greed, corruption, etc. I’m curious how you felt about the other aspects of the piece that I was bringing, specifically about finding and being with parts of yourself and about how the Divine Mother is holding us through this process of change and transition?


  3. Jillian, I love what you are putting out into the world with this writing. I have been feeling for a while now how SoulFullHeart or related work holds the potential to change people’s lives forever and even on a global scale. My desire for the end of 2012 is indeed a deep burning away of the “old world” and ways of doing/thinking/feeling about things. Enough with band aids and distractions that keep us from feeling and therefore addressing the pain within ourselves and others. This dynamic needs to change and now is when we are being called to do it more than ever. It feels violent to think of the “old world” burning away…but I don’t mean it literally of course. I just get a very vivid feeling of “enough already!” and feel that the image of fire and things literally burning is accurate to conjure when expressing that. I also feel that when enough people begin to feel this way, the Divine Mother can finally step in and help with the growth of new seeds planted and the salvaging of the few aspects of our current way of life that are actually working…

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