To My SoulFullHearts

light at end of tunnel

To My SoulFullHearts

To make a sound through the din

How much energy and love do we need to make this sound?

Maybe it’s alive on its own

And it’s actually in the quiet

That it can finally be heard

Maybe there’s no sound we could make

And it just is

And hearts have to want it and find us and find it was in themselves all along

The echoes of old paradigms are strong and yet the walls they are echoing off are crumbling

When the echoes have died

Their hearts will be revealed

And there will be revolt and revolution, bloody at best

But dark and sinister as it could be

There is light at the end of the tunnel

and love as a tourniquet

Those who ask for the bandages

will realize She was there holding them all along.


2 thoughts on “To My SoulFullHearts

    1. It feels so good to land and give Mother an authentic space to land through and in me. The rumble from writing this stayed with me all day. It was amazing to feel.

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