Premise 6: Healing Of Both The Heart And Soul Are Crucial

By Raphael Awen


Welcome to day six of the SoulFullHeart Magical Mystery Premises Tour. Please go here to read all of the previous premises and they are all here on my timeline too.

Today, I’m afraid we begin in earnest sailing into some rough waters and it won’t be an easy task. I assure you, there will be no loss of life, but there will be loss of connection I fear, and quite possibly some very deep rooted anger.

I still feel it will be magical and I’ll tell you why…..right after I give you today’s premise called the ‘Heart and Soul Consciousness Premise.’

“Consciousness awakening and healing of both the heart and the soul congestions are crucial for SoulFullHeartenment, development of the SoulFullHeart Self, and for intimacy with Self, Others, and The Divine.”

Whenever we make claim about any path and choose that path, we are choosing distinction and separation. ‘I did it my way’ is our double-edged sword of growth this life. We all need to individuate, but none of us wants to lose love and connection. None of us wants rejection. No parts me of like being rejected.

We may be metaphysically all One, but practically and experientially speaking, we have individual paths to take in our path to individuation. I feel that while Oneness and individuation are magically and paradoxically both true, they are also loaded with a deep antagonism and fear. These powerful energies, while normally seen as negative, are actually a gift to us to discover new depths of stuff that are off our chart and only now beginning to be seeded into wider collective consciousness.

Therein is the magic I speak of.

Let me take a step here into my own individuation, as well as this fearful antagonistic ground I speak of. I personally believe I have something to offer packaged and labeled in something called SoulFullHeart, that even people who self identify as ’emotionally mature’ or ‘spiritually attained’ haven’t yet dreamed of, let alone seen or felt the territory of. I choose my words as carefully as I can to say this, but my individuation would be dis-served to say it any softer than that. Saying it any softer would not be my truth.

If my statement above begins to stir some anger in you, I get it. My words can be felt as degrading to a sense of yourself that a part of you holds dearly as true. I am saying there is something more, and you haven’t seen it yet.

I could be wrong, and would actually welcome being wrong, but I don’t feel I am. It’s been deeply lonely to parts of me and a total back and forth path to continually rise to my own truth, while it has also been deeply fulfilling.

If my words of personal claim do stir anger, please hang in with me, without suppressing any of it for my sake. Let’s see where it wants to take us today. We are co-creating this ride.

Possibly it is this strange reality itself, that individuation occurs in a container of our inseparable Oneness, that offers us our greatest gift as well as our deepest challenge.

Where did we ever get the idea, that we would get anywhere by all being in cookie cutter agreement with each other? That can’t even be rightly called child’s play, for children make no pretence around ‘getting along’ in this false way. We’re going to need to go to the heart of our differences if we are ever going to find the heart of our union.

The key point and claim that SoulFullHeart offers in this premise is that collectively we have not yet had a spiritual practice or healing modality that accesses heart and soul wounding to the degree that subpersonal access and the SoulFullHeart Way of life does. This statement could be technically wrong if a healing modality has arisen that I simply don’t know about that equals or supersedes what SoulFullHeart offers, but it is a true statement of my truth to the best of my current knowledge.

This strong of a statement has the power to either make you mad or glad. Some, well rooted in their identity would find this claim preposterous and totally narcissistic. Others, who feel they have tried everything and all but given up, and only willing to lift a finger to something that feels real, and passes their bullshit detector are rising in a hope of possibility about now.

Here is our point of anger and separation. Here we are left to go our own way. Here, our choice creates for us our sacred path. What is intimacy, without Divorce? Both are sacred, as infinite love expressions out seeking to know itself.

SoulFullHeart teaches, and it is my personal experience, that the magical key into our spring-loaded essence is through the door of our heart and soul wounding. That which was seemingly meant for your destruction and pain, and so extremely avoided, is in reality, the portal to your greatest fulfillment.

We are so predisposed in our spiritual practices to do the opposite where healing is about the goal of no longer feeling pain. We want to do anything but feel, when the truth is, only as we are willing to feel, can we ever truly heal.

As long as symptom abatement is enough and qualifies as healing for you, my truth is that you cannot enter the ground of the infinite largesse of your being. You are energetically sealed off from your bigness, and a part of you has it wired up this way for deep and understandable reasons.

This premise goes on to speak of ‘SoulFullHeartenment’ and ‘The SoulFullHeart Self.’ Both of these terms are terms we simply made up to carry a new energy that we want to distinguish from other terms. The term ‘SoulFullHeart Self’ has a lot of resonance for instance with the way the term ‘Authentic Self’ is used, but there are significant energetic and emotional differences sufficient that we felt a new term was warranted for the new energies we are bringing.

I said more in the first few premises about the specifics of what we mean by our chosen terms of SoulFullHeart and SoulFullHeartenment and the SoulFullHeart Self and I refer you there for that clarity. The pieces about intimacy with self, others and the Divine are coming up in the next three coming premises. I invite you to stay tuned for those.

About now, given that I am advocating for something radically new and labeled as such, I am feeling the tension of, on one hand, standing for my truth while not using that as a defense to vulnerable relationship, and the tension on the other hand of not claiming my truth in the hopes of maintaining my relationships with others, and ending up with nothing of true value. Isn’t this the crucible we all have to face in the journey to individuation in a container of Oneness?

I am eternally grateful to have people in my life, some of those I am called to enter intimacy with, others I am called to differentiate from and they provide the grist of separation which my growth requires. In the end, I am you, and you are me. But claiming that, as a way to avoid our personal differentiation makes only for a way to stay stuck rather than grow. It doesn’t actually work that well in the end because the universe is wired only for growth. It’s ultimately only a matter of rate and pace that your soul is ready for and wants.

This anger we felt stir earlier……is it still here? Has it shifted?

I trust it. I trust it wants to sort us out and help us find our way. I deeply want to find the resonant souls who deeply want to join with us on a very specific and even exclusive path. (What path, if it is in fact a path, is not exclusive?) I also want for those not in resonance to be on their sacred way. Hence our anger found its way, didn’t it, to our mutual path of individuation while being inseparably one?

Thank you for reading, and more so for feeling this riding and being in on this tour. I look forward to your comments and reactions.

Raphael Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.

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