The Moral Phase Of Our Consciousness



By Raphael Awen

All of our moral injunctions of you or I being more or less of this or that are a phase of consciousness that is now completing.

Happy and grateful campers are definitely easier to be around and we all prefer them, but if they are not that at present, telling them that they should be cannot take them to that natural place.

It may be true that someone really ‘ought to be grateful’, and their ingratitude is going to limit their life. But the true, deep and real gratitude that this person really needs is not the kind that can be conjured up from duty or obligation, or from your or my reminder.

Duty and obligation were at best only able to make us more polite, make us able to maneuver and even manipulate in 3D consciousness. Now, however, we are being invited beyond into the essence of the thing, into where the signpost of the moral could direct us, but could never actually transport us.

Real gratitude of an overflowing reverence and appreciation for life, and feeling the gift of life in any and all circumstances is only real for someone when it is real. It’s an awesome destination that feels really good to find ourselves in, but the beauty of it is in the absence of any duty being in the recipe that brought us there, where the gratitude just is what is because of something different and alive in our relationship to life and love.

We know the preferred destination now. We know what it looks and feels like. We don’t actually need the signposts anymore. We can remove them. You no longer ought to be this or that. You no longer are subject to any penalty for not being this or that. In fact, you can be totally ungrateful if you want to be for whatever reasons you want to, or even need to. You get to explore being you from the ground of what you most deeply want.

While we still seem bounded by cause and effect in relation to our choices and actions, these effects are only data helping us find our true way, rather than any imposition or penalty or control by a bigger than us outside force determining our future.

This is the highway that can take you to this high way of being, where only what is true and authentic for you can actually satisfy or provide pleasure. If you are not having fun in your forced gratitude, what valid reason could you come up with for pressing yourself to be that way? What service of love to yourself or others would this forced gratitude provide? Removing these judgments allows a healthy new something to ask the same question in reverse about if you are really having your funnest fun in your INgratitude.

Only now are we free to be in the freedom that we actually ARE at the core of our being.

We could not actually be more free, but the conditioning of should in effect shields this reality from being felt and lived into.

We needed the phase of consciousness of should-based duty and obligation to point us somewhere.

Now, we want to get on with living into the real destination.

And I can tell you right now, I know what I want. I want to be found more and more caught up in deep reverence for the magic of life and love, that is beyond duty and obligation, that is beyond any circumstance of what I have or don’t have, and yet is able to move and change circumstance….because THAT is a new picture of how big I actually am….and I’d like to hang around with people who want to be in their bigness, so our bigness can get a chance to come out and play! 

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