SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: The Role Of Your Inner Protector


It’s the release of our weekly museletter, packed full with all of our writings and audio blogs for the week!

In this week’s featured article, SoulFullHeart Facilitator Kalayna Colibri describes what connection with an Inner Protector, an aspect of your 3D self, feels like and what it looks like as that part transforms with you through feeling them and healing other parts of yourself.

“As you heal, the need for a strong Inner Protector lessens and dissipates. Impenetrable walls and defensive reactivity turn into healthy, porous boundaries held with love and self-worth. The Protector changes form, helping you to transform as well, allowing for greater, sweeter intimacy with self and others that may challenge you in good ways at times. Ultimately it’s a process of letting more love in, for that is really what the Inner Protector is afraid of… love flowing into you and permanently changing all that it has worked to maintain up ’til now.”

SoulFullHeart Facilitator Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna both connect with their 3D selves in this week’s writings, as well as their Inner Teenager (another important aspect of the 3D self.) The past few weeks we have been focused on a reboot of the SoulFullHeart Process that we offer through weekly sessions with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, including reconnecting with the main 3D self primary parts that we find come up very often and strongly and are often overlooked or suppressed in spirituality. We now offer a 30 minute FREE introductory session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator for you to connect what we offer in the SFH process with your life and journey. Visit for more information.

Other writings in the museletter describe the beauty and importance of connecting with, loving, and healing these parts of you, emphasizing the desire and need for love that exists within all of us. SoulFullHeart co-creator and facilitator Raphael Awen beautifully describes how we can have what we want, as soon as our higher selves and our parts are ready for it. SoulFullHeart co-creator Jelelle Awen offers an emoto-spiritual energy update this week about finding balance during the equinox amidst the upheaval caused by weather patterns and internal processes.

Our next upcoming event is a livestream Q & A with Raphael and Gabriel answering your questions and responding to your comments on Sunday, October 1 at 11:11am CST. We love to share our offerings with you and would enjoy to receive whatever heart donation in the form of money you feel that resonates with our offering. You can go to our donation page for more info on how to donate.

Thank you so much for your interest and support for SoulFullHeart Way of Life!

Here’s another link to this week’s museletter:


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