Drop Your End Of The Rope


By Raphael Awen

Good and evil aren’t actually enemies.

Light and dark never actually got divorced.

We were just necessarily conditioned to see it that way for a phase of our consciousness evolution.

We needed to experience duality, the dual of one side polarized against the other as a prelude to coming back to feeling how consciousness itself is the upstream source of both, and All, and duality itself.

It’s sort of like a football team owner owning both teams that are against each other on the field level, but at the owner’s level, it is being played for purposes beyond winning, even beyond more money, having more money than he or she knows what to do with.

In time though, this upstream essence absence of duality is registering on the players, and they lose steam for the purpose at hand, become disillusioned and eventually, seek a new relationship with the energy of life that wants to flow through them. If what they were conditioned to see and feel as the game, the purpose, isn’t any longer the game, then what is the game?

Many now just want to take their toys home and quit playing. We are at such a turning point of disillusionment.

And we are at this place personally as well as collectively. It’s true intra-psychically as well as extra-psychically.

What once magically got us out of the bed every morning is no longer doing it for us in the same way. There is a growing nervous scramble to swap out the fuel system on our engines before we lose all forward momentum.

The very idea of the hero and the villain aren’t felt and seen and defined as they once were. We are watching virtually all of our greatest public heroes of the past come to be seen in a greater light, revealing their hidden darkness. We projected our own heroism onto these figures for safe keeping, kind of like a central banking scheme, now gone corrupt, except the corruption is actually a remarriage of what we tried so desperately hard to separate ourselves from. Our darkness has chosen now to ‘corrupt’ our light and thank god for it!

The darkness, whether inside of you, or external to you is not separate from you. So much of our magic as human-god-star Beings is contained in our darkness. Many pieces of our essence needed to be stored for safe keeping in our darkness and related to as part of our potential for a time when it could be watered back into known and felt and experienced reality again. We for-got in order to re-member.

It’s time now to heed a call to ambassadorship. We are still for so many practical purposes quite isolated. We’ve just got the memo, but it also doesn’t feel very true, or look very true when we look out the window. Understandably so. We’ve been conditioned deeply to live and survive in another story and the story is changing.

The genesis of this ambassadorship is within yourself.

The loving personas you’ve adapted and adopted are just that, living beings doing life as you, on your behalf, fitted to the reality ‘you’ found yourself in, that your Higher Self signed off on, that your lower self may even be pissed about. It’s all you. But none of it can be related with or embraced as long as you don’t recognize the sovereign boundaries of differentiated selves within you. ‘You’ are not sane until you come to terms with your insanity. The height of our insanity is the charade of trying to keep together the appearance and false functionality of our single personality disorder. We are not one until we have reached out to all the aspects of ourselves and lived into new ways of relating and curiously, reverentially getting-to-know.

This reality mirrors beautifully now onto the global scene where the evildoers and hidden agendas are coming to the light. This isn’t some battle of good finally winning over the dark, but rather good being faced with its own darkness and vice-versa. If we await the evil being purged thinking it will be to the relief of our tension, we miss the deeper purpose of reuniting the separated. The tension we most deeply feel isn’t about the battle between good and evil, but rather the tension of any perceived ultimate difference between good and evil.

If I am of the good, and ‘they’ are of the evil, then I must keep up the effort to maintain this war. How well I do or don’t do in this effort is overshadowed by the fact of my entrapment on this one polarizing measuring stick, good and evil being the opposite ends of the same stick. The demons inside are me and await my vulnerable and honest admission of that.

Everything is sourced in love and comes from love. There isn’t 2 any things at odds with each other. The story of good and evil, just like the story of you and I, including any perceived polarity within us, or without us, needed to be dialled up like a great stage play to get this message massaged into our consciousness.

We are left with the perception and the deep feelings of separation that are not actually the case anymore. We don’t have to achieve peace, but rather recognize the peace that already exists. Drop your end of the rope and the tug of war dissolves. If the enemy wins, you do too, for they are you and you are them.

Only now can the harm stop, when the light no longer sees itself as superior to the dark, or separate from the dark. Only now can what each side wants and needs be negotiated in true ambassadorship that recognizes difference without superiorizing or withholding love.

This is the grander story. It’s the larger container, the theatre that holds the story, for the grand awakening.

I like to feel how none of us get to be fully home until all of us get to be fully home. You coming home to yourself is in service of this as we are all one.

Who’d have guessed that the whole enemy story was all written from a place of trying to come to terms with the infinite love that we are?

Audio of this blog can be found here: https://youtu.be/BjX036nmUP8

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One thought on “Drop Your End Of The Rope

  1. One of the most relevant posts I’ve read in some time…mostly because it’s exactly how I see things as well 🙂 Peace!

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