Leaving Home


By Raphael Awen

Home is a frequency.

Part of the ache for home is a residual homing instinct drawing you back to your true home.

You left a home, that like any other home, you, we, all had normalized and taken for granted.

We knew we were more wanting and waiting to happen. We knew our parents were silently counting on us to reach out for that more, just as they had reached for their more, the baton being passed to us.

We entered less while remaining in possession of all. The less we entered was only in regard to the awareness of our grandeur, rather than any lessening of our true essence. We needed a place that felt not-grand from which to be re-membered with our grandeur, and in that process to be transmuted yet further into new beyonds.

There wasn’t sufficient duality to provide this necessary sense of loss that we needed to experience movement in our previous domain of home.

The depression or anxiety or rage that you feel, or any other so called ‘negative’ emotion are all emissions of this home frequency drawing you back home. We’ve resisted these emotions and drugged them down in so many ways because at core, we are afraid of losing these anchors to the 3rd dimension.

We long for our ultimate home, but one of the deepest expressions of that missing and longing is to attach to a present home. We fear letting something so catastrophic as the feeling of losing home happen to us again. We are still digesting the choice we made to strike out on our own journey to leave home, venturing into more godhood. We were not willing to skip over any feeling as feeling we knew was mission critical.

If you live in the forest, you build your home out of wood. We found ourselves in the land of loss, and so we have, quite magically actually, built our home out of the abundant commodities of anxiety and depression, and fear. It’s admittedly not the greatest, but it is home, and it is familiar, and from here, we are invited to feel.

Who would have guessed though that our enduring essence would call to us from any home we crafted in any place in this domain of lesser?

We knew our essence was immutable. We knew our sovereignty was indisputable. We knew our infallibility was a given, so we chose to fall into forgetting all that. Our fall from grace was and is a fall into the grace we were, but needed to escape to have the experience of leaving and returning.

We left in order to enter.

Without this journey, we couldn’t know the deeper depths of what we were and are.

This is the true construct of the time zone; a place to have expanded out feelings of awareness, this journey, measured out in days.

Our consciousness is programmed securely to come back to full rememberance. Not only that (magical as that is), we are also programmed to return home to becoming even so much more, that we of course can’t see or know until we can.

In our previous bliss, we normalized that experience. It became old. The looks on our faces became predictable and all too familiar. This normalizing tendency is what we might call a downside of individuated consciousness. As individuated consciousness, our assignment is to experience experience itself and report back to essence on what that feels like. We’re creating a central bank (of the non corrupt variety) of these feeling deposits as a cosmic fuel tank to take us deeper into exploring the essence of what we actually are.

So now you see how your everyday familiar feelings of your life as you currently know it, having normalized the magical into the mundane, is a clarion call to awaken to deeper feelings of who and what you really are. This is tuning in your home frequency.

You feeling more expansive feelings of remembering who you really are is the mission. That mission is the great quantum gift to all. Feel that today, as deeply as you can, and then put your feet up! You’ve just changed the whole world. You’ll be ready for more tomorrow.

We are taking our time, literally using up all the time in the world, to decide if and when we are ready… ready to tune in more of this homing frequency of home, returning to not only the home we once knew, but one so much more.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about Weekly Sessions, Live Streams, Videos, and Community.

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