Leaving Home


By Raphael Awen

Home is a frequency.

Part of the ache for home is a residual homing instinct drawing you back to your true home.

You left a home, that like any other home, you, we, all had normalized and taken for granted.

We knew we were more wanting and waiting to happen. We knew our parents were silently counting on us to reach out for that more, just as they had reached for their more, the baton being passed to us.

We entered less while remaining in possession of all. The less we entered was only in regard to the awareness of our grandeur, rather than any lessening of our true essence. We needed a place that felt not-grand from which to be re-membered with our grandeur, and in that process to be transmuted yet further into new beyonds.

There wasn’t sufficient duality to provide this necessary sense of loss that we needed to experience movement in our previous domain of home.

The depression or anxiety or rage that you feel, or any other so called ‘negative’ emotion are all emissions of this home frequency drawing you back home. We’ve resisted these emotions and drugged them down in so many ways because at core, we are afraid of losing these anchors to the 3rd dimension.

We long for our ultimate home, but one of the deepest expressions of that missing and longing is to attach to a present home. We fear letting something so catastrophic as the feeling of losing home happen to us again. We are still digesting the choice we made to strike out on our own journey to leave home, venturing into more godhood. We were not willing to skip over any feeling as feeling we knew was mission critical.

If you live in the forest, you build your home out of wood. We found ourselves in the land of loss, and so we have, quite magically actually, built our home out of the abundant commodities of anxiety and depression, and fear. It’s admittedly not the greatest, but it is home, and it is familiar, and from here, we are invited to feel.

Who would have guessed though that our enduring essence would call to us from any home we crafted in any place in this domain of lesser?

We knew our essence was immutable. We knew our sovereignty was indisputable. We knew our infallibility was a given, so we chose to fall into forgetting all that. Our fall from grace was and is a fall into the grace we were, but needed to escape to have the experience of leaving and returning.

We left in order to enter.

Without this journey, we couldn’t know the deeper depths of what we were and are.

This is the true construct of the time zone; a place to have expanded out feelings of awareness, this journey, measured out in days.

Our consciousness is programmed securely to come back to full rememberance. Not only that (magical as that is), we are also programmed to return home to becoming even so much more, that we of course can’t see or know until we can.

In our previous bliss, we normalized that experience. It became old. The looks on our faces became predictable and all too familiar. This normalizing tendency is what we might call a downside of individuated consciousness. As individuated consciousness, our assignment is to experience experience itself and report back to essence on what that feels like. We’re creating a central bank (of the non corrupt variety) of these feeling deposits as a cosmic fuel tank to take us deeper into exploring the essence of what we actually are.

So now you see how your everyday familiar feelings of your life as you currently know it, having normalized the magical into the mundane, is a clarion call to awaken to deeper feelings of who and what you really are. This is tuning in your home frequency.

You feeling more expansive feelings of remembering who you really are is the mission. That mission is the great quantum gift to all. Feel that today, as deeply as you can, and then put your feet up! You’ve just changed the whole world. You’ll be ready for more tomorrow.

We are taking our time, literally using up all the time in the world, to decide if and when we are ready… ready to tune in more of this homing frequency of home, returning to not only the home we once knew, but one so much more.

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Current Energies Activating Your “Not You” True You


The You that is Not You is getting lit up. Highlighted. Sparked by deep, layered activations in the recess of your True You. The holes in the Whole are gurgling, pulsing, calling. This can come out in so many significant ways that may be interpreted as a simple “this” or “that”. There is nothing insignificant about anything anymore. Never was. The physical symptoms, the sensitivities, the frustrations, the questions, or the sudden collapse of relationship and livelihood.

It grows deep within you. The connection of your Highest Self back to essence. Not to merge back into forgetfulness, but to experience the Dual Consciousness of I As All and All As I. These seemingly random occurrences are Remembrance pains. When these bubbles make their way to the surface, they off-gas into your waking consciousness causing shifts and movements. They can create havoc if you don’t have a means to hold them in a greater context.

Breathing through them is one way to let the energies find their ground within you. Self-loving acts of rest and pleasure can aid in this. They can be beyond mind and our current available consciousness. The work is being done on a much grander scale. There is also much to be felt within our capable and readied hearts. There are messages coming to us that are meant to shake things up that kick up emotional triggers in our 3D and 4D self. Our 5D nature is making its way into the fold and that creates a tension within.

It is not a press, mind you. But an offering that is hard to ignore. With each step Gaia makes, with each opening and integration the collective experiences, the more we are coming closer to what we have always been and yet have forgotten. In that forgetting there is a pain and a fear. There is a lot for our inner parts and soul aspects to feel and release. For those that have signed up for this, it can be quite a crucible to navigate all the energies coming up. The feeling that what life used to be like is not what is meant to continue.

There is a way to be with all these rumblings. This arising awareness. The pain that it may be causing. It is a process of feeling the parts of you that are these bubbling pockets of Not You (Anymore). It is a guided path of “selves discovery” that is meant to bring you back into Wholeness. Into the space of deep feeling and healing. Into a sacred relationship to yourself as Essence and to another as Union. Traversing a subconscious terrain to integrate and express all that is wanting to come into and out of you.

SoulFullHeart offers this very unique and powerful way of being with all that is arising inside and manifesting outside. It is a portal to a deeper version of You that the universe is conspiring in your favor even in the uncertainty.  If it just doesn’t seem to make any sense and you need to feel a set of heartrails to see where it may take you we offer a free 30-minute session to see if it may be a fit for you and your journey.

You can get more of our energy by participating in this Saturday’s group call on Zoom. It will be led by the co-creators of SoulFullHeart, Raphael and Jelelle Awen. This is a great way to take in more teachings and perspectives as well as a guided meditation and time to share and ask questions. You can get more information by visiting  http://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/groupcalls


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Drop Your End Of The Rope


By Raphael Awen

Good and evil aren’t actually enemies.

Light and dark never actually got divorced.

We were just necessarily conditioned to see it that way for a phase of our consciousness evolution.

We needed to experience duality, the dual of one side polarized against the other as a prelude to coming back to feeling how consciousness itself is the upstream source of both, and All, and duality itself.

It’s sort of like a football team owner owning both teams that are against each other on the field level, but at the owner’s level, it is being played for purposes beyond winning, even beyond more money, having more money than he or she knows what to do with.

In time though, this upstream essence absence of duality is registering on the players, and they lose steam for the purpose at hand, become disillusioned and eventually, seek a new relationship with the energy of life that wants to flow through them. If what they were conditioned to see and feel as the game, the purpose, isn’t any longer the game, then what is the game?

Many now just want to take their toys home and quit playing. We are at such a turning point of disillusionment.

And we are at this place personally as well as collectively. It’s true intra-psychically as well as extra-psychically.

What once magically got us out of the bed every morning is no longer doing it for us in the same way. There is a growing nervous scramble to swap out the fuel system on our engines before we lose all forward momentum.

The very idea of the hero and the villain aren’t felt and seen and defined as they once were. We are watching virtually all of our greatest public heroes of the past come to be seen in a greater light, revealing their hidden darkness. We projected our own heroism onto these figures for safe keeping, kind of like a central banking scheme, now gone corrupt, except the corruption is actually a remarriage of what we tried so desperately hard to separate ourselves from. Our darkness has chosen now to ‘corrupt’ our light and thank god for it!

The darkness, whether inside of you, or external to you is not separate from you. So much of our magic as human-god-star Beings is contained in our darkness. Many pieces of our essence needed to be stored for safe keeping in our darkness and related to as part of our potential for a time when it could be watered back into known and felt and experienced reality again. We for-got in order to re-member.

It’s time now to heed a call to ambassadorship. We are still for so many practical purposes quite isolated. We’ve just got the memo, but it also doesn’t feel very true, or look very true when we look out the window. Understandably so. We’ve been conditioned deeply to live and survive in another story and the story is changing.

The genesis of this ambassadorship is within yourself.

The loving personas you’ve adapted and adopted are just that, living beings doing life as you, on your behalf, fitted to the reality ‘you’ found yourself in, that your Higher Self signed off on, that your lower self may even be pissed about. It’s all you. But none of it can be related with or embraced as long as you don’t recognize the sovereign boundaries of differentiated selves within you. ‘You’ are not sane until you come to terms with your insanity. The height of our insanity is the charade of trying to keep together the appearance and false functionality of our single personality disorder. We are not one until we have reached out to all the aspects of ourselves and lived into new ways of relating and curiously, reverentially getting-to-know.

This reality mirrors beautifully now onto the global scene where the evildoers and hidden agendas are coming to the light. This isn’t some battle of good finally winning over the dark, but rather good being faced with its own darkness and vice-versa. If we await the evil being purged thinking it will be to the relief of our tension, we miss the deeper purpose of reuniting the separated. The tension we most deeply feel isn’t about the battle between good and evil, but rather the tension of any perceived ultimate difference between good and evil.

If I am of the good, and ‘they’ are of the evil, then I must keep up the effort to maintain this war. How well I do or don’t do in this effort is overshadowed by the fact of my entrapment on this one polarizing measuring stick, good and evil being the opposite ends of the same stick. The demons inside are me and await my vulnerable and honest admission of that.

Everything is sourced in love and comes from love. There isn’t 2 any things at odds with each other. The story of good and evil, just like the story of you and I, including any perceived polarity within us, or without us, needed to be dialled up like a great stage play to get this message massaged into our consciousness.

We are left with the perception and the deep feelings of separation that are not actually the case anymore. We don’t have to achieve peace, but rather recognize the peace that already exists. Drop your end of the rope and the tug of war dissolves. If the enemy wins, you do too, for they are you and you are them.

Only now can the harm stop, when the light no longer sees itself as superior to the dark, or separate from the dark. Only now can what each side wants and needs be negotiated in true ambassadorship that recognizes difference without superiorizing or withholding love.

This is the grander story. It’s the larger container, the theatre that holds the story, for the grand awakening.

I like to feel how none of us get to be fully home until all of us get to be fully home. You coming home to yourself is in service of this as we are all one.

Who’d have guessed that the whole enemy story was all written from a place of trying to come to terms with the infinite love that we are?

Audio of this blog can be found here: https://youtu.be/BjX036nmUP8

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You Are A Non-Dual Awakened Being Experiencing A Dual Awakening


By Raphael Awen

Wanting to know joy without sorrow is natural, but it is also impossible. Joy gets its definition from sorrow, and without sorrow, joy has no meaning or differentiation.

This is the world of duality that we chose to create and enter, and to grow inside of.

Abundance is only amazing in the face of lack. Without the comparative difference, it all simply gets normalized into a bored state of numbness, regardless of how good or bad the point on the continuum is.

At points in our lives, we come to deeply want to know the other side, the one we worked hard to protect and insulate ourselves from. The over-familiarity with one polarity seems to drain the reverence for the goodness of what one has, and we long for an injection of childlike wow and discovery to come back into our experience.

We call this awakening, and we compare it to the sleep of numbness of the over saturation of familiarity. We see it being about new values and new relationships with others who feel similar. We see it as better, and so we take steps towards it.

Many would argue against this whole perceived world of duality is the root of our suffering, tossed about in a world of comparing and grading between good, better, and best. We must transcend this tyranny into acceptance of a world without desire and more surrender to being, is the new mantra. Call it a nondual awakening….where you are in bliss but you don’t rate it as such or attach to it somehow, even though you sought after it through rating and attachment. Here again, even the term nonduality must rely on the definition of duality to find meaning, and we find ourselves back at square one.

I am a being who has had an undeniable awakening into the world of duality. I am dual enlightened, dual awakened. I dream of rest from the focus of my duality, and as I do, I can also feel an essence of my being that is nondual awakened. I am already both. My consciousness is going through phases of awareness of both in a larger awakening beyond dual or nondual.

That awakening has something to do with being infinite love as the only resource at source of the all. I already AM this in the fullest sense possible. I am not growing or learning to become this. Essence cannot be added to or taken away from. My experience is all about growing and learning however, as there is universes of discovery awaiting me in an infinite love unfolding reality.

I Am the perfect out improving on perfection. I already have it all even as I set out in search of it. The having and the searching are part of the same. Both are true, and one cannot be downgraded for too long, or we come to futility, our dual enlightenment again showing us the way back to the meaning of our nonduality.

We forgot so that we could be re-membered. We fell so that we could get back up. We surrendered so we could come to true power. We said yes to death so we could truly come to know life.

As I write these words, seeking guidance from my own inner teacher, I am aware of how philosophical these words are, and a part of me asks, ‘so how do I apply all this right now to where I live and feel?’ I detect an angst, a hesitation and a tiredness in its voice.

I pause to be with and feel this question, opening my heart, wanting to make sure that another part of me isn’t coming off tinny or like an answer man.

What comes in response is: ‘My truth is that you baptize all of your life, as you currently know it, including the full range of your experience, even the present angst and frustration as being part of the inescapable holiness and wholeness that you are. You are being invited to live into the feeling of this reality more and more, moment by moment and see where that leads you. There isn’t a fixed outcome, a ‘getting it’, an answer that opens out all the reward, there is you feeling what you want and why, reaching for what you want as you want it, and reporting back to self and other what you are finding and feeling as you do. There is no greater joy or greater service. This is you embodying you; the divine out divining.’

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Pedogate: Reconciling Our Deepest Darkness


By Raphael Awen

There’s no greater crime imaginable to us than the sexual abuse, rape and torture of innocent children, and then when you add in that it’s an interwoven part of governmental and religious power structures on top of all that, it’s completely insane.

It’s so off the charts that it elicits the strongest of our right/wrong reactions where we want justice, we want punishment. We want the ‘perpetrator’ to be ‘paid back’ and made to feel the horror they caused by their actions.

In all of this however, we are caught up in the same punisher-shame cycle that created the abhorrent behaviour. Pedophilia, along with the abuse of power, is not created in a vacuum, and it won’t be resolved in a vacuum. It’s going to take many more of us to open our hearts to really feel what’s going on here and why to shift this reality.

The behaviour is not okay and it needs to stop, but all the punishment and shaming energy that we project onto the perpetrators only serves to insure the underlying problem is left intact, leaving more children to suffer, while we rage at the insanity of it.

If a sinner can balance the scales through penitence and remorse, and paying society back, or paying God back, then the account is settled. …right? Wrong!

What the universe is now asking us to feel is how everything from swatting a fly, to ‘raising’ a pig in a meat factory, to grooming young children for sexual abuse and torture is all something we are being asked to raise our consciousness about. It is the taking of life without feeling is what is not okay. Feigning care when there is no care is what is not okay. Love is what is offended here.

But, the reason we are disinclined from feeling this, is that when you do open your heart to how much we crave and need love, we come to weep deep tears for not just the acts of the nastiest outright abuse, but for harsh words and edgy sarcasm, and missed opportunities that all are offenses to the reality of love, that we experienced and perpetrated. We come to see that any offense to the immensity of love cannot be graded, or even begun to be ‘paid back’.

There’s a deep penitence that we are all afraid of feeling, that it will somehow consume us and leave us no more and so we seek to escape this by finding a worse offender to project out onto.

We are being invited to feel what it feels like to be denied love and to feel what it feels like also to be the denier of love. There really isn’t a separation here. Love is equally offended.

This is the only place where any true change (I can’t bring myself to use that soiled word ‘rehabilitation’) happens.

What if all this 3D reality of this heightened duality is all something we set up to rediscover what love is and isn’t? We needed the backdrop of extremes, and of gradients, of things so horrible as pedophilia, a beautiful word meaning the love of children, turned on its head, to mean the opposite.

We created this reality and it is ours now to un-create and recreate, if we’ve gotten what we needed to get from it.

If we leave the domain of 3D perceived reality, we can feel parts of ourselves in other lifetimes who have played the perpetrator. The ones we are seeking the resolution for is ourselves, collectively and personally.

Now, we are about to dial up the public awareness of our greatest and most unimaginable sins thrown in our face as a society and what an opportunity this will be to truly shift the pain and horror to its intended purpose and awakening!

We are wanting to find a new ground based in real love for the society of self and the society of others, where we truly are all one. If one of us comes free, we all come free. If one of us suffers, we all suffer.

Only here will there be a true payback for the unimaginable suffering of innocent children offered up on the altar of us all discovering our essence in and of love, from the worst of us to the best of us.

(Audio of this blog can be found here: https://youtu.be/6GBk31A_Dl4)

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We Want To Belong Without Feeling Trapped


By Raphael Awen

‘But, I don’t want to sign up for your deal!’

While it’s true that by nature, we don’t want to be trapped, it’s also true that we want to belong.

We want to belong without feeling trapped. This however means different things for different parts of us. If you are at a phase in life where your Inner child is showing up in our emotional body, then there’s likely going to be a deep desire rumbling through you to find and maintain a sense of home socially, a family in which to belong. If however, a Protector Part of us is running the show, as they often are, there can be a sizable protest around belonging to anything. The internal civil war we are left with really explains the shut down so many people live in.

I found myself usually wanting to go deeper into the family at hand I found myself in, and then deeply wanted to change it, until that felt controlling or too pushy and then I was left with leaving, without anywhere else to go. Eventually, however, my soul has always brought me to a new place of home and family, even if that meant creating one from scratch.

What I’ve learned for myself is that none of us really get to not be a part of something. Even the choice to be alone and live like a hermit, is a choice to tune into an archetypal frequency, a belonging of sorts to a community of non-belongers who share commonalities.

I like to say that none of us in this way is exempt from belonging to cults and cultures, we only are able to take responsibility for the cults we choose to be a part of. You get to pick your cult(s), you just don’t get to pick whether you will participate in cults or not! ‘Cult’ is the perfect charged word to describe this too, because it gets us to see how deeply the subconscious ways of life we all participate in shape and dictate our lives.

Coming back to the bigger mysterious picture of who and what we are, It’s like we are individual and that individuality also both dissolves and is manifest in every moment through oneness. We are paradoxically one while we are individual. Talk about being roped into something! Belonging! We are all doing something very similar at a deep core level. Hence our needs for often vain attempts at differentiation through labels and brands. It’s only when our higher self shows up more and more that a consciousness awakening to this ‘what is’ can occur, and we can then take responsibility for our innate needs around belonging. If I can’t actually ‘not-belong’, then I can consciously choose and feel all the what’s, why’s and how’s of my belonging.

This is also true on the personal level of our emotional body, as an individual. What we think of as simply us, and feel to be us is actually just the active part of us in any moment thinking and emoting through us, in the absence of any higher us; a healthy parent kind of us to offer real relationship. What we are left with can be likened to a band of teenagers running the household in the absence of any loving and heart open true parental presence. Even these parts of us form a working club or family of belonging, a hierarchy of roles and means to survive complete with valiant attempts at getting needs met. Even the most obviously dysfunctional among us are really amazing multi-dimensional beings who find a way to function where there simply was no way.

‘We’ are also ‘the one’ who is comprised of ‘the many’, who awaits a higher consciousness to arise that can hold an ambassadorship to the outermost regions of our being.

This is our true belonging, where any deal we sign up for, even if it ends painfully, cannot take away from us, but only add to us, as we now live from an emerging true sovereignty of being. Our vulnerability is now returned to us as our greatest gift.

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Amplification Of Unity Desires And Following Your Heart: Archangel Metatron Weighs In On The Eclipse


By Raphael Awen

“In a super intelligent universe, of course the eclipse is a very significant event,” Metatron says. I have asked Archangel Metatron for some insights around the eclipse after admittedly poo-pooing some of what felt like a bunch of 3D hype around it all.

“Raphael, there’s the thing of getting a large number of people all unified in wonder at the same time,” he continues. “Each of them have different levels of consciousness around it, yes. But, that unity of attention in open hearted awe and reverence generates a force field that’s like a tidal wave, and what that moves in the unseen, moves a whole bunch of what is seen.”

I take that in, and, immediately, I feel the familiar ache for change in our very cult-like collective of earthlings that awaits and hungers for waves of rebirth. Metatron feels that move through me and continues:

“That’s actually the bigger deal here, Raphael, is the wave of desire and ache for change that gets occasion to move through the collective. It’s always there, but today, it gets a unity amplification to go to some serious next levels. We don’t actually want a tidal wave that wipes out everything, we want one that surgically achieves everything you as a species are ready for to let in. This is a huge earth party that others in the multiverse are attending and very excitedly so. Soon, you will all know and see so much more of your role as a planet, as one among so many more and be overcome for years in wonder and awe and reverence that will bring the deeper levels of this change that you know awaits you personally and collectively. It will come in stages. It will come while some won’t see or feel it consciously, but none will not be changed by it. The universe is throwing this party and you don’t wanna miss it.”

“I’m sorry, Metatron, for my dissing this thing. I feel a bit behind here.”

“Hey, when you’ve ached as long as you have, you understandably prepare for more ache instead of having what you are actually aching for. But, this is a moment to let in and feel how all you’ve ached for is showing up. This is a universal tidal wave and there is no stopping it.”

“Okay, I’m gonna make space for that today Metatron, even if a bit late. Is there anything else you’d like to say to my loyal group of Facebook followers?”

“Yes, I would, thank you. I’d like to say ‘follow your hearts’. Following your heart individually is what moves it in the collective. This is a huge undiscovered power that you all have and it so self validates and self generates all that you need to go on to your next places of discovery and achievement. You are being watched by innumerable curious and hungry beings for you to know and feel and discover this power of heart based living and where this chapter of evolution wants to take consciousness itself. There has been a huge suppression that you will soon come to understand and even love through this heart based discovery as to the what’s, why’s and how’s of this suppression that needed to be there. It will be about profound reconciliation between the light and the darkness all unfolding into love. This is what’s next on the agenda for individuals, countries, Gaia and beyond.”

“Metatron, you are like the best!”

“I am hot stuff, aren’t I?…just goddin’ around, and so are you, and so is that rockin’ group you got going on Facebook and on this blog too!”

“Thank you, Metatron.”

“You’re welcome.”


Join us for an eclipse after party this coming weekend for a group call getting into Sacred Union – details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/254241058395276

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Leaving Victimhood To Have All That You Really Want


By Raphael Awen

You really can have whatever you want.

In fact, if you are ready to see it, on a profound level, you already do have whatever you want.

I know those may be fighting words for the parts of ourselves so conditioned otherwise, but if you didn’t dial up your present reality, then who did?… and are you prepared to live out your days in conflict with these powerful others arrayed against you and your wishes?

The bigger deal in preventing us from recognizing this is that we haven’t had the emotional operating system to live into this new ground of being where we truly are the creators of our own reality. We’ve simply had too much unworth and shame that hasn’t been felt in our emotional bodies leaving our hearts grounded when our souls are wanting to fly.

I have some very good news to mix in with this sobering and challenging picture, and that is that you already ARE this. You don’t need to ‘get it working in your life’. You only want to change the direction it’s working in. The only hitch is that to do this, you’ll have to find the self love to be able to take full responsibility for your present state.

As you are able to behold the phenomenon that you presently are in your present state, it creates a powerful propulsion to move you to your next desired states of being. That may be in fact the only thing holding you in a perceived stasis is that the stasis and what’s behind it just wants to be felt, like a book that wants to be read or a movie that wants to be seen. You just need to enter your own heart center, your own sacred Holy of Holy’s. Why else would you have dialled it up? This is the emotional body digestion that is likened to the secret anti-gravity device that each of us takes to our personal ‘where no man has gone before’ into the center of our own desired universe.

The victim’s cry of ‘why can’t I have what I most deeply want?’ is in itself a powerful reality creating energy creating the very deeply felt reality of being victimized. We simply are unable to step outside of our creator status, as this too was of our creation.

We can try and pawn it off on God, or try to claim others have created our pain, but each of these attempts are powerful reality-creating realities that hold us until we are ready to create a new one.

Ultimately, there are no higher or lower states, but all are part of of our equally sacred journeys where we are all equal creators, out learning how to relate to the infinite love we are and to find ourselves AS that infinite love’s expression and experience.

What new realities are you wanting to let-in into your life? I know I’ve got plenty on my list!

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit  www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Your Deepest Joys Include Your Deepest Sorrows


By Raphael Awen

If part of your definition of awakening does not include feeling how unhappy parts of you actually are, you’re not ready to awaken. You may be working your way there, but you’re not there yet.

You’re ready to go find your next drug high that is about staying asleep to what is while pretending to yourself and others around you that that isn’t so. There’s plenty others still there and so there is company and joint victimhood to be had if that is what your soul is still needing in its chosen learning curve.

The cutting edge of the whole cosmos however is a groaning in birth pang travail for the awakening of true desire, for ongoing deep journey into change and a fuller fullness into the infinite love that we all are. If you can’t come to terms with the risk involved and admitting what you really feel, what you ache for, you are very much still in the spectator seats watching life pass you by. Life at its core is unsatisfied, while it also knows the deepest satisfaction there is. Both are true. They go together and can’t actually be separated.

Your deepest joys include your deepest sorrows. This is the place where you truly come alive, and find the grace to let go of the pretend spiritualities and polite culture that has you in its servitude, to cover for what your heart and soul truly misses.

What would it take to get you to sign up for something more? What QUESTions do you have that if they were truly addressed in your life, would make it so you can no longer say ‘no’? What love and curiosity could you bring to the parts of you who are not on board yet with your readiness and ache to choose something so much more?

I speak these words as much to myself as I speak them to you. They are a waveform vibration of awakening that are offered to stir something loose in you and I, that has been wanting and is now nearing a deeper return to life and divine play. We breathe in, we breathe out.

I’m out to find more of my tribe, and to be me in that tribe. It might sound noble, and actually be noble for that matter, but it’s actually perfectly selfish at the same time! There is no difference actually between what you most deeply want and your greatest gifts to the universe are. It’s time to move that word ‘selfish’ over to the benevolent side of your lexicon.

I know something about you because I know it about myself. I don’t need any special clairvoyance per se to see it. I can see that you have in your awareness a sense of a next step on your truer path before you. It could be a long overdue epic life change that is stinking up your kitchen big time, or it could be something seemingly tiny, but yet a momentous change in your heart and soul’s relationship to life. That step, that choice is your portal to more and when you choose it, you light up the radar panel in the soularium and your tribe hones in on you and you on them.

It’s really that easy…once you do the hard part of finding the willingness to feel all there is to feel inside of you.

You might want to go shopping for a new pair of something because you are about to take a trip, to a new place that you’ve actually been in long waiting for.

It might be a journey into the heart of SoulFullHeart, and to us here. We’ve been building a while now and ‘they’ are coming. And it’s freakin’ exciting, and it will rock your world as you know it to check into really going deeper with us. We have clear intentions and clear boundaries about what that’s about to make it as deep a life giving experience for everyone drawn. Is it you? I’d love to hear from you if it is.

Raphael Awen

You can join us this coming weekend for a group call which is a great way to take in our energies another notch and participate if you want to, listen in if you want to and then see what’s true after that. Details here:soulfullheartwayoflife.com/groupcalls

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit  www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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You Are As Perfect As Perfect Can Be


By Raphael Awen

You and I are already perfect.

You may be in hell, but you are perfect in your hell. My perfection isn’t a millimetre taller or shorter than your perfection.

I’m as perfect as perfect can be.

So are you.

What if you and your life are already perfect with a perfection that can’t be added to or taken away from?


Try saying it out loud: “I’m as perfect as perfect as perfect can be….”

This doesn’t mean you don’t have desires to change things about your life, it just means that your life is already perfect, and any changes you make or don’t make can’t affect this perfection.

Kinda changes a whole heap of a lot doesn’t it?

I mean, you can change something if you want to, or leave it the way it is if you prefer that. If any change you make or don’t make can’t add to or take away from the present perfection of your life, then the only valid reason you’re left with to change something or to keep it the same is because you simply wanted to…for the fun of it. Right?

This puts an end to the pretend people-pleasing and pretend God-pleasing agendas we’ve all gotten sidetracked on. Once you know and feel your perfection outside of what you do or don’t do, what you believe or don’t believe, what spiritual practices you maintain or toss out the window; you’re into some pretty intense and wild freedom.

You’re done with all the fretting over what the will of God is or isn’t. Now you’re saddled with really finding out what YOUR will is. Talk about a fearful thing to fall into the hands of your own will, and your own power!

Here, in this freedom, you’re finally free to get acquainted with your responsibility and power for your life as you know it. No one or no thing can add to or take away from your present perfection.

Let’s say it again. It bears repeating. You’re already perfect! You’re just out goddin’ around. You and I are so perfect, that I can finally drop any and all fix-it agendas that I tried to push on myself or project out onto you. We can still help each other, we can still change, but really, only if we want to, and because it’s our truest fun.

This is the Ascension people….! We’re waking up to what we already are and where we already are and that changes everything.

Holy Shit! It’s all as holy as holy can be!

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit  www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Return LOVE in money form: https://www.paypal.me/supportsoulfullheart or visit our Patreon page to become a monthly supporter: https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.