SoulFullHeart Patreon Money UPdate February 2018

By Raphael Awen

Wow, what a ride February has proven to be, with a ton of change!

We went from having eleven facilitants in SoulFullHeart, and climbing, to having only three (at the moment)!

A big piece of that reduction was actually about us no longer being comfortable to serve people with our weekly sessions program who we didn’t really feel wanted the process on the level we are offering it and who were more drawn instead to having a regular therapy kind of holding. It’s nice to be wanted, and even to be seen as unique, and to have people willing to give you money for services, but we also need to feel that what we are serving is firing on enough cylinders to make it engaging and rewarding for ourselves as well as the facilitant, and in alignment with the SoulFullHeart picture.

All of this made for a narrower money picture as well as a back-to-the-drawing-board turn for us, as our recent modest, but treasured surplus monthly cash position had turned into a near shortfall.

This led us back to the thought of developing more of a self-led, self guided process within SoulFullHeart’s offerings to serve interested people for a much smaller minimum monthly donation that involved assignments, group online calls and a members-only private forum for process interaction and sharing. This also felt like the perfect solution for people who need or want more time and space to acclimate to SoulFullHeart energies at their own pace and proximation without it involving the focus and momentum of weekly one-on-one session space.

This led to a re-creation of our entire offering into three separate programs what we now call ‘Free, Prep and Deep’, with Prep being this new self-led program and the weekly sessions program being the Deep program, that now has several refinements and value adds as well.

If this experiment ends up being viable financially for us, with each new Prep and Deep member helping us plant the SoulFullHeart way of life into consciousness, our narrower money picture could well become a sweet memory of our ‘garage days’.

We set out a few months back to ‘transparentize’ our world of money, feeling this intention to be be central to wanting to plant a new way of life in the world. Glastonbury (Our UK in May plan) remains very much in our focus and desire for this year, and feels like our next big project undertaking as well as our next fundraising. We will be sharing more about it soon.

Here is the Money UPdate for February, 2018:

(all figures in US Dollars)

$2,218 – Gabriel and Kalayna’s English Teaching through VIPkid.

$1,129 – Donations for Sessions.

$64 – Group Call Donations for our one Group Call this month.

$37 – Book Sales

$36 – General Donations – People just sending money!

$3,484 – TOTAL Revenue for January. – that’s about $700 a person!

A very special thank you to those who are a part of weekly SoulFullHeart session space, as well as to our precious Patreons.

More about our Programs here:

From myself, Jelelle Awen , Kalayna Colibri , Gabriel Heartman , andRaianna Shai , as well as from some near and dear souls presently deepening with us, THANK YOU, for your love, for your support, and for showing us your love in the form of money. 

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at

Return LOVE in money form: or visit our Patreon page to become a monthly supporter:


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