Ascension Process Reveals Hollywood’s Shadow, The Pain, And The Potential Healing

 By Jelelle Awen
I didn’t watch the Oscar’s last night as I don’t have television and haven’t for many years. I was tracking it though as these kinds of events are a good marker and sign of how the ongoing disclosure and Ascension process is playing out in mainstream consciousness. I’m not sure if Hollywood is really ‘mainstream’ though as it feels more like 4D….in a ‘bubble’ of pretended realities, alternative dimensions made up by the imagination/third eye, isolated and insular with wealth and influence that most of us can only imagine. It has felt like a castle up on a hill shrouded in glittery clouds that us ‘common people’ get to go visit on ‘special’ occasions when the King and Queen allow.
Part of me used to track celebrity gossip, relationships, behind the scenes dynamics for many years. I feel it was a replacement for a sense of lacking glamour in my own life. It was a way to project onto ‘celebrities’ all the ways that parts of me felt ordinary, boring, and my daily life to be unglamorous. It was also an anchor to a lower 4D reality that I was increasingly moving out of. I also have always had a very rich imagination and third eye capacities to create scenarios and communicate with spirit guides and Higher Selves, so I would project scenes and play them out in my bedroom during my childhood….just as I feel actors do too.
Actors may mostly be pre-awakening, and yet, too, they are not exactly anchored to 3D reality in so many ways. Their acted-out scenes probably feel more ‘real’ to them than everyday reality. Their characters represent parts of themselves that may be in shadow or more suppressed. They bring in and channel Metasoul frequencies from other timelines to play the archetypal roles of the King, Queen, and Warrior. I think parts of me could relate with this torn-ness, sensitivity, and desire to transcend the ordinary. I could relate to these feelings that what is imagined is more REAL than what is presented as reality….and it seems many people can too.
3D is ultimately dissatisfying to the soul. It is MEANT to be, as a temporary experimental consciousness that we are ‘trying on’ for awhile to see how it fits us. For those of us awakening out of it, 3D reality has never been ‘enough’ and we’ve found ways to compensate for that…sometimes in ways that are healthy for us and many times in ways that may not be. Hollywood feels to me like a big compensation for 3D……a lower 4D reality with its own play outs of heavens and hells. Its own versions of Dark Nights and Awakenings. Not just on the big screens either, yet, now, dramas and traumas in the back rooms and the boardrooms and the ‘casting couches.’
The aura of Hollywood glamour and seeming ‘untouchability’ has been permanently pierced with the Metoo and Time’s Up movements. The emotional immaturity and polarization between the masculine and feminine (that exist in our collective consciousness and within each of us) is revealing the underbelly of itself in increasingly bright lights. The veil is lifting to show the inner monsters that need our love and forgiveness. The spotlight is shifting to illuminate the pain that can no longer be ignored. And even those who have been more pretenders than authentic are HAVING to get more real as outrage replaces complacency; honesty replaces politeness; uniqueness replaces conforming; feeling replaces suppression.
Some actors (such as in the photo) are now becoming more ‘famous’ for what they are willing to be vulnerable and honest about in their real life experiences than what they have portrayed on screen. That THIS is becoming more interesting and touching to more people is a good sign of our collective ache to FEEL. This is a phase of outrage and anger, yet, eventually, it feels like it will move inward to compassion and forgiveness of the wounded masculine that abuses, punishes, and manipulates inside of us and therefore expresses on the outside.
What is shaking up in Hollywood feels to me as a sign of the ongoing Ascension process. It may not be as obvious as what is transforming in your inner and outer worlds as a soul who is in a further along phase. Yet, it still shows that ALL of us are being impacted by these influxes of love and light energies….even those seemingly so removed from it all in their isolated and seemingly more superficial worlds. ALL of us are being invited to be real, to feel, and to heal with love available to support the personal and the collective disclosures that are necessary to move into the NEW.
Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at

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