Moving Through Resistance To Change Through Feeling Parts Of Your Self And Soul

By Raphael Awen

In returning to Canada this week, I’m so enjoying this return to what was once familiar, but is so arising anew for me, after four years of being in Mexico.

Yesterday, I ventured outside in the perfect fall weather and colors to make my way around a beautiful nearby waterway. I so felt nature herself, and Gaia gifting me with a grace to adjust to change once again.

But it hasn’t all been easy, breezy, fair weather sailing. Change always challenges us and picks up on our edges, on parts of us and their push-pulls towards change. I can so feel all my life how parts of me were aching for change while other parts of me were in resistance to change. When we don’t show up to feel these polarities inside of ourselves, we’re left in a kind of managed middle zone between the two. Or worse, a near flat line kind of existence.

Is just having a so-so mateship enough for you, or do you really want the mate of your dreams? Do you really want to live in new places, geographically and emotionally and spiritually, or is the status quo gonna be enough? You really can’t answer these questions with integrity until you feel how both are true for different aspects of your being.

When we embrace the ongoing change that life is at its very root, we’re faced with direct reaction from parts of us, as well as from aspects of our Metasoul, who are at present in resistance to change. These reactions are a portal to our emotional body, to our multidimensionality, to our Ascension process, and to more life and love.

Until these parts of our being are bridged to with curiosity and an open heart, there will always be a gravitational pull that returns us to more of a static or stuck place.

When we do feel these more resistant aspects of our being, they are changed simply by the dynamic of being related with, being felt, being in the awareness of your curious and open heart. When they change, you flow with change and growth in magical and natural way that isn’t about suppressing one part of your being so another can dominate.

What magic is wanting and waiting to flow through you?

Raphael Awen

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