Notre Dame Burning: An Invitation From Divine Mother To Feel Your Own Death/Rebirth Cycle

By Jelelle Awen

As I feel into the burning of Notre Dame cathedral, I feel this sense of inevitability and of surrender too. This occurrence is a representation of the death and rebirth momentum process that we are all undergoing individually and as a collective human culture.

‘Our Lady’ cathedral is not just a representation of a patriarchal church matrix system that we are quickly outgrowing and meant to move beyond. The cathedral was not just a house of darkness and wounded shadow representation. To take an overt glee in her burning is to deny the parts of you that are still connected to expressing this shadow. There is a mourning here too in what has been ‘lost’, what has gone up in flames, what will no longer be in the same form…..just as is happening inside of our own personal death-rebirth processes too.

Notre Dame was also a temple created in honor of the Divine Mother…whatever frequencies could and did come through the filtering of the church. Whatever energies just naturally ARE innately in all of our souls in connection to Divine Feminine frequencies. NO BEing or organization or institution is just truly evil and of the dark. To feel this is to be overly polarized to a good vs. evil picture that is STILL anchored to the 3D/lower 4D matrix.

Tribute and celebration of the Mother was the TRUE mortar that held the stone bricks of the outer form together. Over the 200 years that it was created and alchemized, love of the Divine Feminine inspired and motived the formation of it. When I visited there many years ago, I could feel/sense the Divine Mother all around me….even though I wasn’t as consciously awakened to Her energies back then.

I climbed the bell tower’s steep stairs and I felt teleported ‘back’ to the timelines where other souls had done that too. With reverence and appreciation and a sense of honor, they rang the bells that were their means of celebrating the Divine Feminine. I felt particularly connected to the gargoyles and their protective vigilance, which mirrored my own inner protectors and Gatekeepers and guides that had long guarded the feminine. The rose windows reflected back the beauty of the metaphysical….. and I stood in front of them for a long time, feeling waves of appreciation for the devotion that inspired them.

As you go through whatever reactions are coming up in response to the burning of Notre Dame, there is an opportunity to feel your Metasoul aspect (soul fragment) that is connected to the church. You may have a soul sister/brother that is deeply attached to this temple as an outer representation of a deep inner trust and faith that can only be expressed this way. Or you may connect to more of a shadow aspect that needed to declare complete allegiance to the Church as a means of survival and soul experimentation.

FEELING what comes up in response to this event, making it personal, leads to the next discovery places of self and soul…..which is where it really starts to get interesting, cathartic, and useful.

I feel much love and support from the Divine Mother today to help those that need it to digest this event…..and the ongoing support from Her that is just THERE as needed and asked for. That is perhaps the biggest offering of this….a reminder that the Divine Feminine lives and breathes not in a building, yet in each of our hearts and souls….always.

Jelelle Awen
1:1 sessions available to connect with the Divine Mother within and as guides, digestion for mourning processes too. More information

11 thoughts on “Notre Dame Burning: An Invitation From Divine Mother To Feel Your Own Death/Rebirth Cycle

  1. Thank you for this beautiful message. It appears to me to be a cleansing by the fire element. It is much needed.

  2. Most cathedrals were built by the Templars. The Templars were some of the last “hold outs” of the true Christian movement, which started ~2000 years ago, but was hijacked by the Vatican.

    The Templars were attempting to keep the planet (and its inhabitants) connected to the Divine… which is, in part, why the Vatican and the monarchies went after the Templars, ya know, on that fateful “Friday the 13th”.

    The cathedrals serve as literal Divine Antennae, anchoring higher light into the planet. They also represent wholeness and the Merkaba. That which sticks up above the ground is Masculine energy, that below the ground is Feminine energy. Many cathedrals have a “Black Madonna” statue underground, representing, yes the Divine Feminine, the hidden and even the soil of the Earth. If the Divine Feminine isn’t blatant, in cathedrals or anywhere else, it’s because it is the “hidden” or subtle side of Duality. The “unconscious” is Feminine (“conscious” is Masculine) and yep, the unconscious is rather subtle, eh? The genitalia of the different genders also represents this sort of thing – male parts are out there, female parts are rather hidden.

    “Good”, “bad” or indifferent, things are changing.  Like you imply, ultimately connection between “Heaven and Earth” depends on all of us.  The cathedrals were there to help when people were rather sleepy about their Divine Selves.  They also used Sacred Geometry to trigger remembrances in people (re-member, put “the members” back together – body, mind, emotions, spirit).  

    Dual meaning of Chaos = Crisis OR Opportunity, which do you choose?  This event may even be a signal that humanity no longer needs “the training wheels” and can “ride” without them, having everything they / we need within ourselves, no longer necessary to look “out there” for what we will only find “in here”.  *shrug*

    1. Thank you for expanding this out…very interesting! I worked with a metasoul aspect named ‘templar’ who def. held the energy of protecting the feminine essence of Christ consciousness. I feel that is the deeper invitation here…to feel each of our personal connections and soul lineages to these cathedrals and the opportunities for healing that come from that. Blessings, Jelelle

      1. Interesting. Might be a stretch, but interesting.
        Mysterious Figure Caught On Tape During Notre Dame Fire
        Is this yet another “attack” on TRUE Christianity (essentially by the global cabal, regardless of what “witless pawns” may have actually been behind what could be intentional / arson) ya know, as opposed to what “Christianity” has become after the Vatican hijacked it centuries ago?

        Alex keeps trying to dis New Agers though. See my comment there as I get after him about that. 😉 Love the guy and his passion, but… so close and yet so far.

  3. Balance and Integration ~ Within the Violet Flame of Purification, Transmutation and Transformation ~ Acceptance, Surrender, Forgiveness ~ Blessing all that is past and passing for the Divine remembrance of Who, What and Why we are here

  4. Beautiful, Jelelle ~ Thank YoUS! * ONE HEART *

    On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 10:24 AM SoulFullHeart Healing wrote:

    > Jelelle Awen posted: “By Jelelle Awen As I feel into the burning of Notre > Dame cathedral, I feel this sense of inevitability and of surrender too. > This occurrence is a representation of the death and rebirth momentum > process that we are all undergoing individually and as a co” >

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