Healing The Illusion Of Any ‘Less Than’

By Raphael Awen

Every part of the whole contains the whole. Without you, the whole would be incomplete.

You are wholeness that has been made into a person, or personified. You are consciousness that has been channeled and breathed into an individuated human being. You are part of the Divine and you are all of the Divine. Both are true. The divine chose to express as you and through you.

Feeling and adopting this as your truth, as your reality, that you are so inescapably, safely and magically tethered into this lifeline of love….. you are now free to roam into any domain of your life that feels like it lacks love.

The fear melts away as you – with curious and open heart – reach out to every part of you that comes into your awareness that lacks this awareness of love. No darkness can extinguish this light. No seeming absence of love can dis-acknowledge this presence of love. You now reach out into every domain of your consciousness, both in inner feeling states and in the outer circumstances of your life, to establish this dominion of love.

Going inward or outward makes no difference, as both contain the whole here as well, and both reflect each other magically in the same way. The more we examine their apparent distinction, the more we see and feel their oneness.

A dis-ease in the body draws our attention to a dis-ease in the heart. An external battle makes us aware of an internal battle just off our radar. An absence of anything externally calls us to realign and reawaken to the fullness of everything internally.

We are magical beings beyond description! This utter fullness of being, this inescapable wholeness of being, is what gave us the courage to venture out into the illusion of something less-than. We ventured our total ‘more-than’ reality on a ‘less-than’ illusion, in order to become even more than the fullness that we already were.

We are love becoming more, and we are doing that through our individuated human consciousness being expression, at least for the moment. Who knows how many more being expressions await us to inhabit?

Breathe in and feel how inescapably you are contained by love. You are from love and to love. You are by love and of love. You are with love and missed by love. You are love-in-wanting to happen, and love-in-waiting to happen. You and love are one and the same.

Go be in love!… happily happening!

Raphael Awen

Photo by Raphael, Ucluelet, BC, June 2019

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