02-02-2020 Palindrome Energy Offers Union Codes Of Balance & Healing Polarities

By Jelelle Awen

Today is 02-02-2020, a palindrome day…the same backwards as forwards. This doesn’t occur again for awhile! Two has an energy of partnership and of union. It invites us into exploration of duality and where the growth dance of exploring opposites and polarities can take us.

Where opposites attract, they can also oppose. 2020 invites us, and especially this day, to feel where opposition exists in our lives…on the outside in relationships and on the inside from one part of us to another. We can heal these oppositions inside by feeling ‘each side’ with genuine compassion, negotiating to find the resolution, setting loving boundaries, bringing the truth of all parts of us (especially the ones that have been suppressed!)

I feel today also offers an opportunity to feel what your intentions toward union in your life are and what that looks and feels like for you. Sacred union within is the coming into balance of your inner masculine and inner feminine, who are so often living in templated polarity and discord. This is a big aspect of the deeper, ongoing work I do with women in sessions…to feel and heal the relationship between their inner masculine (usually a combo of Inner Protector, Gatekeeper, Inner Punisher) and their inner feminine (inner child, inner teenager, etc.)

As this inner sacred union comes into more flow, goodness, gift exchange and cooperation….then you can experience this in sacred union relationships on the outside. So often your inner masculine or other suppressed parts in shadow are represented by mate, friend, birth family. And if there is conflict and discord and suffering in these relationships, this is a mirror to show you how this is going on INSIDE between one part of you to another.

This can be easy to conceptualize (makes so much sense!), yet it is quite another challenge to identify and feel these energies AS distinct parts of yourself AND offer a neutral yet compassionate third energy of ambassador to meditate them. It is def worth it though as I have seen miracles happen in sessions and in my own process of deeper self love, connection and worth, capacity to manifest our higher timeline, deeper experience of nourishing sacred union relationships, etc. in doing this inner work.

This also feels like a passage for us to feel our humanity coming into balance and flow again with our galactic nature, including our Reptilian selves (which has been a big activation lately.) Rather than ‘going against’, it is about mutual liberation. Connecting with your Reptilian Self can create and heal that bridge from within. Here is a guided meditation to do that: https://youtu.be/pA7ZjZj2K8M 

02-02-2020 reminds of the reality of union that we are being invited to experience in ALL moments and in ALL ways with ourselves, with others and with the Divine…..as we continue to heal from the fragmentation and separation of 3D life.


Jelelle Awen

1:1 sessions are available with me for women and with Raphael Awen for women and men. More info here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions


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