NEW Arcturian Healing Chamber Guided Meditation Video w/Music | Binkh & Jelelle Awen


By Jelelle Awen

The Arcturians are our friendly neighbours and star family who are in a high dimensional frequency offering multidimensional healing frequencies to humanity during this time of our great awakening. Me and my Arcturian aspect Binkh provide a bridge in this guided meditation for you to connect with the healing chamber that is waiting for you! You also meet your Arcturian guide/aspect who offers messages/visions for you to take in.

The Arcturian healing chambers are available any time that you need the energetic/sound/light support for emotional, spiritual, chakral, mental, and physical healing. They also offer detox from toxicities/densities and upgrades and galactic activation codes. It was so sweet to see as I was guiding this meditation that the Arcturians are standing by the ’empty’ chambers waiting for their human counterparts to join them!

I do recommend giving dedicated time to this with earphones and laying down. You will most likely fall asleep at some point (as the conscious mind ‘shuts off’ to let the unconscious mind be recoded), so it’s good to be in a comfortable position when you listen to it.

Here is a recent writing with Binkh and I:…/we-are-here-to-support-you…/

The music in this video is Activate Kundalini Power 12000HZ by LoveMotivos and is used with much gratitude:

We’ll be providing a bridge to your Star Family Galactic consciousness in our next Free To Be 2 group call six week meditation series, which starts on May 20th for a donation. Attend live and/or receive the recordings:

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