The Bliss-Mess Path Of Reconciling Our Soul’s Love For The Divine

by Kasha Rokshana

I don’t know if there’s anything more complicated than our souls’ love for the Divine. It leads us to such intense places within and outside of us. It brings us to new highs and unfathomable lows… 

It inspires us to pick up where ‘we’ left off in other lifetimes, pursuing justice, pursuing love, pursuing some validation of our faith that’s maybe been lost or buried, for the sake of our soul aspects who just want the world to feel safe again… safe enough to actually feel the Divine again, to reclaim our Divine son or daughter-ship fully without fear of being persecuted for that devotion, love, and need of the Divine. 

I feel the truth of this for my own soul and what it’s taken in this lifetime alone to really reclaim my Divine Daughter essence who is so deeply devoted to the Divine within her and in the world around her. I feel how much my essence, my very soul, loves the Divine and lives to serve this love in a world that doesn’t always seem to want it, be ready for it, feel worthy of it, and will do anything at times but let itself feel held and loved. 

Maybe you recognize this for yourself, this sense of your own essence being so connected even in the midst of this vast and often intense experiment of duality that has led to so much painful polarity. Maybe you’ve felt this even in the ache for Diviner reunion within and in your outer world too that all parts of you feel on some level in this lifetime, let alone how your many soul aspects have perhaps suffered for this in other lifetimes. 

Last night we had a SoulFullHeart group call focused on the persecution wound and I realized that for myself, a huge aspect of this persecution experience has been this sense of always feeling so devoted and committed to the Divine and to love, that it’s led to some very dark timelines of ridicule and backlash… and, I realize I’m not alone in that. Those of us who have chosen to awaken to this desire for deep Divine alignment, even at the cost of anything that could possibly resemble a ‘normal’ life to most, have all experienced this and continue to endure it. 

The invitation, of course, is to continue to feel where this backlash lives within us from part to part and reconcile it there, while also validating our souls’ ongoing experiences of this theme on the outside. It’s only inside of us where we can always cultivate an inner Safe Haven, and inner Divine Temple, that can never ever leave us or be taken away from us. We can only make choices that either continue to cultivate this inner world of safety or that dismantle it instead.

After the call, Raianna and I went on a walk a little walk to get some air. On the walk, we came across fields of sunflowers which inspired mixed reactions in us both. So many of these sunflowers were scorched and had died from the severe lack of rain and extremely high temperatures here in central Portugal the last couple of months, yet even amongst the dead, there were a few that were vibrant and very much alive. 

You can see one of the living sunflowers in the photo I’m posting with this writing. I feel it as a symbol of how we’re invited to continue our own path of growth and devotion and Divine embodiment of love, even if/when the others around us in our outer worlds are choosing to experience the opposite. We are ALL in the middle of a field of ‘dying’ flowers, waiting to be reborn. We also all have this field inside of us, where our essence is waiting to shine through anew, growing, flowing, and facing towards the ‘sun’ of Divine love and support, despite all the death and darkness we’ve experienced on so many levels.

Your love for the Divine is an undying seed within you. Living into alignment with this is often a bliss-mess experience, yet we are all walking this out together at varying stages of readiness to be truly devoted to this path, wherever it’s meant to lead YOUR soul. I know nothing more fulfilling and enlivening, however challenging the path, than fully going into it, embracing that this is what you came here to experience and embody, and allowing the Divine surrender you actually know so well to bring up all that it’s meant to for the sake of your healing and deep, deep, DEEP self and soul rediscovery. 

Let me know if I can support you in any way through 1:1 sessions (with women):

With so much love,



Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

What Lies Behind The ‘Normal’

This is an evening look outside our Airbnb window at a huge hotel complex, that reminds me of a docked cruise ship, in the evening here in Albufeira, Portugal, along with a morning scene from the beach, where Jelelle and I are so enjoying 5 days magical away.

People seem to be drawn back into taking vacations after the last two years of the plan – demic. A few precious souls can be found still wearing masks, but most are happy to continue on with the authorities ok to toss them for now, and then it feels like most people just want to conform socially, too.

I did! I wore a mask (always under my nose) in situations that I just wanted to barely comply so as to not draw attention and contention to myself. I get that others are called to be more of a resistance, albeit in a bigger play out of divine drama.

So it almost looks ‘normal’. And normal feels like a comfort for now, at least.

But behind the normal, one can feel a tension. I’ve enjoyed laying off the more alarmist news sources that I’ve been known to follow, and allow my frequency to move into a deeper layer of trust, but I still feel very curious about what’s playing out all around us now, as 3D goes through it’s necessary ascension, along with the 3D conditioning that lives in you and I, and the collective all around us.

Something profound is dying. But dying is not ceasing to exist, but rather energy being transmuted from one frequency of expression into another (and higher) frequency of expression. That is something all of our souls are yearning for.

So before we blame the powers that be and the elite for this dark agenda, we’re invited to see and feel where and how we are an inseparable part of it. It is your and my awakening souls that have yearned for this death and rebirth. Our souls have authorized and permitted the darkness to have its necessary role. The darkness will need reconciliation after it completes it dark deeds, and where will it find that, but in your and my opening heart.

We’re called to be ambassadors to the darkness, not to eradicate it, kill it, overcome it, or make it pay. There is that whole arena where these opposition energies are playing out, and this too is part of the death and rebirth unfolding.

But ultimately, we will come face to face with the darkest darkness and see a reconciliation point that we personally need if we are to make the transitions we want to make.

It’s a planned-demic for sure, but we all planned it!

If we planned it, we can also un-plan it! Reconciling our hearts to this higher ambassadorship to the darkness is where we get to live in our higher desired frequencies of light.

None of this higher perspective is in denial of the great loss of life and quality of life that is underway for so many right now. My heart is broken and finds it almost unfathomable to imagine what people are going through, losing loved ones suddenly and unexpectedly. We must feel it all, yes, but know that love and consciousness itself never invests a price so high without taking all of us into much higher places.

Life as we’ve known is not what is returning, but instead, life as we haven’t known it on a much higher level.

I feel so many abundance source codes here at the point where water meets land. People of all walks of life, and consciousness are drawn here to receive something, and I feel it’s a lot to do with the light that everyone of us is and are. The meeting of land and sea provides a portal that our souls are drawn to.

Radiating kindness to all souls you meet and exchange with us such a balm of the building trust within of this higher timeline, being in kindness, reminds you and those around you of being of the divine kind that we are.


Raphael Awen is a Sacred Masculine Love Ambassador and Co-Creator/Teacher/Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart Healing, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about 1:1 individual sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group calls, writings/books, and videos, visit

Nativity Of Mother Mary Day & 9/9 Energies Of Compassion

by Kasha Rokshana

Precious to realize that today is the Nativity of Mother Mary or in other words, her celebrated ‘birthday’ on Earth! It’s especially precious to me because of the Mother Mary codes that I feel coming in around the 9/9 portal tomorrow and I feel how her energies have been supporting my own womb in her holding and response to others lately too.

There’s a new wave of motherly compassion moving into and through my heart space as I take care of my cat who has just been spayed (she is normally very active so she needs a lot of attention right now) and also as I respond to beloveds around me and women I’m serving love with in sessions. I feel as if my compassion has been invited to go to a whole other level both within and without and with that invitation, I feel so much support to feel what isn’t compassion but instead is judgement toward self and others too.

I don’t know if there’s anything more challenging than embodying true compassion. Many can claim to have empathic hearts yet can and do they live into compassion within that empathy? Can you see and feel yourself, parts of you, others around you, even those you interact with but disagree with on social media with the eyes of Divine compassion? I’ll admit that of course I have no mastery over this, yet I constantly feel the work-in-progress of this deepening for me and find every bit of shadow around it worth exploring.

It can be surprising at times what turns to actually NOT so much be an act of compassion. There is such a difference between caretaking or enabling others and withholding your true sense of them and your relationship with them, no matter where it comes from within you, whether it’s born of your ‘shadow’ or not. Plus, there’s always an invitation to feel that ‘what has been in shadow’ is just another way to feel ‘what has long been hidden’, which offers us much more compassionate frequencies with which to see and feel ourselves and others.

During this time on the planet, we’re constantly seeing what needs to be loved. That doesn’t mean that we don’t challenge what we see, ask pertinent questions, or dive into feeling the differences between what we want and what is. It doesn’t mean ‘accepting’ all as it is or as they are, especially if that acceptance is a way to dull your own truth and passionate fire. Rather, it means to somehow be very real about the contrasts, about the impact we feel and have had too, and discerning with love what it is that is true and what it is that’s being peddled as true.

Love’s un-hijacked, truly compassionate lens as offered by Mother Mary energies, encourages us to see reality, to weep and mourn what has been, to let in desires and hope for what could be, and to also somehow feel that even the darkness has its role to play and is necessary to roll out now though it’s so painful at times to witness and be impacted by. And then, while we feel all of this, we’re invited to feel forgiveness as an ongoing process… not an easy one, but one that can be truly honoured for all its stages and phases as each part of us who has been hurt or done harm finds forgiveness in their hearts.

Sending so much love on this day and during this portal as we let in Mother Mary codes of deep, fathomless Divine compassion and love for ALL!


🎨: Renata Sedmakova


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Divine Love Transmission Through Sarah McLachlan’s Song, “Angel” (Video)

by Kasha Rokshana

Whenever I hear, sing, feel this song lately, I feel not only my own soul’s heartache and hope for what’s happening in the world, but I also feel the Divine holding out its arms in invitation to all who are ready to let in more love and support at this and any time.

I felt to share this song with you in my own voice (a very vulnerable thing for parts of me!) and I truly hope that the message/transmission of Divine love lands deeply in your heart, parts, aspects who may be suffering or simply feeling a ton right now.




Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Becoming A Lighthouse Serving Love As A Beacon For Humanity

By Jelelle Awen

For a couple of years, I had been receiving the imagery of a lighthouse up on a cliff with a stretch of beach as ‘refuge’ and crashing and rough seas below. We even used this imagery during group meditation calls in which the beach was replaced by a battlefield of polarized energies representing the bifurcation going on in humanity. We invited any ‘lost parts’ and wounded healers who were lost at sea or on the battlefield to join us up in the lighthouse.

The invitation from my Divine/Higher Self has been to truly BECOME this lighthouse and beacon for myself, my community, and for humanity. In this lighthouse energy, there isn’t a sacrificial healer who runs down into the ocean to ‘save and rescue’ anyone there. There isn’t climbing down the cliff to meet anyone ‘halfway’ and do the ‘work’ or healing for them.

Yet, rather, it is about remaining in the lighthouse, in the higher frequency, in the possibilities. And, to not abandon the beacon of safety that the lighthouse offers in order to ‘feel better’ for any kind of ego gratification achieved from an immediate rescue…..yet humbly wait with patience and trust for those who are truly ready to HEAL THEMSELVES.

My pattern (in my soul and in this life) was to become too much this kind of sacrificial healer and disconnect from my own needs, desires, energy, and TRUE feelings/truth as well. I would so deeply feel the person’s suffering and pain, especially of the young parts like the Inner Child, and hold too much of that in a way that was caretaking them, continuing service relationships too long beyond a place that was beneficial for both, and not being challenging enough when needed.

To become the lighthouse is to trust that those souls meant to be drawn in resonance AND reverence will be, with their sovereignty in tact and soul’s choice (and their Gatekeeper’s choice) leading them and yet too you ‘get’ to be yourself in every way that is authentic.

These soul family members will find and be drawn to the lighthouse energies as a means of temporary reflection of THEIR bigness and their light. They will then be ready to leave (to large degree) the suffering patterns and loops that have kept them stuck, suffering, in pain, feeling unworthy, and in fog/confusion for many lifetimes. The souls who are becoming complete with the churny seas of the Matrix reality and the rough waters of the seemingly never ending karmic cycle will lead the process themselves and all you are really doing is supporting and guiding when needed.

I now have the ongoing sense in sessions and in group calls of becoming this lighthouse. There is a renewed feeling of being grounded in Divine Mother’s heart and in my center, serving from there with transparency, being current, and direct with care…..even challenging if needed with lots of love and compassion. I can then open up with the Divine a higher dimensional safe space where the magical merging of chakras, soul fields, hearts, and wombs/haras happens just by closing our eyes and ‘going in’ together. In this space, there is quantum healing occurring on both the deeper personal levels and collectively as well.

During this communion during ‘sessions’, I may offer intuitions or insights that come in or channel soul/star family as needed….but truly it is a collaboration between me and the healer/higher self in that person. It is not a ‘reading’ in the typical sense at all, as what really empowers the healing of heart and soul is the discoveries made by YOU, not someone telling you information that you may or may not be ready to receive or even meant to receive yet.

We invite your Inner Protector and Gatekeeper to open up the spaces and access that is truly ready without bypassing them in any way. This allows much more opening and acceptance AND quantum healing/completions of deep patterns as the ‘defenses’ allow and amplify it.

I have received the message many times that I ‘get to stay’ in a frequency where I feel comfortable in service, a self loving and self worth based frequency I have earned through humble worthiness embodiment that has taken many lifetimes to be able to access and transmit in this life through the SoulFullHeart process. And I am always reminded that this is possible only because the Divine allows it and supports it…and to surrender and let go of it as well when guided, as I have in the past.

I get then to invite those who are ready, who are drawn, and who are wanting to leave behind and TRULY complete the suffering that they’ve experienced as human in the Matrix reality through accessing the bigness I AM Divine essence remembrance from other lifetimes. I am sharing this message with you as if feels like so many previously ‘wounded healers’ are ready to move even more into service from a place of self worth and self love yet also connected humbly to the Divine.

It was so interesting then to have received this image and dimensional reality/transmission of the lighthouse for so long and then to actually BE standing in the exact spot in the physical recently. The lighthouse in the pic below is positioned on an ancient fort on a cliff hovering over the Atlantic Ocean near Nazare, Portugal. It has been a beacon for hundreds of years of safe habor for those sailors needing it, literally saving their lives just by existing and shining a light. This lighthouse is situated above a coastline that produces the largest waves in the world and is considering one of the most dangerous spots as well.

Yet, standing there by the lighthouse on that windswept cliff with the memory of the massive crashing and booming waves in the energy field of the place, I felt only a sense of safety, of purpose, and of ‘coming home’. I felt chills/God bumps at how, once again, the Divine had offered me something in etheric form first so I could calibrate and negotiate receiving it before experiencing it in the physical.

And now, I can go to this place that is rooted in the physical yet accessible in the etheric any time I want. And there are no people/crowds there or 3D energies around!

You ARE a lighthouse too. You ARE a beacon for those who need safe passage through the rough Matrix waters. You ARE a light in the dark for those who are ready to see and receive it.

Tune into what diminishes your light and WHY it does. Connect with the parts/soul aspects who are still in rescuer and savior mode with clients, mates, friends and family. Negotiate and offer these parts/aspects with Divine support a NEW way of being in loving service without the sacrifice and suffering.

The codes for this new paradigm of healing are coming in strong now, esp during this Lion’s Gate portal, and with much dark being revealed in so many teachers/healers and offerings to be transmuted by light.

If you feel drawn to experience this lighthouse communion of Divine Selves for yourself in which YOUR bigness/access/intuitions come alive and are fully supported while bridging to the parts/aspects in the most need, we offer a free intro call prior to 1:1 sessions over zoom for $77 USD. There is more info about meeting with me or Kasha for women, or Raphael and Gabriel for men and women at

Here is a guided meditation to meet your Inner Protector, a great place to start:

Love from and as the lighthouse,

Jelelle Awen

SoulFullHeart Museletter: May 29, 2022

It’s always been important to feel how our spirituality and humanity are so interconnected and can’t ever truly be separate, yet when different events happen in the world, such as the recent school shooting in Texas, we’re invited even deeper into feeling our human response as well as our spiritual context.

Featured this week is a piece from Gabriel Amara’s heart, offering that we all have an invitation from the Divine to feel our reactions to this shooting and anything else that happens in our outer world, letting it move through our hearts rather than be bypassed or even medicated with ‘solutions’.

Jelelle Awen has a new video this week featuring the quartz crystal sound bowls and a chakra/heart/body clearing sound bath.

Gabriel and Kasha have two new episodes of the SoulFullHeart Current Podcast they’ve released now, talking about bridging your humanity and spirituality and the process that often is, as well as the Inner Teenager and their role(s) they have often played in your inner and outer worlds.

There are a few new writings to take in as well, including an energy update about the Pleaidian Portal that just moved through, personal digestions from Jelelle around her process of transitioning to living primarily on light/Prana, and other offerings from us about different perspectives through which you can begin to see, experience, and feel your life and personal journey.

You can find our current Museletter here.

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Much love from all of us!

~ the SoulFullHeart Community

The Courage To Be Love During The Great Transition

There are so many Great’s we are hearing about. The Great Reset. The Great Awakening. The Great Passing (as labeled by my beloved, Kasha). We can also term it The Great Transition. They all represent the same thing…a movement from one conscious landscape to another. Energy is always in constant transition from one state to another. We are never truly static or in stasis, no matter how much it may feel we are at times. The bigger question is, what are we each choosing to transition to?

We can look at any source of information and choose to see many possible timelines, from dystopian to utopian. The combinations and permutations are infinite. We know that this great blue sphere we live on is hurtling through space into photonic fields that are creating mass upgrades. These upgrades and codes are shaking up a by-gone era of manipulation and indoctrination that are coming to a close sooner rather than later. As this happens things will appear to get worse before they seem to get better.

The key word there is ‘appear’. It is hard to see what is happening on this planet as a false reality. A holographic consensus of what appears ‘real’. Yes, it very much is, as we each choose to attend our consciousness and energy into that reality. People are dying and suffering everywhere. We all need to wake up to the systems that we participate in that fuel this reality. We are not separate from what happens in any part of the world. We are a microcosm of the macro.

The Great Transition calls each of us to unplug from this insane system of manipulation and culture of violence. This starts with each of us assessing our own relationship to what we consume and how we get trapped in the clutches of self-righteousness, guilt, fear, and hate. This system has become so very efficient at steering our consciousness away from our own sovereign ability to say No to its snake-charming ways. It has taken us away from our sacred humanity and replaced it with a false one.

To unwind this, there is a phase of inner reflection and Divine communion that cleans the glass of our consciousness and brings us to the precipice of our Higher Heart and Higher Self that is separate from but in relation to the false reality at large. It is not from a Warrior stance that we shift our reality, but from an Ambassador’s courage to stay the course of Love. This must be secure and devout on the inside before it can have a hope in Heaven to surf the changes on the outside.

This inside out process is hard to start with so much being thrown at us from all directions. It takes a lot of courage, soul clarity, and trust to begin or continue the journey. Trust is the vehicle we must hitch a ride with as we move from the dying into the rebirthing. It also takes a lot of compassion and forgiveness of self and other along the way. With each choice, either a yes or a no, we find our way back to the Heart and Soul of what we truly are. A human being full of potential, possibility, and passion. A being that is no longer seduced by that which divides, but drawn to that which unifies.

Each day we are being given the opportunity to choose a different path other than the one that is being laid before us by forces that are no bigger than your own power of choice and self-worth. Don’t just choose wisely, choose courageously and vulnerably.


Gabriel Amara is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for both men and women.  Visit for more information about sessions, group calls/events, videos, community, etc.

Are You Willing To Live, Be, Trust?: Transmission Of Support From The Magdalenes/Soul Family

by Kasha Rokshana

For all your brilliance,
Are you willing to also live it out?

For all your wittiness,
Are you willing to be in the unknown?

For all your fire,
Are you willing to soak in still waters?

For all your empathy,
Are you willing to also have compassion?

For all your mistrust,
Are you willing to feel what trust may offer?

For all your compliance,
Are you willing to dig deeper and ask ‘why’?

For all your belonging,
Are you willing to risk standing alone?

…these questions we ask without judgement
To serve and bolster your deeper awakenings,
Your Divine Self’s deeper embodiment,
And the discovery of who you are,
Who you always were,
Yet chose to forget.

Here to serve your upliftment, we are.
As we also hold you in your downtrodden states.

Here to love you, always, we are.
Even in those questioning moments
Where it feels like love cannot possibly exist.

You are embraced
Loved beyond measure of fame, fortune or wisdom.

Loved even in your compliance to the structures that lay dying,

Loved even in the foggy times of unknown choices,

Loved as much in your dying times as your alive times.

With so much of your truest essence in our hearts…

Your Soul Family/The Magdalenes

(W/ Kasha Rokshana)

I feel this landing in my own heart as a way to remember compassion for myself and all souls at all times. We’re walking out what we came to walk out, and it’s truly up to all of us to choose what we are ready to embody next… with no judgement from those who came before us and support us through it all.


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

A New Relationship To Prayer

Prayer is not something that I have felt connected to often in my life. Usually when a life is on the line or big global events happen.

I was involved in a vehicle incident where I hit someone in a very freakish accident. It happened out of nowhere in my consciousness. The moment dropped me into a deep well of grief and all I could do when I got home was pray. I pray for the injured person, for my family, and for myself. I prayed for hours and hours.

I found out the next day that the women made a remarkable turn around when the prognosis wasn’t good when she arrived. I was elated to say the least but still very affected by the whole incident. It brought up so much around being responsible for another’s person’s life. This goes back deep into my soul. It goes deep into the collective soul as well. How much we have been responsible for and the layer of guilt and shame that can come from that.

I am finding myself years later sitting in deep prayer again. As I have been healing the layers of my own guilt, fear, judgement, and unworth, I am feeling a renewed relationship to authentic and genuine prayer. It is not for things to be made better per se, but to send Love in all directions, to all of humanity, not just to one side. It is meant to be in stillness to receive understanding and guidance. It is to be in communion with the Cosmic Divine inside and to connect it with all that surrounds me.

I have let go of putting my faith and energy in our current institutions. They are in a death cycle. It is time to start praying on and with the New. I feel my prayer holding space for that death and rebirth both globally and, more importantly, personally. For if we cannot die and be reborn individually, how can we expect the same to happen collectively.

There is much we can all do outside of prayer that requires an action. We need both. What that action is and the energy that it is held in comes directly from that prayer state. I am grateful for this reacquainting with Divine prayer. It lives in me differently and more authentically. I trust its service and it purpose, just as I trust the Love that holds us. I do not pray FOR others as much as I pray WITH others.

May this be its own prayer with you in whatever you are moving through during these times.


Gabriel Amara is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for both men and women.  Visit for more information about sessions, group calls/events, videos, community, etc.

Seeking To Understand Rather Than To Fight

By Jelelle Awen

“When you seek to fight that which you don’t understand or fear inside yourself and with others, it will come back again with each new form worse. If you seek instead to compassionately understand, you can mutually discover your truer purpose of serving love,” Yeshua and the Magdalenes

This message came through two years ago, when I was just initially exploring my Christ/Magdalene lineage. In their lifetime, the Magdalenes could have felt highly persecuted, heavy with revenge and hatred in their hearts towards those that harmed them, especially with the crucifixion of Yeshua and murder of others. Yet, repeatedly and ongoingly, they (including Yeshua in light body form) held forgiveness in their hearts and saw every ‘player’ serving a part in the Divine unfolding to seed Ascension consciousness.

They sought to understand rather than judge. They felt ALL were serving love in the form chosen by them and the Divine. This allowed them to forgive eventually and even appreciate those who served the necessary and difficult darker roles.

I feel the truth and invitation in each word….both inside and out. Becoming a love ambassador to ANY and ALL energies within us, helping create a bridge to invite those aspects in shadow (often stuck in shame and blame cycles) plus karmic loops, this IS the embodiment of Christ consciousness within us. This is how the true Divine loves us and how we can receive that love.

These words feel even more true now with our ongoing experience of the Matrix narrative taking us into increasingly polarized places.

We can become more divisive, taking sides, resisting and judging both inside of us and outside of us. Or, we can seek to compassionately understand ALL through the Divine’s heart. Inner peace is experienced from this state.

Outer peace is seeded from it too. ❤️🌹


Jelelle Awen

This is a teaching and a guided meditation video from our Deepen 2022 series with Raphael and I to move from the warrior to the 5D love ambassador: