Avalon/Cornwall Activations: Tintagel Castle & Masculine Energies

By Jelelle Awen (originally written on September 28)

We are here now on the Cornwall coast at Land’s End since yesterday and I can feel the energy shift from Glastonbury/Avalon. There is much more masculine energy here with the Michael line running right through offering sacred energies to heal the wounded expressions. We visited Tintagel Castle ruins, the birthplace of King Arthur and site of some hearty settlement in the Dark Ages.

There was a foreboding and almost off putting energy to the ruins, amplified by the strong gusts of wind, rolling foggy mists, and bursts of rain. It wasn’t somewhere that you really wanted to linger and soak in, yet rather felt to explore it as a portal. Letting it open up what might resonate within the soul and also needing to be felt.

The patriarchal dominance energy of these lands, so hard to conquer and yet so many kings tempted to try, as the climate reclaimed all of their structures and turned them into ruins again. This seemed so represented in the King Arthur Gallos statue and when touching it, I could feel the activation of my High Priestess/Avalon aspect wanting to bring a feminine energy in to balance it. I felt these energies flow through me as needed.

So many years of isolation and desolation for those who choose to make their home here or rather were stuck here. So much slate everywhere and its sturdy hardness, somehow softened by the mosses and grasses that now cover so much of it. We all did a brief meditation visualization together of pink energy spreading across the lands, offering a Divine Mother healing when needed. Raphael tossed rose petals to the wind from his chalice as offerings to the Mother in this land that has hardly called on her from the mouths of men.

There was the magic peeking out too, especially when we could spot Merlin’s and other caves carved out by the fiery ocean waves on the beach below the castle ruins. These caves would offer respite, play, magic, initiation, and a sense of adventure in a place often devoid of it. Onward today to our next adventures here on the Cornish Coast to visit some fairy portals and more stone structures, to see what is activated, what is called into co-activate, and what Divine Mother/the Magdalenes wish for us to feel.

Love from Cornwall!

Jelelle Awen

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