NEW Guided Meditation To Soothe Ascension Energies/Chakras W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen

Oh, it’s always a joy to create and share one of these meditations to music. It has been a while since I have shared one! I really felt the soothing energies coming through as I was doing this supported by the Michael and Mary energies here in Glastonbury. I almost fell asleep myself!

I feel this meditation could be of service to those especially who feel quite sensitive to the heightened energies going on right now on so many levels. And those souls who may have struggles to feel relaxed, feel anxiety or tension, and have challenges to get a deeper sleep too.

INjoy and do share your experiences with this here or on the SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel!

Description below:

The ongoing Ascension process that we are going through from 3D consciousness to higher states is accelerating with a currently intense phase of detoxing, upgrading, and activations. These are happening to the physical body as it transitions from 3D/Carbon-based to Crystalline Light….and also to our energy/chakral body as well. Our emotional bodies are also being invited to ascend from trauma-ridden and hugely suppressed/subconscious into healed, healthy, and conscious.

This guided meditation with SoulFullHeart Teacher/Co-Creator/Facilitator Jelelle Awen offers a bridge to soothing energies during a time when they are very much needed. Jelelle offers these frequencies from her heart and soul to yours as you journey through the Ascension Chakras offering love and light to each of them. You are also joined by Divine Mother and Divine Father energies, which invite you (and whatever part of you that would like to join) into a comforting and soothing pool of water to float and let in. The music then continues for some more time to allow a deeper immersion into the experience.

You may get quite sleepy, relaxed, drifty and even fall asleep during this meditation so it is best to be in a comfortable position with your eyes closed while listening to it. Whatever happens during it within you is perfect.

The music gratefully used in this video is from a channel with the best sleep music that we have found on You Tube, the Nu Meditation Music Channel. This music has supportive delta waves and binaural beats as well:

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