SoulFullHeart Museletter: Nov 19, 2021

This week has been a unique experience with the energies of the Blood Moon Eclipse moving through! We have all been feeling it on a physical and emotional level, being stirred into deep processing and also self-care. We’ve been feeling it in our lower chakras, especially our womb areas (for the women). It’s been an invitation into shadow integration and matrix unplugging, plus action-taking on any level that feels right.

Featured this week is a piece from Kasha, where she outlines some ways in which you may have been experiencing these blood moon energies this week and why. She also shares a bit about her own womb connection and what it has led her to feel. She offers that it’s important to connect to what’s shaking out in the collective right now during this intensifying dark night phase as a portal into understanding what you are also moving through.

There are other energy updates and processes shared by us all this week, both in audio blog and written format, to offer you some ways to feel into your place in everything that is happening and how to digest and respond to it all.

There is a brand new guided meditation video this week from Jelelle where she invites you to let in the portal of 11:11 and see where it wants to take you. There is also a video, filmed during one of our recent group gatherings here in Portugal, of Raphael and Jelelle playing their crystal sound bowls and leading us all into a meditative space where we repeat a few affirmations/mantras together.

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Much love from all of us!

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

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