SoulFullHeart Museletter: Dec 3, 2021

Since the potent portal of 11:11 we’ve been experiencing many upgrades and having realizations too of what’s been rumbling in our inner and outer worlds and why. The continued peak of the Matrix is intensifying daily now and so have the opportunities for our growth.

Our featured article from Jelelle Awen speaks to the different ways you may have been experiencing the upgrades and invitations from the Divine into higher consciousness and higher timeline embodiment, asking you to truly and deeply feel what is real for you and parts of you and make choices from there. The outside world has been grinding through its own collective version of this process. Jelelle offers some powerful yet gentle ways in which to feel through this process and be with each step that arises for you.

On Dec 12, Raphael and Jelelle will be leading an online group meditation call focused on transmitting and embodying the incoming 12:12 codes. You can find out more about this group call here.

They also created a brand new video where they share more about their own healing journeys that led them to each other and into their Sacred Union/Twin Flame bond from which they co-created SoulFullHeart as a healing process and way of life. They share about the types of souls they feel most drawn to serve as well and the overall journey this process takes you on.

There are several new articles from these last two weeks, which include some digestions of epic world events and reminders of what it means to come from love and inhabit your own ‘Love Ambassador’ energy both within and without.

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Lots of love from all of us!

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

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