SoulFullHeart Museletter: March 19, 2022

Spring Equinox has come once again to this hemisphere and with it comes an intensifying experience of the transition to New Earth and away from 3D life as we’ve known it. Masculine and feminine energies are invited into more balance within and waves of rebirth are moving through us all after some deep ‘death’ experiences in all sorts of ways…

Tomorrow March 20th at 5pm GMT (Lisbon)/1pm EDT, Raphael and Jelelle will be co-hosting a group call on Trusting Through The Transition. It’s by donation and you’ll be a part of a powerful guided meditation as well as take in both of their energies and teachings on this topic, offering a new lens through which to see and experience all that is happening inside and out. You can find more info here: Donations can be made through our website, PayPal, and Wise and even if you can’t make it live, you’ll receive the recording.

We also have a video this week from Raphael and Jelelle, bridging this group call to you and discussing what they mean by trusting in the midst of this huge transition for humanity.

Raphael also shares a solo video this week where he talks about what he’s been feeling into lately in terms of science that bridges the spiritual and offers some exciting ways to think about the times we’re in.

There are several new writings shared with you this week, featuring perspectives on love and feeling your Divine Self awaken more and more at this time.

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Much love from all of us!

~ the SoulFullHeart Community

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