10:10 Codes: Becoming Your Higher Timeline Self Now

By Jelelle Awen

10/10 portal energies are always an interesting mix! There can be these waves of empowerment, creativity, soul purpose clarity and inspiration…activation of your Inner Teacher and Leader. Passion! And yet also preceding or along with that feelings of hopelessness, disempowerment, overwhelm, frustration, and unworthiness are pushed up from this life and especially other lifetime experiences of this. The oil that is flushed out by the water.

10:10 is a portal opportunity to reconcile your experience of leading yourself primarily and perhaps others (if that is in your soul field.) And when you haven’t been able to lead and why.

10:10 energies are about moving into and becoming your higher timeline self. Now. Whatever that means for where you are in the moment in all areas of life. These are catalytic energies that are meant to MOVE and shake you out of whatever slumber, shrinking, complying that parts of you may have been doing. Not necessarily externally right away, yet definitely internally that eventually leads to outward manifestation.

Relationships are often where the hiding can be of your leadership, the ‘shrinking to fit’, the not being your truth because it is too difficult, settling for less than what you are worth. Parts of you not truly being in resonance yet complying or hiding or even lying in order to maintain the relationship for comfort and security reasons.

10:10 codes are about being in authenticity, transparency and vulnerability….not being afraid to be direct and to challenge with care and love, not letting things ‘slide’ with others (esp if the energies are abusive), not letting yourself be sidelined or dismissed.

As you feel this empowerment in relationships (of all kinds), you actually BECOME your higher timeline self in the Now. And you are able to complete with energies, people, situations, jobs/careers, geographies and more that do not support, inspire, and resonate with that expression.

We can get caught up in the physical manifestation of our higher timeline, the dream or ‘vision’ coming into reality and attaching to that, yet I have found that the authentic BEING of our higher timeline self is the most important. The physical expression follows the essence embodiment is another way of saying it. Otherwise, you may manifest it in the physical and yet not be able to actually let it in or show up for it. And feeling and loving the parts of us who can’t be this authentic embodiment and WHY they can’t is a big aspect of the process too.

Practice being your higher timeline self. Dare to speak and share your truth, even with pushback. Respond from your heart, your gut, your ‘womb roar’, and feel (yet do not fuse) with the parts of you with great compassion who find that scary and are afraid of losing people or hurting people or want to save people.

10:10 offers so much to heal and move on from in this area. Letting in these codes really does offer a NEW beginning from inside and out!

Raphael and I are offering a livestream on 10/10 here on FB to share more about these codes and how you may be experiencing them. Hope you can join us!

And we have a group call coming up on 10/16 as well offering Homecoming codes, for which this 10/10 portal is definitely activating as well…homecoming to our soul essence as Infinite Love. You can join us by donation with more info at soulfullheart.org/events or https://www.facebook.com/events/611918103937452/?ref=newsfeed


Jelelle Awen

More info about 1:1 sessions, group call events, online community, writing/books, videos at soulfullheart.org.

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