How Spirituality and Growth Differ

By  Raphael Awen

Growth and becoming spiritual can be far from the same thing.

Growth is hinged on the quality of your intentions and responding with your deepest courage and integrity to the choices before you, in the sacred life before you as you currently know it.

You can become quite spiritual through a long list of practices like meditation or yoga. But the practice doesn’t determine growth, but rather the why behind what you are doing, irregardless if it’s meditating or feeding the dog.

We’re invited now to sift through our intentions, which is the real leverage point of our desired growth. Clinging onto or coveting spiritual routines and attainments can actually be detrimental to our growth.

Sort the intent and you may just find that everything you choose to do in life is equally spiritual. Then you can literally do whatever you really want and find growth traction, and be having too much fun in the process to be beating yourself up with another spiritual discipline. 💚

~ R ~

This pic came from this weeks wonderwalks in the area here.


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