You Will Become The Lighthouse: Message From Yeshua & The Magdalenes

You have been in the front,

to see before others can

to feel more than others will

to know beyond what is accepted

to bring what is rejected.

You’ve been brunt of the jokes,

the object of bullies’ scorn,

the black sheep of the family,

the alien who doesn’t fit in.

This has been your soul’s choice to be

one of the seers, the feelers, and the healers

of a mostly slumbering humanity.

We see you and we support you!

We have never left your side through it ALL,

we will be there in the next phases too WHEN…

more souls can resonate with you,

more souls can listen to you,

more souls will NEED you to lead the way.

You’ve so long been the lone light in pervasive darkness,

NOW you will become the lighthouse

helping to bring everyone safely home

to the Divine’s shore again…

where you have ALWAYS been anchored,

and now the others who are ready will remember this too.

Where you were previously separated,

you will be reunited

from within and with each other.

We see you and we support you!

We have never left your side through it ALL,


Yeshua and The Magdalenes w/Jelelle Awen

Here this message is in my voice:

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