Being Invited Into The Hearth Of Your Heart

By Raphael Awen

Not only is it all returning to source… is all expanding that source as it does so.

Your life as you know it is a piece of life expressing as a human being, a gender, a Gaian (earthling), possessing multidimensionality amongst so many other things.

At the core of your being is a heart. At the core of all that is, is a heart. That heart in this micro and macro is not two hearts, but one; one that you are invited into its expansive feelings of embrace and the deepest feelings of belonging.

You are invited into the hearth of this heart.

You are invited to gather all the aspects of you who don’t yet know this heart to gather round its warmth.

Life changes based on how you feel about life. How you feel about life creates how you see life. How you see and feel life is affected so deeply by how parts of you see and feel life. ‘You’ are not going to sail to the Stars when parts of you feel like shit in a hell hole.

These parts need to be convinced of this heart of love at the center of the you-niverse. Until you bridge to them from your higher heart, they are left in their perception of reality which is like a powerful WiFi reality shaping broadcast in what you know as your life.

All that’s needed to ‘do’ this is a willingness to feel what hasn’t been okay up till now to feel. That may be a tall order, but it is thee most simple order that exists at the core of all things.

Find the parts who are not okay with feeling. You will find that they are starving to be felt even in their disposition to not feel.

Raphael Awen

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