Newest Crop Circle Offers Light Body/Merkabah 5D Activation

By Jelelle Awen

I had a feeling sense from star family that a Merkabah/star tetrahedron crop circle was coming soon….and here it is! This appeared today at Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK. Such a feeling of transport, our light bodies activating to fifth dimensional consciousness AS Gaia’s consciousness is too….UP we go and ARE!

Someone did point out in the comments on Facebook that Merkabahs are typically six pointed stars, two inverted triangles yet the sense of this one representing a personal and collective light body came through so strong! Perhaps the final ‘point’ is more of a multidimensional one rather than literal….whatever makes you FLY, works! 

This is a writing from me about Light Body/Merkabahs:…/your-light-body-merkabah-i…/

 “Your light body vehicle is waiting for you. It is shining, glimmering, vibrating with energy, and pulsing with life. It is a reflection of YOUR life force and essence at a high frequency. In this now, our light bodies are ‘in the shop’ getting upgraded, getting ready for the many multidimensional journeys to come.”

 What do you feel/see with this one?

 Just wanted to mention that the SOULar flares and sun spot activity seems to be fading and dying down today. A space for some rest/breathing as SOULar winds are expected to pick up tomorrow w/some geomagnetic storms possible too….

Take care of YOU and all parts of you during all these ACTivations…allowing breathing/rest and time for feeling…..

More photos of the crop circle here:…/hackp…/groundshots.htm


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