Our Emotions Shape Our Thoughts

By Raphael Awen

If our thoughts shape our inner world, which go on to shape our outer world, what is it that precedes our thoughts?

We could describe this precedent to our thoughts to be some kind of energy, less dense than a thought, and an energy that has movement or flow. How about calling it e-motion; energy in motion?

It is our emotions that shape our thoughts. Both are a form of energy in motion, that create, shape and manifest in more dense expressions.

But what is it that precedes our emotions? From what ground do our emotions arise from?

My feeling sense of this question is that it all arises from source, or the all, or the divine. If this is true, then even what we call the negative emotions, like depression, anxiety, or hatred, or fear all have a source in divinity. Nothing is outside of divinity needing to be rescued or saved back into divinity.

And If that is true, then the divine is out exploring the ‘negative’ through you and I in an effort to reinvent it into something much deeper and wider than even it knew was possible.

Can we make sweet love to every arising manifestation at whatever level it arises in our lives – in emotion, in thought, in physicality?

Raphael Awen