Avalon/Cornwall Activations: St. Nectan’s Glen & Faerie Energies

By Jelelle Awen (originally written on September 29)

Our second day on the Cornish Coast and more of the magical elements came out to play on a blessedly bright sunny Fall day. We ventured into St. Nectan’s Glen, an area of woodland in Trethevy near Tintagel, stretching for a mile along both banks of the Trevillet River. The glen’s most prominent feature is St Nectan’s Kieve, a spectacular sixty foot waterfall through a hole in the rocks that we didn’t go directly under as it was quite crowded with people and chaotic energy, yet could feel the potent energy of the waterfall from the nearby path. I’ve attached a picture of it below taken by someone else.

As soon as we entered the woods, I could feel the pull of the Fey or Faerie people calling me to join them in the Faerie realm. This is not quite the same energy as what people typically think of as fairies which feel more like pixies to me, which we also felt all over the stunning trees, rocks, and plants of the Glen, other elementals, and Elven energies too! This Fey lineage vibrates in my soul and I’ve experienced this draw during meditation/etheric visits, yet not before in the physical.

One particular spot in the river, I was told to venture into the iron-rich water (which was a powerful activation in itself!) and then close my eyes and tune in. I first felt how this Glen had been an initiation place for my soul and a retreat from the harshness of the often Dark times in the Tintagel region. The familiar feelings of reunion flooded my heart and soul.I could feel/see then the powerful presence of Ealanthra, the Faerie Queen Metasoul sister who I write more about in my book Keep Waking Up!.

She was standing on the furthest river bank by a tree with a hole in its trunk, which I share a picture of in this post. It was clear to me that this was a Faerie portal to the otherworlds. A siren call moved through my soul to just leave 3D life behind and go with her into the unknown. In response to this call, I immediately felt my connection and commitment then to my service this life, to be a bridge to multidimensional realms such as this while being embodied in my heart/emotional body, and in relational connection with my mate Raphael and soul family community. Ealanthra seemed to understand and offered she would continue to support me from her realm whenever I needed it in my dimension. Her directive six years ago to me, “Keep waking up!” accompanied by a poke on my sixth chakra had led to many of the deep awakenings/downloads that form the basis of SoulFullHeart now.

She and I exchanged a sweet goodbye and I could feel her watching over us as we journeyed on.We then headed to the sweet coastal town St. Ives, which was a bit of 3D culture shock, full of tourists and denser energies, after being in the Faerie woods. Yet, it offered a good taste of Cornish culture and we found respite in a Church garden. On the way back, we drove a narrow road through the stunning Kernow region with megalith stone structures littered on top of many of the Tors. Although we didn’t get out to investigate any of them due to the fullness of the day already, we could feel their broadcast emitting to us.

I am receiving more downloads about what feels like the purpose of these stones and the timelines they are connected to that I will share in another post. Yet even being near them now brings more clarity. We are here for a rainy morning and then back to Glastonbury this evening. I can feel how much more there is to take in here on this magical Coastline with so many timelines overlaying onto it and such a stunning geography.

I feel I will be back in Divine timing!

Love from Cornwall!

Jelelle Awen

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Love from Cornwall!

Jelelle Awen

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