Message From Magdalene: Heal The Wounds Of The Past In Order To Live In The Present With Love


Over the next several days, I am going to be sharing messages I received from the four faces of the Divine Mother that I experience connection with: Kuan YinDark Mother-KaliMagdalene, and Mother Mary. My main way of communicating with them has been through visualization visits, which I feel we are all able to experience and engage with if our hearts are in need, we vulnerably ask for it, and our motives come from that vulnerability.

In SoulFullHeart, the connection you develop with your Daemon or soul guardian allows for the frequencies of communication to come through clearer and with less resistance. Through the SoulFullHeart way of life, you heal emotional and spiritual wounds through getting to know aspects of yourself and your Daemon which clear congestions that may block you from hearing and experiencing the Divine for yourself. We offer in SoulFullHeart that we are all sacred human children of the Divine meant to experience, especially the Divine Mother, in a direct, personal, and intimate way that requires no middleman, guru, or priest.           

Magdalene represents the southern direction. She embodies sisterhood, community, connection, and the healing of feminine competition and envy. She offers that no real separation can exist among women or men as we are all connected in a web for which Earth and nature are inseparable in spirit to us. She wears a deep red cloak and has reddish-blond, curly, long hair. She is the lover, the feminine mate, and the one who celebrates romance. She holds the frequencies of match maker and takes real delight in intimate connections happening between lovers in seemingly random ways. She is summer time love, warmth and heat, and embracing nature and enjoyment of being outdoors. She holds frequencies of pagan practices, Goddess worship, alchemical Christianity (without making the body bad or sinful), earth-based magic, tantric and kundalini forces. She is the female twin of Christ Consciousness and I feel She was the soul mate of Jesus during the lifetime he incarnated here.

​Magdalene is the holder of our past reincarnations on Earth and perhaps in other dimensions as well. She is connected to the web of Oneness, the Akashic records, and the grids over this reality. I feel she also empowers our third eye or sixth chakra development and growth offering us visions, intuitions, pictures, and access to our natural healing capacities. Here is a recent message I received from the Magdalene about 2013 and the state of the world:

My sisters, my brothers! Where have we gone wrong? When did we stop dancing and singing? Some of you still do, but the numbers become fewer and fewer every day.

I do not like being alarming. It is not my nature as much as the others, yet, I am becoming more alarmed with each day that passes. I’ve seen many worlds come and go. Worlds that were as real as yours and then become destroyed, living only on in memory, feeling then only as real as your fairy tales.

I can help you remember these other worlds, learning lessons from the shadows of these civilizations, the ways they destroyed themselves, the ways they were glorious. I offer an experience of the past in order to learn and heal and move on.

What is your past? What is painful about it? Why is it hard to remember? Why do you act like you don’t have any past lives? What is the legacy that you hold?  I want  you to remember and to heal.

There is much congestion and wounding from the past, so much to recover and heal from. The wounds of persecution influence the acts of persecution, both outwardly and inwardly expressed, that happen all over the world today.

The wounds of religious persecution, intolerance, and hatred play out today in holy wars on lands scarred by oil drilling and stained with blood. We need to embrace healing these wounds together and to feel how religious intolerance is a curse of human consciousness which must shift or threaten to collapse and destroy your world.

Love….I want to speak of love now. I want to speak of romantic love between growth mates, lovers united by love and connection, collaborators offering their soul gifts together to the world. I want to speak of sacred friendship between men and women, women and women, men and men. Friendships connected by shared values, deep resonance, authenticity, desire for self and others’ growth.

And, I want to speak of family. True family. Heart family, not birth family. Allegiance to birth family, much like religious intolerance, has led to so many problems and pain! You were born to them, yet you aren’t bond to them for life. Why did you ever think you were? See what can arise if you ask for more, if you bring more of who you are, if you commit to healing yourself and your parts and invite them to do the same. Then your birth family might become your true heart and soul family. And, you will draw your true heart and soul family as you heal and let go of the unhealthy attachments to your birth family.

I want to speak of healing. Healing that is not about curing, but is about experiencing more of your own heart, your soul, your passions, your gifts, your creativity, your song and dance. Healing that frees you from pain and suffering for good and for long lasting. Healing that transforms you from false to authentic, connects you to your essence as a sacred human child.

SoulFullHeart, as offered through Jillian and Wayne, is one way. It is a way that is easier for me to come through and chat with you, which I love to do. But there are others. Find them and let them in your heart and live as you were meant to live. Be who you were meant to be with all your heart, body, and soul.

Love as you were meant to love and the world is saved along with you,


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