Mary Magdalene Feast Day: The Flow & Invitation Of Her Energies

by Kasha Rokshana

Connecting with Mary Magdalene on her ‘Feast Day’…

She is the dance of a woman in love with the Divine Masculine in heart and human counterpart.

She is the rose of sensual pleasures in ALL senses, in all ways, guiding us toward a love affair with life, inhabitation of our sexuality, embodiment of our physical expression, all while letting in that we are also Divine.

She is the template of womb healing, clearing, and honouring… of feeling what has been held there, what new alchemy wants to birth from there, and of getting ready to welcome in the love of the Beloved in Divine and human form there.

She is the beacon of what comes on the other side of female competition, comparison, and control.

She is an exquisite model of what it means to surrender deeply to the Divine as a sacred human woman, being in flow with what is true now and what is yet to arise.

She is the Mother, Sister, beloved Divine Feminine in all energies and ways we wish to connect with her within us, outside of us, and in deep feminine bonds with others.

She is an invitation into what wants to be reborn and reunions that want to take place as this process of forgiving what was once true is truly and deeply felt in this lifetime and others.

She will always be a beloved guide to me, an energy which I love to bring through for myself and others, and such a loving support during all times of heartbreak, longing, desire, letting go, and letting IN too.

Blessed Be, beloved soul, as you also feel her with you on this day where she is recognized and honoured…


Artwork by Tanya Torres


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

To My Sisters Of The Rose, Womb, Heart, And Soul: Message From Mary Magdalene w/Jelelle Awen

Message from Mary Magdalene on her feast celebration day:

To my sisters of the rose,

your harvest time has come

to open your bud, to bloom and to release

your unique scent of femininity

into sacred humanity’s bouquet.

To my sisters of the womb,

your depths of creation

are ready to be explored,

to be opened out, to be healed,

to birth humanity’s New dawn.

To my sisters of the heart,

your pain and breaks and sorrows,

your most tender desires and heartaches

are ready now to be released, to be forgiven,

and grounded into

ongoing experience of intimacy,

reunion, joy, goodness, and the most pure love.

To my sisters of the soul,

your karmic veils of sleepiness and fog

your karmic binds of persecution and wounds

are ready to be healed, lifted, loved,

initiated into the gifts

and soul purpose expression of Divine service of love

Open your rose…the essence of Divine Mother

that you can embody

Open your womb…the essence of Divine Mother

that you can birth

Open your heart…the essence of Divine Mother

that you can feel

Open your soul…the essence of Divine Mother

that you can become

I am here to guide you, support you, and initiate you on this path of remembrance. Open to receive and so you shall. Your resources, your teachers, your sisters, your soul family, your initiations, your masculine Divine Counterpart…ALL that you need to move into deeper embodiment of She who Births and Holds and Creates ALL of life is ready to come to you and has been in various forms.

Whatever blocks or fogs of resistances that have currently made you feel small, stuck, or lost….these are only temporary and a necessary phase of your remembrance. Now it is time to move out this smallness and into your bigness.

Ultimately, you came to the Earth Plane to remember, to arise, and to serve love AS your expression and your embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

This, you are remembering. This, you are embracing. This, you are becoming.

I love you and am always WITH you,

Mary Magdalene with Jelelle Awen


And here it is in my voice:

Please join Raphael and I for a sacred union activation group call this Sunday June 24th at 5:00pm GMT/noon EDT for more messages and transmissions from Mary Magdalene and her beloved counterpart Yeshua, channeled through our hearts and divine union together. It feels like Mary has much more to offer and share in the moment! More information to join us at

You Are Here To Seed Light In The Darkness: Message From The Magdalenes

By Jelelle Awen

We are so glad you are here with us today! Jelelle is our sister and she is allowing our voices and our message to come through to you. Maybe you have heard of us or of our ambassador Mary of Magdala/Bethany? Whom you often just call, Mary Magdalene?

We want to share our truth with you about who we are, why we are here, and how you may be connected to us and our mission. If our truth resonates in your soul, if it makes your heart leap and sing, if you feel a ‘yes’, then we are very glad for that. If not, if what we share does not fit you, that is well and good as well.

Many of you have woken up beyond the distortion placed on Mary Magdalene by religions. You have felt and seen Mary Magdalene in her bigness, in her beloved sacred union with her Counterpart Yeshua, in her High Priestess status as an initiate of Isis and the Divine Goddess Mother. You have arisen her already out of the ashes of the patriarchy that burned her out of their fear and could not accept her as an equal to Yeshua (Jesus). They could not honor the Divine Mother as the Creatrix of ALL life and the Divine Father as Her Partner in the holding of ALL creation.

Yet, the embers of this truth burned in the soul consciousness of those who are meant to remember and hold it. By blowing an awakening wind on those embers, Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine is arising again! From the hearts of your desires for Her, your need for Her, your resonance with Her, your capacity to BECOME Her….so She is able to arise to respond to those needs! So you are able to embrace Her again AS you.

This truth we want to share with you now for it to land in your heart and hopefully resound in your soul. There is not just one Magdalene, yet many, many of us. We are not only embodied in one soul and Ascended Divine Feminine Teacher, yet ‘Magdalene’ is a consciousness. It is an ‘order’ and a lineage. Magdalene Consciousness is about bringing seeds of light into the deepest and darkest places of humanity’s wounds so that they may heal again.

The truth is that there are MANY Magdalenes and they take many forms….female AND male…religious and spiritual…young and old. It is the true essence of the soul and the purity of the heart in which you can come to recognize the signature vibrational frequency of a Magdalene. They serve from a growing place of purity within, of service of love to ALL beings on Gaia and in the Universe. They may go through lessons around this purification of service, such as not to fall into self sacrifice and giving to others from an empty cup; learning how to receive, lean, and let in themselves; learning to balance their needs/wants as a human with their Divine consciousness expression.

Magdalenes often choose the most difficult, dark and traumatizing experiences and timelines to go through. This choice is made because their faith, love, and devotion to the Divine is so strong and their light is so bright. It is not because of karma and that they have done ‘bad things’ in other lifetimes. It is because they can bring forgiveness and compassion to the darkest energies that bring up great fear in others and most importantly to themselves and the parts of them that most need it.

They can be ambassadors in the most difficult battlegrounds as their desire for peace outweighs their need to fight. They ultimately trust on the soul level that they WILL return to remembrance of their Divine Essence again…even if it takes very many lifetimes to do so.

Some Magdalenes do this by being Healers, Teachers, WayShowers, Writers. They are channeling through their soul’s wisdoms learned from many lifetimes receiving initiations in the ways of the Divine Father and Divine Mother. Some Magdalenes prefer to be ‘behind the scenes’ and offer love in simple, yet profound ways that may be unsung yet are very impactful. All Magdalenes hold a seed in their BEing of what life on Gaia could be again from their experiences in Lemuria, in Atlantis, etc. Their need and soul impulse becomes to plant these seeds of New Gaia possibility into the grid set up by some of us Magdalenes in the Yeshua lifetime of crucification and resurrection.

If you are reading this right now, you may feel in your heart an opening occurring in resonance with us and are starting to remember now your Magdalene lineage. It feels like a desire and ache for reunion. It feels like a need to return home after a very long and hard journey. It feels like realizing that you have NEVER been alone even though it has very often felt that way. It feels like remembering that you belong to a very loving and supportive family who has always been with you.

We are here to reconnect with you in this now. You can call on Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Grandmother Anna, Yeshua….any of us that you feel drawn to in your heart and soul. Jelelle and Raphael provide bridges to us as well, as they have come into deeper awareness now of their legacy and connection to us.

You have chosen to incarnate into this timeline for an important reason. Now is the time to water, tend, and harvest the seeds of a 5D Golden Earth that we planted in the Yeshua/Magdalene lifetime. There is much support for you to move into your purpose around this. Align with this support, let go of that which distracts and invalidates you…. and your higher timeline will come to you from the Divine. Choose this higher timeline and it will choose you!

Thank you for taking in our message in this Now and into your heart,

We love you! We miss you! We wait for you!


The Magdalenes w/Jelelle Awen

If you resonate with this message, I highly recommend reading the books: Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and Anna, Voice Of The Magdalenes by Clare Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett. And I’ll be providing a bridge to the Magdalenes in a guided meditation soon, plus I explore the remembrance of these grounds during 1:1 sessions with women. More info here:

Join me and the Magdalenes for my monthly women’s group call on Sunday, February 23rd at 10:00am PDT or receive the recording. We will be exploring and healing the sisterhood wound. More info here: or here:

Jelelle Awen is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador and Co-Creator/Teacher/Group Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about  1:1 individual sessions with her for women and with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group calls, writings/books, and videos, visit


Her Essence Cannot Be Burned: A Poem From Divine Mother, For Notre Dame

By Kalayna Solais

She does not live in our buildings.

She lives in our hearts

Our souls

And our bodies.


Our precious inner artistry

Cannot be lost

With the destruction

Of a symbol.


Our opportunities

To anchor into Her love

Will keep popping,

Cropping up

And inviting us inward…

Calling us YIN-ward.


Her essence

Cannot be burned.

It lives

despite all efforts

That rail against the dawning

Of the Feminine Day

And wail

That She has forgotten us.


Her arms, outstretched

Remind us to trust

Her heart, open

Reminds us to open our own

Even and especially

When it feels most challenging

To do so.


With the love of Our Mother

We align with Her

We remember Her

And we fall upon Her

To collaborate with Us

As we birth the New

Pressing through the birth canal

Of our highest and deepest hearts.


Much love,

Kalayna Solais

And Divine Mother ❤️❤️


Kalayna Solais is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women, energy healer, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Christ/Magdalene Light Streams In To Begin This ‘Christmas Season’

by Kalayna Colibri
Today… today it feels like Christ Consciousness is coming in to be held and to hold us too. It’s the ‘official’ kick-off of the Christmas season here in North America, so there’s that, yet increasingly as we approach 12/12 and perhaps especially with all of the ‘current events’ ongoing, Christ Consciousness is coming through with a palpable Divine Father/Masculine energy.
Today may be a hyper shopping day for some, which promises a gateway to much debt as many choose to invest their energy and resources into making purchases to perhaps try and please the unpleasable, both inside and out. Yet, almost as if to try and help us learn to hold and BE with these emotional highs and lows instead of spending scads of money and emotional energy to placate something, there’s all this warm, golden Christ energy coming through to hold us and remind us that we ARE more than this by birthright and soul-right.
The Divine feels us in this emotionally and spiritually-charged time we call the ‘Christmas Season’ and offers space for parts of us to land and lean more into the glow of the Christ Consciousness light waves coming in what look and feel like golden and red glittering bands of light. This is the Christ/Magdalene love coming in to encourage us to feel all there is to feel and move even more towards a unified inner community as well as resonant soul family/community. There is SO much light streaming in that it can’t help but bring UP what isn’t love inside of you and the ache for MORE of what you most authentically WANT in your heart and soul.
It is a powerful choice to go inward and feel during this time instead of looking outward for quelling what is becoming harder and harder to quell or quiet down inside. To explore the parts of you hurting and reacting during this time, to help them and to be with them as the most important ‘family’ you could ever work to love and hold dear. It is equally powerful to vulnerably reach out for help and to courageously show up to support others in their healing too. This is an aspect of Christ Consciousness that begins, as always, from within… and we are invited as this ‘Christmas season’ (which is really ‘Christ-Consciousness Season’) begins, to truly land in our hearts in a new and renewed way, whatever that means for us in any given moment.
Much love! ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women age 25 and under, energy healer, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

BEing with your inner masculine to arise your feminine: Message From Magdalena

By Jelelle Awen with Magdalena



We are sitting on a beach, Magdalena and I……a Golden Earth 5D frequency feeling beach with golden hues and tones around us, golden sparkly everything around and through and AS us. Magdalena is the high vibrational frequency aspect of Mary Magdalene; She feels like an archangel offering a template of our inner queen; the feminine aspect of the inner union.

She offers a caressing energy to us, like the water that nudges gently at our toes and then recedes again. She can crash too like the waves, stirring up our deepest desires even as She invites us into the stillness frequencies of our inner feminine core. I feel gratitude for Her templating of what it CAN BE and IS to embody our sacred femininity.

This is the message from Her today, for this NOW moment during this transition into New Golden Earth for our inner feminine and our inner masculine to take in and receive, to resonate in the ways it is meant to and can…… :

You are BEing. You are a BEing who is BEing. This is your natural frequency, your home. You do not need to ‘return’ to this as you already ARE this.

Your doing arises from this BEing base. It activates from the swell of this pool yet doesn’t really move in another way but rather ARISES in response. You cannot know the difference I am speaking of here; you can only experience it; you can only BEcome it.

Your questions of ‘how?’ related to the manifestation of your deepest desires are meant to arise from this BEing place. Doing wants to answer this question of how, yet it cannot. Doing can only come up with more questions! Only BEing can answer this how question as it DRAWS the answers to respond to and receive.

It is in RECEIVING that the ‘hows’ happen. Receiving the gifts that come from your BEing, from your going within, from your connecting to your soul purpose as BEing service of love. Receiving the love that comes from your BEing-ness as it undulates out in a high frequency broadband signal for all those souls tuned into it to feel and hear and respond to it.

BEing receptive can only come from this BEing home frequency. If you are outward so often, if you are seeking and searching….your capacity to RECEIVE what wants to come to  you is blocked by this energy of going out so often.

Parts of you (your precious male guardian and protectors especially) want to provide what you want to you. They want to seek and gather it so that your deepest yin desires can be met. Yet, their energy of guardedness and protectiveness can only draw the same back again on some level.

BE with these male guardian aspects and your inner matriarch (who is more masculine too.) BE with them in love, with your stillness, offer them this BEing of love to sooth their edges out, to relax them, to allow them breathing and rest from doing anything at all. I, Magdalena, can help with this if you call on me and especially if your inner guardian calls on me as he and I are connected already even though he has probably forgotten this connection. Jelelle, too in her service of love through SoulFullHeart and her Beloveds who offer this, can help with this inner connection process to allow more BEing.

As your inner guardians rest, so your BEing has more room and space to arise, to receive, and to respond as the service of love energy that you ARE. As you are open to feeling your inner guardians, to really LOVING them with all your heart as you would a BEloved mate, so then do their energies BEcome BEloved, cherished, respected, and adored. Their energies become cherishing, respecting, and adoring WITH you as the inner mating happens. THIS is what your inner guardian has really always wanted…to feel this way WITH you rather than ALWAYS being concerned about your safety and if you will be hurt again or not and if he has been protecting you well enough or not.

As you love this masculine within you, as you are patient with this process because it is not a ‘how’ and there is no time limit or deadline on it……then so do you have more access to your BEingness. It is by BEing with that which is NOT BEing that you can then receive MORE and respond MORE As BEing….this makes heart sense, yes?

Love this masculine inside as your BEing wraps around him and so, on a quantum level, you are healing the wounded masculine, the overly protective masculine, in the collective too. As you ARE your BEingness more and more, so you BEcome a BEacon of possibility to ALL women too that they can BEcome this too!

I love YOU so MUCH as you ARE in this moment and for what you will BEcome more and more too as you arise into your BEingness! Please call on me as you need to as I am HERE to serve love with you and I AM you too!

Yours IN love, Magdalena


I’ll be teaching more about this, connecting this process with the work I (and Kalayna Colibri for women under 30) offer to women during SoulFullHeart sessions, leading a guided meditation to connect with Divine Feminine energies such as Magdalena and your inner protector during a woman’s call this Saturday, May 20th if you’d like to join your BEing with ours!:


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine and union facilitator, soul scribe, waySHOWer, galactic love ambassador, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Feeling And Healing The Beauty Competition Between Women

stock-footage-silhouettes-of-two-women-sitting-next-to-each-other-at-sunset (1)

By Kathleen Calder

I looked around at the full magazine shelf. Almost every magazine targeting women had a beautiful woman on the cover, bearing her midriff, with a headline nearby shouting something or other about learning to look like that. As if that is the way every woman should look with a little hard work, or even some “fast and easy, no-gym-required, flat tummy tips”.

I began glancing across the headlines on each one, feeling a part of me tempted to pick one up and leaf through to the section she was most interested in – the one that promised big results fast. It is swimsuit season after all. Not long before it won’t be anymore, but that’s not important. All that matters is looking good at the beach. All that matters is looking better than the woman next to you. It seems we are constantly being told to compare to each other and assess our personal worth based on what someone else has and we don’t. I’ve had several parts that grasped onto that when I was very young and have only recently started to let go of constant comparison and fervent jealousy, sometimes even hatred, of other women.

I feel that these magazines are aware that they perpetuate this toxic dynamic. They are aware that they aren’t just telling us we need to look better, but that we need to look better than each other in order to prove our worth. It doesn’t feel like something within us, or some part of us, wants to be objectified and held up as “beautiful” by media standards, but it does feel like they may want that simply as a means to an end. An end of feeling ugly and fat. An end of being lonely and mate-less. An end of feeling unworthy in comparison to other women who have somehow managed to attain what we’ve always wanted via having beauty that seems to get you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Wouldn’t it be nice if that actually existed? All we seem to be getting instead is a “beauty” that we strive so hard to attain that we actually shut out everything that’s good. A part of me has used not having it or being it as an excuse to keep people out…to keep love out. To keep us in stalemate against other women, against a mate, and against myself. To actually stop potential friendships in their tracks because she felt “too fat” and undeserving to let them in, which I have learned is only a symptom of a much deeper problem of an ingrained sense of unworthiness and dis-empowerment.

My sense is that we, as women, are meant to nurture each other emotionally, spiritually, physically, and psychically. Magdalene, one of the faces of the Divine Mother offering a conscious connection through SoulFullHeart, offers that this is true Divine Sisterhood and it is our birthright. If we are fighting and comparing we are not dancing together. We are not uniting our feminine healing powers and working together to heal this world we live in. This world that so needs us to work together. Competition amongst women is a potent diversion from what is really at stake. United in love we are more powerful than we can imagine.

Like most women, I didn’t grow up with a healthy template for how to embody the nurturing Divine Sisterhood that Magdalene offers us. Both consciously and unconsciously, my sister and I were constantly at odds. She was good at sports and I was good at dance. There wasn’t much support or encouragement in either camp for one of us to explore the other’s chosen passion. I am as much at fault as her for not recognizing what we did to each other in this area, and all the other areas in which we would be in contest (including, of course, the area of body image and diet). I also have a sense that my mother and I had some unconscious competition going on as well. She spent time worrying about me, which in essence kept me small. My bigness and my longing to live into it scared a part of her deeply. There was also an intrinsic envy that I was willing to take the risks I did to move forward in my life, sometimes carelessly but mostly because I dared to dream and hold my desires as attainable. Something I have never felt her hold as a possibility for herself.

Competition amongst females is so ingrained in the psyche of women that it’s hard to be acutely conscious of it. It becomes “normal” for us to criticize each other openly or even to simply look each other up and down, scanning for weaknesses or something we have that they don’t and vice versa. I’m exhausted by this dynamic and find myself longing for more women to be conscious of it so we can work through it together. This doesn’t come without great courage and a recognition that there indeed is a problem and something needs to change. My relationship with Jillian and my growing Magdalene-consciousness, has helped me to find my courage and a new template for how we can relate to each other as women. They have helped me become aware of all of the ways in which I was unconsciously attempting to compete with Jillian and together we are finding our way to Divine Sisterhood. She has also given me a new template for how to relate to my body, which has been of huge importance in shifting toxic dynamics between myself and other women.

My parts’ relationship to my body is and always has been at the root of my drive to compete. For some reason, the female body has been seen as problematic and it has been shoved down our throats, literally, by these magazines telling us what to eat and what to do to look “good”. This totally dis-empowers us with regard to our own bodies. Magdalene offers that it is actually innate for women to know what they need to eat and when for what reason. It is not so mental and research-based, though that can help if we don’t take it too seriously. We are women and we are naturally intuitive. It is actually very patriarchal to think there is a textbook-way to take care of our bodies and look our best. It is also very patriarchal to think there is only one way we should look and that we should strive for that no matter what the cost to our souls, bodies and hearts.

I am imagining now how different the world would be if we stopped competing and chose love instead. It’s a powerful picture…and the global healing that could arise from such efforts would be tremendous. We have only to put down the magazines and look inside ourselves.

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Message From Magdalene: Heal The Wounds Of The Past In Order To Live In The Present With Love


Over the next several days, I am going to be sharing messages I received from the four faces of the Divine Mother that I experience connection with: Kuan YinDark Mother-KaliMagdalene, and Mother Mary. My main way of communicating with them has been through visualization visits, which I feel we are all able to experience and engage with if our hearts are in need, we vulnerably ask for it, and our motives come from that vulnerability.

In SoulFullHeart, the connection you develop with your Daemon or soul guardian allows for the frequencies of communication to come through clearer and with less resistance. Through the SoulFullHeart way of life, you heal emotional and spiritual wounds through getting to know aspects of yourself and your Daemon which clear congestions that may block you from hearing and experiencing the Divine for yourself. We offer in SoulFullHeart that we are all sacred human children of the Divine meant to experience, especially the Divine Mother, in a direct, personal, and intimate way that requires no middleman, guru, or priest.           

Magdalene represents the southern direction. She embodies sisterhood, community, connection, and the healing of feminine competition and envy. She offers that no real separation can exist among women or men as we are all connected in a web for which Earth and nature are inseparable in spirit to us. She wears a deep red cloak and has reddish-blond, curly, long hair. She is the lover, the feminine mate, and the one who celebrates romance. She holds the frequencies of match maker and takes real delight in intimate connections happening between lovers in seemingly random ways. She is summer time love, warmth and heat, and embracing nature and enjoyment of being outdoors. She holds frequencies of pagan practices, Goddess worship, alchemical Christianity (without making the body bad or sinful), earth-based magic, tantric and kundalini forces. She is the female twin of Christ Consciousness and I feel She was the soul mate of Jesus during the lifetime he incarnated here.

​Magdalene is the holder of our past reincarnations on Earth and perhaps in other dimensions as well. She is connected to the web of Oneness, the Akashic records, and the grids over this reality. I feel she also empowers our third eye or sixth chakra development and growth offering us visions, intuitions, pictures, and access to our natural healing capacities. Here is a recent message I received from the Magdalene about 2013 and the state of the world:

My sisters, my brothers! Where have we gone wrong? When did we stop dancing and singing? Some of you still do, but the numbers become fewer and fewer every day.

I do not like being alarming. It is not my nature as much as the others, yet, I am becoming more alarmed with each day that passes. I’ve seen many worlds come and go. Worlds that were as real as yours and then become destroyed, living only on in memory, feeling then only as real as your fairy tales.

I can help you remember these other worlds, learning lessons from the shadows of these civilizations, the ways they destroyed themselves, the ways they were glorious. I offer an experience of the past in order to learn and heal and move on.

What is your past? What is painful about it? Why is it hard to remember? Why do you act like you don’t have any past lives? What is the legacy that you hold?  I want  you to remember and to heal.

There is much congestion and wounding from the past, so much to recover and heal from. The wounds of persecution influence the acts of persecution, both outwardly and inwardly expressed, that happen all over the world today.

The wounds of religious persecution, intolerance, and hatred play out today in holy wars on lands scarred by oil drilling and stained with blood. We need to embrace healing these wounds together and to feel how religious intolerance is a curse of human consciousness which must shift or threaten to collapse and destroy your world.

Love….I want to speak of love now. I want to speak of romantic love between growth mates, lovers united by love and connection, collaborators offering their soul gifts together to the world. I want to speak of sacred friendship between men and women, women and women, men and men. Friendships connected by shared values, deep resonance, authenticity, desire for self and others’ growth.

And, I want to speak of family. True family. Heart family, not birth family. Allegiance to birth family, much like religious intolerance, has led to so many problems and pain! You were born to them, yet you aren’t bond to them for life. Why did you ever think you were? See what can arise if you ask for more, if you bring more of who you are, if you commit to healing yourself and your parts and invite them to do the same. Then your birth family might become your true heart and soul family. And, you will draw your true heart and soul family as you heal and let go of the unhealthy attachments to your birth family.

I want to speak of healing. Healing that is not about curing, but is about experiencing more of your own heart, your soul, your passions, your gifts, your creativity, your song and dance. Healing that frees you from pain and suffering for good and for long lasting. Healing that transforms you from false to authentic, connects you to your essence as a sacred human child.

SoulFullHeart, as offered through Jillian and Wayne, is one way. It is a way that is easier for me to come through and chat with you, which I love to do. But there are others. Find them and let them in your heart and live as you were meant to live. Be who you were meant to be with all your heart, body, and soul.

Love as you were meant to love and the world is saved along with you,


Visit for more articles and information about the SoulFullHeart Way Of Experiencing Life. To read more about conscious connection with the Divine Mother, In The Arms Of Mother, a book by Jillian Vriend, is available in e-book or the print edition through