Premise 21: Perfect Makes Practice!

By Raphael Awen


Welcome to the LAST day of this 21 day SoulFullHeart Magical Mystery Premises Tour.

I’m hoping all the mystery and magic of this tour opens out in a big way for you and I together in this last day together, like a grand finale of heart and soul fireworks somehow.

Today we explore the Processes and Practices Premise.

It goes like this:

“It is important to engage in regular (ideally every day) practices and processes to awaken your SoulFullHeart Self, including creative visualization meditation, journaling and verbal dialogue with your parts, sessions with your SoulFullHeart Facilitator, and chakra cleansing.”

But, you may well object, practice isn’t always fun or one’s first choice of things to engage in. I get that. We tend to have a big should and discipline energy around anything calling for practice. I’d like to see if we can begin to turn that around for you with this final tour day together in these words.

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘Practice makes perfect.’ I’d like to offer you a revision, or as we like to call it, a ‘reframe’, on that to ‘Perfect makes practice.’

You see, in your deepest essence, you are already right now as perfect as you ever will be. You can’t actually become anymore of the anythings that you desire spiritually. You were born out of perfection into perfection, as a soul, as a body, as a spirit, as a human. You can actually feel this frequency of your own perfection if you tune it in (and here comes the practice part) and practice it a bit.

You see, you can only practice what you are. You cannot practice to become. Practicing to become leaves you deflated and in a self-reliant limited picture.

Here’s an example. I’ve lived in Mexico for the last 2 years and have picked up just enough Spanish to transact the essentials. I’m no where’s close to conversational. In fact, a complete Spanish sentence trips me up, whether I’m hearing it or trying to patch it together to speak it. But the Spanish I speak, I speak with reverence and heart. When I transact words and meaning with the locals, there is a different frequency to it than the deadened use of language that all native speakers of any language tend to exude, where the miracle of linguistics languishes. So, in one way, I’m totally stumbling along, but in another way, because of my need, my open heart, and childlike willingness to be childlike; love transacts. So, I say, proudly, that I speak Spanish ‘muy bonita’ – very beautifully. But I’ve dropped off from doing much Spanish lessons, so how can this be seen as any kind of advocacy for practice?

My reverence for the Spanish language and willingness to be in child’s mind around language and letting life bring it to me on what many would call a snail’s pace is actually a surrender to not trying to ‘conquer’ the language. Anything conquered is by definition deadened, tamed, and stripped of its wild essence. I don’t want to speak Español muerte – dead Spanish. I want to speak Español viviendo – living Spanish! I’m actually working on relearning how to speak alive English. I want reverence and awe over a mental fluency where heart is diminished. My deeper practice is this reverence.

Let’s take this a step further. Perfect Spanish already exists. It’s a linguistic miracle born of indescribable creative life forces that is still being wave formed (tongue wagged) out into existence. I’m a part of that perfection life force that created Spanish for god’s sake! Not only am I a part of that, I AM that perfection. I cannot be separated from the creative life force of all living things….nada. So, then, I AM this perfected (and ever being perfected) Spanish out learning how to put 5 Spanish words together.

Both are true!

I AM all attainment that is out attaining. I AM all learning that is out learning. I AM all fire that is out seeking to consume and be consumed. I AM all Love that is out yearning for love.

That is practice. That is process. It is thee most stunningly alive way to live. Anything short of it isn’t actually living, as life itself is out learning. I practice what I am. I don’t practice to become. I do practice however to deepen my experience.

And it’s never over. The practice never ends. If Mozart stopped practicing, what would we know of him today? My sense is, is that if we could interview him today, he’d say he fell way short of ‘knowing’ music. The more one practices, the more one sees what there is more to know or learn.

So, how does this tie into SoulFullHeart? SoulFullHeart is a particular and ever expanding bandwidth frequency being generated, anchored and offered by a handful of people who are pretty much intoxicated with it. We’ve identified the practices and processes that are mentioned in this premise that are seen as key portals into this frequency that we are really keen on expanding. You can read more about them on our website at

If this resonates for you, I invite you deeply to hang around, and when and if you’re ready, to contact us about next steps. It is a way of life we are offering and not a therapy. So on one hand, some deep thought and feeling are in order, and on the other, you can also jump in and give it a try. There’s no signing your life away here, but simply engaging more and more as it self-verifies for you. Again, our sessions page is here:

Thank you so much to every single one of you who took in this 21 day premises tour to whatever degree that you did. I feel like you are a spaceholder for this arising simply by having digested these premises into your heart. Again, thank you!

You can find all of my 21 days here:…/soulfullheart-premises/

I’d love to hear about your digestions and unfolding interest and any questions too.

Heart hugs to you….

Raphael Awen is teacher, co-creator, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.