Keep Serving Love & Everything You Want Will Flow From There

By Jelelle Awen

Keep serving love and everything you want/need will flow from there….

This was the message this morning when I connected with my Star and Metasoul family….just in the beginning stages of consciousness and these words felt like the day greeting me with LOVE. This is an answer to the sometimes near constant question that we ask ourselves about receiving and living the higher timeline life that we SO want and need.

Keep serving love…..whatever that means for and to you. It seems so clear that serving love isn’t just about holding space for others in some capacity as a facilitator/teacher/healer/wayshower, etc and getting recognition and paid for it. Some souls who have been leading the way for awhile and holding space for others may need to actually pause on this kind of service in order to BE with the parts of them that are now coming up to be felt in their traumas/pain/karma from this life and other lifetimes.

Serving love is possible in whatever more 3D-based work you find yourself in right now. It is possible in every exchange with another person…whether those you meet casually in one-time encounters or online…..or much more intimately in relationships. It is possible in the loving energy for which you even THINK about other people and certainly in what you say or energize about them. It is possible even in completions of relationships for which love can’t be served as the exchange is based in toxic, abusive, and codependent frequencies.

Serving love is possible TOO and most importantly for and with yourself. As you receive all these ascension upgrades/activations/gifts, you can serve love with the parts of you that may be feeling resistant and fearful about the next level places your soul wants you to go. Serving love to your body to keep it grounded in love as you feel the ups/downs in physical energy levels plus sometimes intense aches/pains of as it transforms from carbon to light.

As Ascension continues to go next level and more and more souls are awakening, serving love to yourself that allows for an overflow WITH others becomes SO important. You can become a bridge to them then….serving them AND serving you in the same moments that love can flow from one heart/soul to the other!

This becomes your New identity then to replace the 3D self one that you’ve deconstructed from and awakened out of. You BEcome (more & more) the service of love in ALL moments…

Jelelle Awen
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