1:11 Codes Transmission Group Call ON January 11, 2020

A NEW decade and a NEW year with higher timeline energies available to be tuned into and brought in to your field and heart!

SoulFullHeart Co-Creators/Teachers/Facilitators/Sacred Union Mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen host this monthly virtual SoulFullHeart group call over Zoom to provide a bridge to the 1:11 codes and your INtentions for 2020. INtentions are about an inward/out sense of what you want to shift, focus on, track and feel from within that then shifts your outer experience of life and manifestation.

The focus of this group on Saturday, January 11th, 2020 at 10:00am PDT is to share about the process of connecting to the 1/11 codes available on this day, continuing to digest the past experiences of your awakening, and align with higher frequency intentions for 2020.

We will also guide you in a deep, powerful meditative space to connect with the 1/11 codes, bringing your 3D self/Protector with us, and bridge to the 2020 quantum (higher frequency than collective consciousness) field as well.

This group transmission is open to the public. You can attend the group and/or receive the recording for an energy exchange of $15 CAD (about $11 USD). You can purchase the zoom link here to join us live (you can access a document with the zoom link on the ‘thank you’ page you receive after purchasing) for the transmission and receive the recording through your email: https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/product-page/9-sacred-union-codes-group-transmission-jelelle-and-raphael-a

Or you can purchase it here through paypal: paypal.me/jelelleawen
and we will send you the zoom link via email.

You can receive these frequencies live with us (highly recommended) or take in the recording afterwards. If you attend the live group, you’ll have the opportunity to share with us what you experienced during the transmission and receive feedback/next steps of integration from them. Group will last a max of two hours depending on those that want to share their experiences and ask questions.

We recommend watching and engaging in this video before the transmission of Jelelle Awen connecting with the 1/11 codes last year: https://youtu.be/ClhBXTl112M

You can offer a donation of $15 CAD to receive the recording of the other previous group transmissions as well. More info here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/grouptransmissions

Contact us here on FB or at soulfullhearts@gmail.com for more information.


“I loved this call, the theme is such an interesting exploration I really enjoy the reflection of a decade ago.So much love was coming through!” Deva, group participant

“It’s always so magical and immensely uplifting how much love can be generated by a few people willing to witness and share with others from their authentic heart-space. And, speaking of space, thank you so much Jelelle and Raphael for holding the space so beautifully for all of us to also for your space-opening sharing Gabriel. I’m left feeling so grateful for all of you who were on the call and wish all of you blessings through the portal experience.” Dave, group participant

“So powerful and empowering. Thank you all for being a safe container for my process,” Alexis, group participant