The World Of Never Ending Discovery – Mission To Me Journal With Wayne And Yeshua: Day One


By Wayne Vriend

This discovery is about actually making real inside of you and outside of you a new story, that doesn’t impose anything on anyone, but offers the same heart open invitation to others that you are making to yourself. It’s ready to feel anything and everything that comes up along the way to be felt and re-membered back into your heart.

Wayne – Good Morning, Yeshua.

Yeshua – Good Morning, Wayne.

W – I know that’s kind of a cultural greeting, but it somehow works for us.

Y – It works for us because our hearts are open, and that energy transmutes the words into heartland.

W – Energy really is more than the words or the language, isn’t it?

Y – Way more. The language is born from the energy. The connecting starts first in the energy, then that opens out into shared dialect, which makes for dialogue, or conversation, from and by which you are literally ‘converted.’

W – Whoa, you feel ready to go…

Y – I am.

W – You say, ‘literally converted’…

Y – Yeah, that’s using words to provoke and awaken. It’s a license I give myself. It doesn’t always find its target, but I keep probing till it does.

W – There’s been a lot of ‘conversion’ energy gone on in your name, so I’m curious why you chose such a charged word.

Y – Yeah, that’s the cool thing about charged words; they help crack through the shell of normalcy and return you to wonder and awe with the world around you. The wonder of language works well for both putting to sleep or to awakening. I chose the word convert, to draw awareness to its root of conversation. From there, it’s easy to feel how either a conversation can be imbued with heart, which cannot leave both parties unchanged, or it can be imbued with the mental mechanics of head designed to screen out the heart, which leaves both parties deadened. Conversation of heart brings both to conversion.

W – Conversion to what though?

Y – Conversion to the world of heart. It’s a return to essence. It’s a return to the life force interconnecting all living things and all matter, on all planes, both seen and unseen. Something like that.

W – It’s got me going.

Y – Do you remember I said ‘you need not that any man teach you, for the spirit of truth shall lead you into all truth.’

W – I do recall. King James english and all.

Y – See, thou knowest. 🙂 Here’s the deal though, I was a man teaching that you don’t need a man to teach you. What I meant was your heart is sovereign over the influence of any other. Through the heart, you can feel what feels true and what doesn’t. You can only and ever follow your truth. That mechanism gets messed up though when people are unable to access their own heart and that dimension is blocked and there is no healthy self ‘author’-ity. Then they are left to being converted by an other instead of being mutually changed into more and more heartland expression.

W – I like that.

Y – I like that too, and can get caught up in the theory of it all, but we didn’t come here just to mentally masturbate over metaphysics,…. what brings you here, Wayne?

W – Yeshua, I’ve been having a big flood of desire rumble through for about a week now. It feels a bit like a rising earthquake, and a roller coaster all in one. I feel I really need your help to not let an ounce of this life juice go to waste.

Y – Earthquake rumbling roller coaster of desire…around what?

W – It’s a bit vulnerable to put it into words, publicly. I’d like to digest with you too whether this should be public, but I think I already know,…what has arisen is a deep desire to take a journey and leave my geographical and cultural home and possibly never come back.

Y – Say more.

W – I feel I’ve reached a ceiling, or maybe am approaching a ceiling in my growth this life by living in the culture and way of life afforded me by the country and culture of my birth. Something really basic in my wiring around way of life, livelihood, language even, money and self image stuff that leaves me on a safe shore, but uninitiated to something deeper. It’s the settler vs discoverer thing coming back to haunt me. Jillian’s infected with this too. So is Christopher. We’ve been infecting each other, you might say. It’s already been times of excitement and desire, and then feeling ‘what are we thinking?’

Y – And how do you feel I could help with this?

W – Well, I guess you could say it gets back to what you said earlier. I need to be changed by heart to heart conversation and conversion if I’m going to undertake holding this desire, let alone undertake the choices around it all.

Y – Ok then, we weren’t just mentally masturbating together then.

W – Nope.

Y – Entire worlds of exploration are left closed to us when we cannot access heart, and heart is accessed by heart. You can do this self to self and you can do this self with other. Both are true. Both are alive, and both are largely kept off people’s radar because new world’s long and call to be explored, and most don’t have the coin to make the purchase.

W – You sound like you’re into helping me sort through this one?

Y – Wouldn’t miss it for the world, you could say, but more accurately in my book, this is the world…never ending discovery.

W – And if not discovery for the sake of pillaging and conquering, then what, Yeshua?

Y – Pillaging and conquering is all about the story of separation and scarcity. This discovery is about actually making real inside of you and outside of you a new story. A story that doesn’t impose anything on anyone, but offers the same heart open invitation to others that you are making to yourself. It’s ready to feel anything and everything that comes up along the way to be felt and re-membered back into your heart. It’s a profoundly personal journey and profoundly an interconnected journey with all humanity. It’s subscribing to a new story.

W – A new story that I can’t quite access in the way I’d like to by remaining where I am…

Y – You can’t take a journey and stay where you are…no.

W – This is going to be a ride, Yeshua. I can feel it in you, and what it stirs in us. Any idea what we can name it for the sake of the blog?

Y – Not a clue.

W – No way… I stumped you for words?

Y – What would you name it without killing it?

W – I know what you mean, language is so used to capture and conquer, to help manage our unfelt fears.

Y – Maybe you need to keep renaming it as you go, by letting the name evolve and flow from those together on the journey, as you are changed by the journey.

W – I like that, but I still need something to put at the top of this for now.

Y – As in a ‘title,’ as if you then ‘own’ it.

W – Can I ‘title’ it something without owning it and killing it?

Y – That’s going to take some work actually, and some collaborating to steward this into being rather than owning it into being.

W – I thought of calling it ‘Mission to Me.’

Y – I like the feel of that for now. Maybe add in their somehow – ‘the journal of my journey’

W – I feel like we’ve just opened a big can of whoop-ass worms.

Y – It’s gonna take fight, you’re right, and rest too.

W – I want to feel every inch of this with you, and with those that are drawn into the journey.

Y – I’ll show up for that.

W – I waited this week to try and be sure that I would show up for what I knew you would be willing to show up for.

Y – All you have to show up for is your own heart Wayne. The rest takes care of itself.

W – I’ve got some major climatizing to do for this next leg of my journey. I’m looking forward to the learning and the liberation.

Y – I’m into this for the same reasons Wayne. As a teacher of humanity, I only get to my next places by going there with others.

W – Talk again tomorrow?

Y – Totally. One day at a time.

In this blog series, Mission To Me Journal, Wayne Vriend shares his unedited and vulnerable journal conversations with Yeshua, who he experiences as an ascended teacher energy available to everyone.These blogs offer Wayne’s process and digestions with Yeshua as he undergoes internal and external preparation to hit the road with his wife Jillian and Christopher Tydeman to explore and eventually settle in Mexico and/or Central America in October 2014 to offer service and conscious community. Read 90 Days With Yeshua: Modern Message From An Ascended Teacher and Ending The Money Madness With Wayne And Yeshua for more enlightening conversations between Wayne and Yeshua.

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