DNA Activation Made Simple: Meditation Conversations With Archangel Metatron

By Jelelle Awen


Archangel Metatron came to me when I called. I didn’t call him personally but, rather, held in my heart a desire to understand more about DNA activation and asked for an Ethereal Being to help me. The concept of ‘hidden’ DNA strands that when activated raise our consciousness level was intriguing to me. The articles I had read online about this topic were often written in a way that were difficult to understand, almost as if I had walked in on a conversation already underway for many years!

I was engaging in the white energy staircase meditation and holding the question of DNA activation in my heart, asking for guidance and help from any angels that would like to help me. When I was around the 111th step, I felt the presence of my healing angel who is named Coral. She has a comforting and loving energy, yet she immediately seemed to be in a more intense and focused mode than usual. I knew intuitively that she wasn’t going to answer my questions, as her gifts are more in the domain of chakra activation, cleaning, and protection. She is a healing angel, after all, and she has shared with me that we all have one, although most people never consciously connect with theirs. The healing angels usually have names that correspond with earth elements such as stones, crystals, or other natural formations.

Coral and I stepped into the ‘elevator’ that sits off the platform on floor 111 and shot up to floor 222. I felt a surge of energy move through my body as the elevator journeyed upward. We reached this level and she pushed the next button, landing us on floor 333. In the past, I had been quite vigilant about progressing up each individual stair at a time, but Coral told me that I was ready for a more accelerated ascension. This was after a week of being physically ill with many symptoms similar to the stomach flu. It had been a challenging time and I felt deeply ‘cleaned out’ and cleansed from the experience. I felt lighter and that I had purged some necessary toxicities in the process. My body felt less attached to fear related to the ascension process.

We stepped out of the elevator and were surrounded by goldish white clouds swirling around our feet and all around us. It felt lighter and more airy, similar to traveling to a higher altitude where the air is thinner and it becomes a bit harder to breathe.

I asked my question again about DNA activation and I heard his voice respond to me immediately.

“I am here to help you and answer your questions,” he said to me (in my head in that way that all ascended beings and angels seem to do.)

“Who are you?” I asked, trying to feel out if he was polarized to the light or polarized to the dark. I can tell by my heart’s response if a Ethereal Being is coming from love or from fear. I couldn’t feel much of anything coming from him other than the clear vibration and timbre of his voice, which I liked very much right away.

“I am Metatron,” he said.

“Megatron?” I replied. “That sounds like a robot or something!”

He laughed, heartily, in my head. “I am going to give you some advice which helps you understand my name. Always keep the big picture in mind. Do not get lost in content and remember the context.”

“Ok, yes,” I said. “I get it. You offer a ‘meta’ perspective on life. I’ll just google you when we are done connecting to read more about you. I think I have read your name somewhere. You are an archangel, yes?”

“Yes. I like to make complex concepts more simple and easy to understand for as many people as possible to grasp.”

“So, this concept of DNA activation is one that needs some simplifying, I believe. And it needs to be more accessible. There are healers out there charging $5,000 to activate people’s DNA codes and ‘teach’ them how to do it for others. Surely, it is simpler than this and something that anyone can do?”

“This is why I am here to help you, Jelelle. Your soul is a bridge and I want to assist you in doing that. I love that you will not pretend to know something that you don’t know and actually revel in being both the student and the teacher.”

As he was offering what he loved about me, I could finally feel a wave of it in my heart chakra. It was a sweet feeling that I let flood over me for a moment. He seemed to pulse with love and light for many moments before continuing to speak.

“It will take some time for you to feel me or to see me more clearly as I am at a much higher vibrational frequency than other Beings that you have connected with in the past. You have a strong clairaudience ability which is why you are able to hear me now easily,” he paused to let me digest this. “Now, back to DNA activation. The human species currently has two physical strands of DNA, which carries the genetic code, and is shaped like a twisted ladder called a double helix.”

He sends me a picture of the double helix, which is familiar to me from biology class in college. “Your species actually has twelve strands of DNA, two that you can ‘see’ in your third dimension and ten that you cannot that exist in higher dimensions. In your human history, you have used more strands than you are now. I won’t go into the reasons for their shut down right now. But, returning to operation from all twelve strands is a key aspect of the process of Ascension and to raising the vibrational frequencies of mainstream consciousness out of fear and into love.”

“So when all twelve strands are operating, we can more easily experience our essence as Infinite Love and union with our Divine creator?”

“Yes, exactly, and also the reactivation of the latent, unused areas of the brain along with the reunion of the right and left sides of your brain. As this starts to happen, you begin to feel the powers you have of manifestation, overflowing creativity, psychic and paranormal abilities, clear past life recall, and access to the Akashic Records, among many other things.”

That all sounded wonderful to me and exactly what I have been wanting to accelerate in my own life.

“So, how do we activate our DNA codes?”

I felt a wave of energy move through me and the picture of the double helix appeared in front of me again. I also felt my chakras light up one by one from the root to the crown. “We energize and reignite them using white energy together. And, even more importantly, you continue to shift your emotional, spiritual, and mental filters of life by healing any blocks, woundings, congestions, and self limiting patterns in order to lighten your energetic field.”

“Oh, ok,” I responded, almost feeling disappointed that it wasn’t a more dramatic process.

“You are already activating them through your awakening process, Jelelle. As is anyone who is engaging in heart and soul consciousness work…the process is already in motion. Rather than some dramatic ‘moment’ where all the DNA codes are suddenly activated, it works best if you let time and your process organically allow it to happen. It is the most kind and self loving method for the body and the mind.”

I know intuitively from my own experience that he is right. Yet, it seems so tempting to just ‘get it over with’ somehow.

“We will continue to talk about this over time as there is more I want to share with you about DNA and its connection to the chakras and to dimensional communication as well.”

“Thank you, Metatron, for what you have offered me today. I am starting to feel the love that you are and the love that you have for humanity and it is deeply touching to me.” Tears begin to roll down my face as I speak these words. I feel that he is touched and another wave of love rolls over me. I feel our mutual respect for each other and I can feel the student inside of me that is eager for another Ethereal teacher, as I experienced lovely openings through my conversations with Kuan Yin.

I then finished my meditation and after sharing with Raphael what I had experienced, I turned on my computer and was soon looking at paintings and images of the beautiful Being that I had just had the honor of connecting with…I was excited for the new questing adventure that had begun and the places that he and I would go to together!

Jelelle Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Go here to connect with Jelelle on facebookVisit the SoulFullHeart website  for more information about virtual sessions with her.

13 thoughts on “DNA Activation Made Simple: Meditation Conversations With Archangel Metatron

    1. Thank you so much Robert for taking in my writing and for the compliment. It feels like it is crucial for communication to be clear and concise during these shifting times. I wonder if you are facebook? We have a private group there that has a beautiful group of heart and soul awakening seekers gathered together. Here is the link if you are interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/soulfullheartcircle/ and my facebook is https://www.facebook.com/jelelleawen. Thank you again!

      1. Ok, I understand..I only joined facebook three months ago after many years of resisting it. I have to say it has opened many doors and windows too, each his own.:)

  1. Curious Robert, I’ve been a blogger on WordPress for a long time, but never got acquainted with using it like a social media connection place. Honestly, I was drawing few comments and likes until more recently. Do you find it a place to connect with others and meet new people? Likes are all good and all, but I find myself not too thrilled until people comment and reveal themselves.

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