Intense Energies During This Time Of Transition From 3D to 5D


It is a time of intense energies. Waves of light washing over Gaia from the sun, from star being friends, from portals and star gates both within and with-out. These waves of light are calibrators to raise our frequency, to boost the vibration of Gaia as She continues to move from the denser vibrations of 3D consciousness into fourth and eventually fifth. Many lightworkers, gridworkers, psychics, healers, teachers are feeling this as an intense time of energy surges and calibrations and I join them in feeling this as a particularly intense time of energy shifts. For those of you who are sensitive and awake to energy, you can probably feel it quite intensely and acutely.

Experiencing body symptoms is common as our bodies vibrate faster and faster, turning from carbon-based to crystalline. DNA strands are activating and repairing without us having to ‘do’ anything for this to happen. The light that is available is doing it for us although if you ask for it and want it, this accelerates the process. DNA getting switched on feels like a tingly at times in the scalp and at times is downright painful with surges of pain around the crown chakra and down the neck and spine. A throbbing forehead or third eye is common too, which I have experienced several times now.

Sleeping well and hard feels so important as the mind and the 3D self shut down to let the 4D transitional self and the 5D higher self step in. Wanting and needing a lot of sleep is a good thing as everything recharges. Not being able to sleep or interrupted sleep patterns is also common. The awakening 4D self has dark and light, the contrasts and polarities and dualities are being pushed up to be felt. It mostly exists in the astral or etheric realm although for those of you who have been consciously bringing it forward through connecting with aspects of yourselves, you ARE it most of the time. And the higher self is becoming embodied as well, more and more higher frequencies of light living in the body, walking around as the higher self and integrating guides from the ‘outside’ to the inside.

Holding space for yourself includes checking in with aspects of yourself and how they are feeling and digesting these changes.

Starting a journaling dialogue with your 3D, 4D and higher self can be very illuminating. You can start by writing a letter to each of them (based on your experience of each) and then listen for a response back, writing down whatever you hear. You can then engage in a question and answer type dialogue written down or outloud. Stay in your heart as you engage with these aspects of yourself, maintaining a curious and loving energy toward them. Let the feelings of these aspects (especially the 3D and 4D selves) come back to be felt and held by you. You will be amazed how much this can help with the transition.

Shadow is coming to light. Shadow is oozing out at times, bursting out in emotional upheavals. It is a time of unveiling which it feels like will continue hugely in 2017. It is a time of decision making and changing life circumstances, feeling deeper desires and soul claims bubbling up to be integrated. There is a sense of there being ‘no time to lose’ and more sense that time is an illusion and very urgent at the same ‘time’. Our bodies are changing, our hearts are opening up, our souls are embodying and ALL of it is held within Infinite Love.

These transitional times are held with so much support and love from our star being friends and ancestors. They are watching and feeling and helping in any way that they can. The lower vibrational ‘negative’ star beings are finding it harder to be here and it feels like eventually they just won’t be able to hang out around Gaia as the frequencies change too much. It reminds me of when Dorothy poured water on the wicked witch in Wizard of Oz…the witch just dissolved into nothing, screaming her head off. It feels like this is how it will be for these lower vibration star beings, running away from the light and love to lurk in the shadows again somewhere else. It feels as if many of them are gone already with their human puppets soon to be exposed to the masses.

Many animal species are ascending already, seeming to ‘go extinct’ in our 3D reality but actually being preserved by our star being friends like in arks in Golden Earth-5D Gaia, waiting for Gaia’s consciousness and human consciousness to ascend to a place of communion and cooperation again. This is the aspect that makes my heart most happy and my inner child smile.

As I’m writing this, I’m feeling my energy continuing to shift to one of holding excitement and a big sense of Infinite Possibilities for the future. In my transition from 3D to 4D, I went fully into the collapse of 3D life scenario, including living off grid, and felt very deeply the collapse of industrial life as it has been and what that would mean for me personally and for the world. Now, I am feeling it is still a possibility, yet I don’t feel the hopelessness or despair that part of me once did. Old will need to make way for the new…in both galactic and personal ways.

Yet, all these changes and transitions are held by and orchestrated by and made BY LOVE FOR LOVE WITH LOVE. You are being invited to feel increasing trust in this through the visceral experience of these changes in the deepest cells of your ever changing body, in the opening of your healing heart and ache for intimacy and authenticity, and in the expansion of your soul and the embodiment of your higher self through integration of soul fragments existing in many dimensions and eras.

Much love to you from my ever changing BEing to your ever evolving, awakening, and ascending BEing… Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher into 5D consciousness, Divine guide-scribe, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.


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