Claim Back Your Own Magic

By Raphael Awen


Every nuance or tsunami of feeling that moves through my being, whether in reaction to circumstance or simply an arising tide inside of me, I am responsible for. I am responsible for it because I created it.

If my heart and mind cannot accept this responsibility and take ownership of it, then this reality too, I have created by forcing this awareness of my creative power into my subconscious. This however does not make it any less true.

Everything that is occurring in my life is a projection of this powerful creative reality. I create my feeling states and my feeling states then in turn go on to create, shape and fashion my experience.

There can be no fundamental change in my life until I come to new and conscious terms with my creator essence. One of the most powerful shadow expressions of this creative power is seen in people’s ability to suppress this truth and keep it well off their radar. There is no lack of magic and alchemy; there is only the question of how it is being related to.

I pledge anew to take responsibility for my own needs, wants, wishes and desires. I pledge to no longer hold life, or God, or my mate, or my body chemistry, or society responsible for my fulfillment.

I am truly sorry for having lived in these dead and life sucking frequencies and for the energy I placed into our magical collective. I forgive myself and accept that this too was all part of my creation and growth path.

I claim back and surrender to my own magic.

I enter this day and moment as the creator God (capital ‘G’ intended) that I am. I accept all that comes, as more opportunity to live and love into this never ending learning.

I invite you to connect with me as deeply as you want to in living into this new reality. You are invited to join our private group called Soulfullheart Circle on facebook if you haven’t already and we can connect some more there.

Raphael Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information. 

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