Superpower Initiation

By  Raphael Awen

The initiation into your superpower realization of your being involves getting intimately acquainted with all the parts of you who feel not-so super powered.

When you feel into it, the stark question arises if it would even feel that great really to be a superpower while having parts of you feeling separated, alone, insecure and afraid?

What would be the point of possessing and expressing some kind of superpower while at the same time still possessing parts of you who felt completely disempowered?

It seems like the only point of that kind of a superpower would be to mask and medicate the disempowered parts, and who knows all the pain that would cause?

What fun would there be in that really?

When I feel this yearning to express my superpower, if I’m honest and transparent about it, I must admit that it’s quite a rumble inside of me and really always has been on some level. Some aspect of me wants to change the world and be world renowned for it, and then go on to change it some more. It does feel like it has an ego aspect to it, and of course it does! How could I chose and surrender to being a being in individualized expression of the All and the Oneness that we all share, without playing with my own identity.

We’ve vilified the ego as the great deterrent to our spiritual awakening, when on a deeper level, it feels to me now, that the great deterrent to our spiritual awakening, aka as becoming a superpower, is actually more about our resistance to having an ego.

We left something behind to participate in egohood. We were completely without ego, one with the divine, but there was no you or I to appreciate that. Appreciation requires otherness, comparison and something more than oneness. All oneness is aloneness.

You can only increase joy and pleasure in your life if you are in acknowledgement and reverential in some way of what doesn’t feel like joy or pleasure. Joy and pleasure, like every other thing requires what is not that thing in order to know itself, to have definition, or in other words, to have ego.

Without ego, you are just plain boring to yourself and the world. When you are nothing but ego, you are just plain annoying to the world. You, the superpower you is the bridge between these dualities, creating dance, flow and magical aliveness.

In going inward this morning, I was invited to feel into these pieces some more, to see where they wanted to take me. We all have so much potential, that all of our wrestling and wrangling with ourselves and one another can be traced back to the challenge of integrating this experience of being both infinite and finite at the same time.

~ R ~

Raphael’s Photonic Transmission: 💚

This photo was one I took this week at sunset walking through our village. There is such a strong sense of culture and history here. It would seem more than half of the structures are no longer lived in, except by creatures other than the humans who built them. This couple in this photo express the goodness of being together at all stages of love and life. The cool thing was that the man had some music device in his pocket playing while they walked, like his inner teenager had a ghetto blaster!

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The Wonder Of Magic Available In Your Inner Child

By Jelelle Awen


The wonder of magic is available in the NOW moment….around and through and AS you. The light codes from the sun shining down and inviting the experience of wonderFULL joy and connection to the magics all around. Mother Gaia offering her PLAYground of natural magics and exploration. The PURE love waves that are all around in every moment are inviting you to experience it.

The wonder of magic can move you beyond the doing. It can move you beyond coming from the mind, the mind tracking EVERYTHING and so experience can’t come in. With the busy thoughts of the mind….usually thinking of yesterday or tomorrow and rarely in the NOW……these busy thoughts block the wonder of the moment. These busy thoughts and busy mind coming from a busy aspect of you label arising wonder and make it a name. These labels dampen wonder.

Knowing can dampen the wonder of magic too, it can kill it before it can even come into BEing. Knowing that comes from the busy mind and the 3D pain body is about numbing and making reality flat….making it KNOWN so that it can be safe. This is different than heart wisdom or soul wisdoms that are remembered and yet allow for exploration into the unknown in every moment. This knowing is lower frequency and it has layers of unworthiness underneath it and lack of trust in life, love, and the Divine.

The wonder of magic is within your inner child and is spring loaded to burst like a comet across the sky. Children feel and come from wonder yet are conditioned to suppress it and to conform and dampen it. Children are conditioned in 3D reality to DO and to KNOW first and foremost…often leaving BEing in the moment far behind as they get older. Yet, it is still inside of you, this inner child, and these frequencies of BEing in wonder that you had as a child.

Healing, feeling, connecting with your inner child moves you into more and more wonder and magic that eventually expresses as your crystalline child essence in 5D. We feel this as an important aspect of ourselves to connect with in SoulFullHeart, many frequencies of hurt and shame and unworthiness contained in the unhealed inner child expressing in our lives that through space, time, and love begin to heal and transmute.

The wonder of magic is yours to let in and experience again….it lives inside your inner child and can be revealed again as you go within, reclaim and love and embrace this energy inside until it can arise as loving wonder again.

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Claim Back Your Own Magic

By Raphael Awen


Every nuance or tsunami of feeling that moves through my being, whether in reaction to circumstance or simply an arising tide inside of me, I am responsible for. I am responsible for it because I created it.

If my heart and mind cannot accept this responsibility and take ownership of it, then this reality too, I have created by forcing this awareness of my creative power into my subconscious. This however does not make it any less true.

Everything that is occurring in my life is a projection of this powerful creative reality. I create my feeling states and my feeling states then in turn go on to create, shape and fashion my experience.

There can be no fundamental change in my life until I come to new and conscious terms with my creator essence. One of the most powerful shadow expressions of this creative power is seen in people’s ability to suppress this truth and keep it well off their radar. There is no lack of magic and alchemy; there is only the question of how it is being related to.

I pledge anew to take responsibility for my own needs, wants, wishes and desires. I pledge to no longer hold life, or God, or my mate, or my body chemistry, or society responsible for my fulfillment.

I am truly sorry for having lived in these dead and life sucking frequencies and for the energy I placed into our magical collective. I forgive myself and accept that this too was all part of my creation and growth path.

I claim back and surrender to my own magic.

I enter this day and moment as the creator God (capital ‘G’ intended) that I am. I accept all that comes, as more opportunity to live and love into this never ending learning.

I invite you to connect with me as deeply as you want to in living into this new reality. You are invited to join our private group called Soulfullheart Circle on facebook if you haven’t already and we can connect some more there.

Raphael Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.