Premise 16: Physical injuries and illness stem from emotional, spiritual, and energetic root causes

By Raphael Awen

premise16Good Morning and welcome to Day 16 of the 21 day Magical Mystery Tour of the SoulFullHeart Premises.

The idea behind offering these clarities around our premises is that they form a set of boundaries to contain what we are about, let in those who are drawn and create a safe place of resonance. Together the 21 Premises form a current ‘near as we can tell’ picture, that while we don’t claim any absolute truth around them, we do feel passionately about each one. There’s something about that letting go of declaring absolute truth that allows us take responsibility for what we believe and teach. You can read my writing on the other premises here.

Today’s premise is simple, but it goes to more and more profound places in us as we live it out. It’s called the Body Premise and it goes like this.

“We have a body, we are not our body. Physical injuries and illness stem from emotional, spiritual, and energetic root causes.”

Identifying with ourselves as a body leaves us stuck in what we refer to as ‘body-mind’. Here in body-mind we cannot see or feel the deeper truth that we are a soul who is expressing through a body. This subconscious blindness is a necessary piece of a souls chosen growth path and when they are done with it, they open out into new vistas of learning and growth.

SoulFullHeart sees that everything that is going on in ones body is an expression of their soul as well as expressions of ones emotional health or lack thereof.

This is (like we got into in the money premise) a big change in our relationship to something. Here in this premise, I would say it this way. It’s not about the illnesses or injury in your body. It’s instead about your RELATIONSHIP to those illnesses and injuries that makes all the difference. Seeing yourself as the victim of external circumstances, accident or environment leaves you clearly the victim.

Victims can only be given sympathy cards.

Seeing yourself instead as a powerful soul who is journeying through a soul embodiment growth process means you have clear responsibility for what’s going on in your body. Even if you can’t track it just yet, or see just what the relationship is between your illness and your energetic and emotional body, you are willing to begin with the admission.

This changes everything.

There are no enemies to fight such as cancer, or colds or flus. Everything that occurs in our bodies are loving adaptations to the conditions and needs in our bodies, and needs in our soul growth. Feeling these deeper soul reasons behind our illnesses and injuries leads to profound shifts in our wellbeing as we embrace the powerful soul lessons being played out in our bodies.

There can be negative etheric entities associated with our illnesses as well affecting a stronghold in our bodies, but these beings only get their place through our unaddressed heart and soul wounding as well as our victim stance in relation to illness.

If we are ready to swallow these admittedly tough pills to swallow that totally change our direct role in what’s happening or not happening in our bodies, it opens out into a whole new world of self love and accelerated heart and soul growth.

In SoulFullHeart, we would immediately help a person suffering in illness or in fear of an illness to get to know the parts of themselves and their relationship to the illness. Here’s where the principle I mentioned earlier about ‘it’s the relationship to the thing’ goes really deep. That’s because ‘our’ relationship to anything is held in the fabric of our parts relationship to anything.

The key premise in SoulFullHeart work is about seeing yourself as a makeup of subpersonalities or parts, getting to know them, giving them the love and healing they need as they live inside you and that being the only healthy ground for real transmutation. Anything less is a self help program in our lives being conducted by a part of us struggling under the weight of our authentic self’s absence to show up for them. I covered that premise here…/premise-4-you-are-made-up-…/
as well as refer to it throughout most of the premises as it is what SoulFullHeart work and way of life primarily is about.

If you can begin to feel into this new magical relationship with parts of you and their relationship to what’s happening in your body and the depth of transmutation that can occur here, your feeling into SoulFullHeart territory.


We’d love to serve that, and we would do that through sessions over Skype or in person in the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico area. We offer our way of life picture here in our writing as a gift to help people shift their consciousness and when and if they want more, move into a one on one space holding as well as monthly group sessions.

Raphael Awen is teacher and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.

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