Heart, Soul, And Body Connection Transaction Leads To Sacred Sexuality


My heart, soul and body are lit up and warm after making love with my beloved mate Raphael….I feel as if all dimensions of me have been ignited, enlivened, and yet a deep stillness and calm floods my being.This feeling of afterglow often lasts for many hours afterwards too. My heart is held and claimed by our union…My body is adored and cherished by myself and by him…my soul is met and matched and welcomed in communion with his. We fly to other dimensions and yet we dwell in the most physical of places too. And, over the years, this experience of polarized yet somehow perfectly fitted sacred sexuality is deepening and widening….not dissipating or going ‘flat.’

Sacred sexuality…two words that stir the heart and ignite our imaginations. It can feel conceptual, this ‘idea’ of sacred sexuality, yet, in my experience it is a frequency that is much beyond the mind. It is a frequency that arises in purer and purer forms related to the degree of depth and healthiness in the grounds of connection that are transacting in the relationship – heart, soul, and body grounds of relationality.

As the heart grounds of transaction in the partners deepen through consciously purifying through emotional work (particularly healing and integrating of shadow aspects), the intimacy anchors the frequencies in the fourth or heart chakra. WIthout this grounding, the exchange may become too transcendent and there can be parts of us that are not really letting in the love that is flowing. We also advocate for a monogamous connection, a real claim by a king for his queen and vice versa, in which to explore these frequencies as it offers the most safe space for the heart to be deeply involved. The most impactful aspect of the capacity to open the heart is a radical self love and healing process, such as we offer with our SoulFullHeart path.

As the soul grounds of transaction in the partners deepen through consciously awakening through soul healing work (especially from other lives and soul legacy themes), the soul context enlivens and energizes the frequencies in the upper chakras. Kundalini and other tantric energies can move and weave between all the chakras of the partners. We have experienced that we can ‘see’ and feel ourselves as the golden white filaments of energy that we actually are beyond the body-mind during sacred sexuality. This makes all of the body part on body part exchanges very interesting and beautiful! Without this opening up of soul frequencies, the sexuality remains limited to the physical and body dimension.

As the body grounds of transaction in the partners deepen through conscious health through body healing work (especially embodiment processes such as healthy lifestyle and food choices), the body connection grounds the frequencies in the physical plane and to the earth. Without this opening up of healthy body frequencies, the transaction may become too floaty or transcendent.

I want to add that a key aspect of this capacity to transact in heart, body, and soul frequencies within sacred union for women is the healing and reclaiming of our feminine inside…..working with, loving, and healing the masculine aspects and masculine templates that we have received from our family, social and cultural (even collective unconscious!) conditioning. This applies to men as well as claiming and being with feminine aspects and energies inside themselves creates a transaction ground of more vulnerability and openness.

Even without a partner, these three grounds of relationality can be greatly healed and awakened as a single person. In fact, it is the inner ground that then overflows to the outer. The union with self leads to an enlivened experience of your own desirability and self worth. These tones go out to the ‘soularium’ where your heart, body, and soul partner is waiting to respond!

Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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